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Zenkibo Tengu Build in Aether Gazer Wiki Guide

Zenkibo Tengu is a Physical damage dealer who specializes in dealing high damage to single targets. She is a very powerful character, but she can be difficult to use effectively. Thus, this article will provide a detailed Zenkibo Tengu Build in Aether Gazer.

Zenkibo Tengu is a B-rank character in the game Aether Gazer. She is a ranged attacker who specializes in dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. Her skills include:

  • Surefire: Zenkibo fires a barrage of homing missiles that deal damage to all enemies in their path.
  • Scatter Shot: Zenkibo fires a spread of shots that deal damage to multiple enemies in a wide area.
  • Aerial Assault: Zenkibo takes to the air and rains down a hail of arrows on her enemies.

Tips on How to Bild and Use Zenkibo Tengu:

  • Build Zenkibo Tengu for Physical damage. This means focusing on artifacts and mods that increase her Physical damage, Attack, and Critical Rate.
  • Use Zenkibo Tengu’s skills to deal high damage to single targets. Her Skill 1, Thousand Burials, can deal a lot of damage to a single target, while her Skill 2, Scarlet Abyss, can deal damage to multiple targets.
  • Use Zenkibo Tengu’s Ultimate Skill to deal massive damage. Her Ultimate Skill, Starbolt Fist, can deal a lot of damage to a single target, and it also grants all of your team members max Traces.
  • Use Zenkibo Tengu in a team that can support her damage. Some good characters to pair with Zenkibo Tengu include:
    • Asura – Asura can lower the enemy’s Physical Resistance, which will make Zenkibo Tengu’s attacks hit harder.
    • Heimdall – Heimdall can provide Zenkibo Tengu with a shield, which will protect her from damage.
    • Lingguang – Lingguang can provide Zenkibo Tengu with a debuff that increases the damage she deals.

Example of a good team comp for Zenkibo Tengu:

  • Zenkibo Tengu – Main DPS
  • Asura – Support
  • Heimdall – Support
  • Lingguang – Support

This team comp will provide Zenkibo Tengu with the support she needs to deal massive damage to single targets.

Additional tips for using Zenkibo Tengu:

  • Use Zenkibo Tengu’s dodge skill to avoid damage. Her dodge skill can also be used to reposition herself, which can be helpful in dealing damage to enemies that are hard to reach.
  • Use Zenkibo Tengu’s Traces to deal more damage. Zenkibo Tengu’s Traces can be used to increase her damage output. When she has max Traces, her attacks will deal increased damage.
  • Use Zenkibo Tengu’s Ultimate Skill when you need to deal a lot of damage. Her Ultimate Skill can deal a lot of damage to a single target, and it also grants all of your team members max Traces.
Zenkibo Tengu Build in Aether Gazer

With these tips, you can use Zenkibo Tengu to deal massive damage to your enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zenkibo Tengu, Aether Gazer:

  • What is Zenkibo Tengu’s role?

Zenkibo Tengu is a Surefire character, which means she specializes in dealing high damage to single targets. She is a powerful DPS character who can quickly take down enemies with her powerful attacks.

  • What are Zenkibo Tengu’s skills?

Zenkibo Tengu has three skills:

  • Primary Skill: Zenkibo Tengu throws a grenade that explodes after 5 seconds or when it hits an enemy, dealing physical damage.
  • Secondary Skill: Zenkibo Tengu fires a beam of energy that deals physical damage to enemies in a straight line.
  • Ultimate Skill: Zenkibo Tengu transforms her weapon into a sniper rifle and fires a powerful shot that penetrates enemies and deals massive damage.
  • What are Zenkibo Tengu’s strengths and weaknesses?

Zenkibo Tengu’s strengths include her high damage output and her ability to deal damage to single targets. She is also a relatively mobile character, which makes her difficult to hit. However, Zenkibo Tengu is also a squishy character, and she can be easily killed if she is not careful.

Zenkibo Tengu works well with characters who can provide support or crowd control. Some good team compositions for Zenkibo Tengu include:

  • Zenkibo Tengu, Verthandi, and Shu
  • Zenkibo Tengu, Anya, and Lucia
  • Zenkibo Tengu, Nanami, and Shiori

    Where can I get Zenkibo Tengu?

Zenkibo Tengu is a gacha character, which means you can get her by summoning on the gacha banner. She is a rare character, so it may take you a few tries to get her.

I hope this answers your questions about Zenkibo Tengu. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

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