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How to Complete Yerma’s questline in Blasphemous 2?

Yerma’s questline is a side quest in Blasphemous 2. It is a multi-step quest that involves helping Yerma find Holy Oil to anoint her spear and then defeating the boss Svsona.

Steps on How to Complete Yerma’s questline in Blasphemous 2

  1. Find Yerma in Profundo Lamento. She will be sitting next to a Prie Dieu.
  2. Talk to Yerma and she will ask you to find some Holy Oil to anoint her spear.
  3. The Holy Oil can be found in the Leftmost Prie Dieu in the Elevated Temples area, drop down two floors, and head right. Here you’ll find a chasm that requires the Scions’ Protection Ability to cross.
  4. Once you have the Holy Oil, return to Yerma and give it to her.
  5. Yerma will then ask you to help her defeat Svsona, a boss in the Two Moons area.
  6. Defeat Svsona and Yerma will appear in her boss arena. Talk to her to hear the last section of her tale, and receive the Zejel of the Cruelest Thorn Prayer, a Quick Verse that creates a barrier of thorns that deal Miasma damage.

Here are some additional tips for completing Yerma’s questline:

  • Talk to Yerma often: Yerma will give you hints and clues about her questline as you progress through the game.
  • Explore thoroughly: The Holy Oil can be found in a hidden area, so you will need to explore thoroughly to find it.
  • Be prepared for a tough fight: Svsona is a tough boss, so make sure you are prepared for a difficult fight.

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