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Where and How to Catch Banded Morwong in Dinkum?

Dinkum is a farming and life sim game from the independent Australian Developer James Bendon. We can farm crops, plant seeds, raise animals and crease an island of your very own for a lot of villagers to live in. It has lot of beaches and other things to collect and craft here. It allows you to catch a lot of fish and sell them. Let’s go through the process of how to find Banded Morwong in Dinkum.

How to Find Banded Morwong in Dinkum?

There are a lot of fishes in Dinkum once you have your fishing rod and the Banded Morwong is one of them. It is an important one so that you might be looking for a while. We need to wait till the season of Winter to find the Banded Morwong. As it is a seasonal fish so you cannot get in the Summer, Autumn or Spring. In case you have just started fishing in Summer, we need to wait for a while, just like I did.

The best part is you can fish for the Banded Morwong at any time of the day. It is only found in the Northern and Southern ocean. Just take your boat our into the Northern or Southern parts of the map and look for the fish. 🙂

Right after finding the Banded Morwong, you can give it to the Theodre to display it in the museum. And, sell the excess fish to John to make a profit. We have a lot of guides for you to check on the Dinkum Game. Hope you liked the Where to Catch Banded Morwong in Dinkum.

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