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Warm Snow Wiki : A Rogue-lite Odyssey Through a Dark Fantasy World

Embark on an epic journey through a chilling dark fantasy realm in Warm Snow, a rogue-lite action game that will test your skills and resolve. As the lone warrior Bi-an, you face the daunting task of purging the Five Great Clans and restoring balance to a world teetering on the brink of annihilation.

Warm Snow immerses you in a breathtakingly bleak world blanketed by the ominous “Warm Snow,” a strange phenomenon that shrouds the land in perpetual winter. The contrasting nature of this “warm snow” serves as a potent symbol of the world’s turmoil, where stark inequalities and injustices fester beneath the surface.

A Rogue-lite Experience Unlike Any Other

Prepare to die and learn, for Warm Snow’s unforgiving rogue-lite gameplay will test your mettle at every turn. Each run presents a unique and challenging experience, forcing you to adapt your strategy as you encounter a diverse array of enemies, powerful bosses, and perilous environments.

Unleash the Fury of Bi-an

Master the art of combat as Bi-an, a formidable warrior with a customizable arsenal of weapons, skills, and relics. Experiment with different builds and discover synergies that unlock your true potential on the battlefield.

A World Rich with Secrets and Mysteries

Warm Snow’s meticulous world design invites exploration and discovery. Uncover hidden secrets, uncover the lore behind the “Warm Snow” phenomenon, and delve deeper into the intricate narrative that unfolds with each playthrough.


  • Rogue-lite gameplay: Die, learn, and adapt in a constantly evolving world.
  • Rich dark fantasy setting: Explore a world shrouded in mystery and intrigue.
  • Diverse enemy types and challenging bosses: Test your skills against a formidable array of foes.
  • Customizable character progression: Unlock powerful skills and relics to tailor your playstyle.
  • Immersive narrative: Unravel the secrets of the “Warm Snow” and the world’s demise.
  • High replay value: Every run offers a fresh challenge and new discoveries.

Join the Community

Warm Snow boasts a vibrant and dedicated community. Connect with fellow players, share strategies, and discuss the game’s lore on the official Discord server.

Embrace the challenge and embark on your own Warm Snow odyssey. Will you rise to the occasion and save a world teetering on the brink of destruction?

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