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You Will Die Here Tonight: All Puzzles Complete Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to overcoming the challenging puzzles in the game, “You Will Die Here Tonight.” If you’ve found yourself stuck and seeking assistance, you’re in the right place. We are here to provide you with detailed solutions to all the puzzles in the game, ensuring you can progress smoothly and enjoy the game without any hindrance.

Library Puzzle: A Literary Conundrum

You Will Die Here Tonight All Puzzles


  • The Blue book is placed in Section 500.
  • The Red Book is placed in Section 900.
  • The Yellow Book is placed in Section 100.

The library puzzle can be a perplexing experience, but with our solution, you’ll breeze through it without a second thought.

Iron Maiden Padlock: Escape the Iron Grasp

No one wants to end up in an iron maiden. To unlock it and avoid a painful demise, follow these steps:


  • Shield Knight Padlock
  • Wall Safe Combination

With our guidance, you’ll be out of this menacing contraption and back to your adventure in no time.

Animal Head Puzzle: Deciphering the Menagerie

In the game, you’ll come across an intriguing animal head puzzle. To proceed, you need to solve it correctly.


  • Moose, Rhino, Goat, Lioness

We’ll make sure you understand the logic behind this puzzle, so you can swiftly continue your journey.

Statue Rotation Puzzle: Finding the Right Orientation

The statue rotation puzzle is a visual challenge that might leave you scratching your head. Fear not, for we have the solution:


  • Three-Headed Dog: Right
  • Bird: Left
  • Demon: Down
  • Lucifer: Left

We’ll provide you with a clear and concise explanation to ensure you can progress with ease.

Art Gallery Puzzle: Aesthetic Enigma

Navigate through the art gallery by solving this intriguing puzzle. Get ready to embrace the artistry of the game with our solution:


  • Flower Painting (Upper-right corner)
  • Child Painting (Upper-left corner)
  • Bumblebee Painting (Lower-left corner)
  • Butterfly Paining (Empty space in lower-right corner)
  • Skull Painting (Lower-right corner)
  • Heart Painting (Empty space in upper-left corner)
  • River Painting (Lower-left corner)
  • Lake Painting (Upper-right corner)

This puzzle is all about aesthetics, and we’ll guide you through it with precision.

Shotgun Puzzle: Timing is Everything

When it comes to the shotgun puzzle, timing is of the essence. Missing the cue can be a matter of life and death. Follow these instructions carefully:


  • After taking the shotgun, you must wait three seconds before moving.
  • There is an audio clue that counts the number of seconds, and the drips from the bottle in the left of the room can act as a visual clue as well.

We’ll ensure you don’t miss a beat when dealing with this crucial moment in the game.

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