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Wizard With a Gun Ice Chunk | Where To Find Ice Chunks in Wizard With a Gun?

In the mystical world of Wizard with a Gun, Ice Chunks serve as valuable resources, enhancing the potency of your ammunition. These frozen fragments are vital for upgrading your arsenal, allowing you to tackle a variety of adversaries with greater efficiency. Yet, obtaining Ice Chunks can be a challenging endeavor as they’re not scattered freely throughout the game world. This guide will provide you with comprehensive insights on where to find Ice Chunks and the most effective strategies to acquire them.

Where to Find Wizard with a Gun Ice Chunks

  1. Exploring Snowy EnvironmentsIce Chunks are most commonly found in the wintry landscapes of Wizard with a Gun. These frozen treasures can be discovered in frosty caves, snow-clad mountains, and frozen lakes. While exploring the game’s environment, keep an eye out for these locations, as they are prime spots for Ice Chunk discovery.
  2. Completing Quests and MissionsEmbarking on quests and missions within the game offers an additional route to acquire Ice Chunks. These in-game challenges frequently provide these valuable resources as rewards. Engaging with these quests not only enriches your gameplay experience but also boosts your Ice Chunk collection.
  3. Battling Magical Creatures and EnemiesEngage in combat with the magical creatures and adversaries that inhabit the icy landscapes. Defeating these foes can result in Ice Chunks dropping, making battles a rewarding way to stock up on these resources. Don’t hesitate to face off against these creatures as it can lead to a bountiful Ice Chunk collection.
  4. Maximize Exploration and EngagementTo maximize your chances of securing Ice Chunks, make a concerted effort to explore the diverse environments of Wizard with a Gun. Actively participating in quests, missions, and combat scenarios will not only enhance your gaming experience but also increase your Ice Chunk reserves.

How to Get Wizard with a Gun Ice Chunks

In Wizard with a Gun, having the right ammunition is essential for acquiring Ice Chunks. The cold bullet, in particular, works exceptionally well. Here’s how you can effectively obtain Ice Chunks:

  1. Unlock and Craft Cold BulletsTo unlock cold bullets, you’ll need Arcane Tomes, and to craft them, gather wood and Iron Ingots. Consider using a revolver or carbine, as these weapons pair best with cold bullets due to their superior damage output.
  2. Defeat Stone Enemies with Cold BulletsOnce you have cold bullets at your disposal, focus on defeating stone enemies, especially Mechanas. These mechanized foes are relatively easy to defeat and have a higher likelihood of dropping Ice Chunks.
  3. Use Cold Bullets to Finish Stone EnemiesWhile you can damage stone enemies with other bullet types, ensure that you finish them off with a cold bullet. This is crucial, as you’ll only receive Ice Chunks if you deliver the final blow with a cold bullet.
  4. Farm Ice Chunks by Defeating Stone EnemiesBased on our experience, defeating one Mechana with a cold bullet typically yields one Ice Chunk. If you aim to accumulate a substantial Ice Chunk collection, concentrate your efforts on defeating stone enemies with cold bullets.Note: Organic enemies like Jynxes won’t yield Ice Chunks. The sole method to acquire Ice Chunks, along with a chance of finding Glass Chunks, is by vanquishing stone enemies with cold bullets.

About Wizard with a Gun

Wizard with a Gun, developed by Galvanic Games and published by Devolver Digital, made its debut on October 17, 2023. This action-packed game is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Falling under the genres of action, sandbox, and survival, the game offers both single-player and 2-player online co-op modes for an engaging gaming experience. Its estimated ESRB and PEGI rating stands at 12.

Wizard with a Gun immerses players in a mystical wilderness teeming with perilous creatures and arcane enigmas, where they can embark on solo adventures or join forces with companions. As you traverse this magical world, your goal is to gather resources, craft items, and customize your wizard’s abilities to overcome the unknown challenges that await.

Features of Wizard with a Gun

  • Magical Weapon CustomizationIn Wizard with a Gun, you have the ability to collect resources from the world and craft special enchanted bullets for your guns. Experiment with different magical elements to create surprising effects that alter your shots, including the bullet’s path, explosion size, and their impact on your targets.
  • Customized Whimsical WizardsCustomize your wizard’s appearance, from robes and hats to armor and accessories. Your wizard’s outfit not only reflects your style but can also serve a practical purpose in your journey.
  • Randomly Generated BiomesThe game world is a whimsical blend of different environments, including deserts, swamps, tundra, and prairies, all interconnected in a unique manner. Utilize cosmic powers from your tower to manipulate the world and discover new and intriguing places.
  • Cooperative AdventuringTeam up with another wizard in online play to share resources, wield magic, and collaborate on building your towers. Alternatively, let chaos reign and witness the destruction at your own discretion.
  • Systemic GameplayExperiment with various combinations of spells to observe how they influence the world and your adversaries. The outcomes can range from powerful magic that defeats your foes to unforeseen consequences.
  • RoguelikeIn this game, defeat results in a loss of all items and gear, providing a challenging but thrilling experience. Each new game presents a fresh adventure and a chance to further hone your wizardry skills.


Enhancing your gameplay in Wizard with a Gun involves mastering the art of acquiring Ice Chunks. As these resources significantly boost your arsenal, follow the strategies outlined in this guide to ensure you’re well-equipped to tackle the game’s magical challenges. So, venture forth into this mystical realm, armed with cold bullets and a thirst for adventure, and make your mark as the most formidable wizard with a gun.

Wizard With a Gun Ice Chunk – FAQs

  1. What are Ice Chunks used for in Wizard with a Gun? Ice Chunks are used to upgrade and enhance certain types of bullets in the game.
  2. How can I obtain Ice Chunks in Wizard with a Gun? You can acquire Ice Chunks by defeating stone enemies, particularly Mechanas, with cold bullets.
  3. Can I use any bullet type to get Ice Chunks, or is a cold bullet necessary? You need to finish off stone enemies with a cold bullet to obtain Ice Chunks.
  4. How many Ice Chunks do I typically get from defeating one Mechanas with a cold bullet? Typically, defeating one Mechanas with a cold bullet yields one Ice Chunk.
  5. Do organic enemies like Jynxes drop Ice Chunks in Wizard with a Gun? No, Ice Chunks are only obtained from defeating stone enemies with cold bullets, not organic foes.

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