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Mastering the Trials of Warm Snow: A Comprehensive Guide to Achievements and Beyond

Welcome, warriors, to the treacherous world of Warm Snow! This frozen land awaits those who possess the skill and determination to conquer its challenges. But fear not, for you are not alone in your journey. This guide serves as your companion, offering insights into the game’s diverse achievements and valuable tips to help you conquer even the fiercest foes.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Base:

Your first step on this frozen path is conquering the Temple, unlocking the Base and its vital functions. This vital hub provides access to vital upgrades, powerful relics, and the ability to forge your own legend. Remember, mastering the Base is foundational to conquering the trials that await.

A Pantheon of Power:

As you progress, seek out the statues scattered across the land. Each one houses the essence of a powerful deity, granting you unique boons and abilities. The Sword Never Backs, the Buddha May Rage, and countless others – each offers a distinct path to power, allowing you to shape your warrior to your playstyle.

Defying the Lords of the Realm:

The land of Warm Snow is ruled by four formidable Lords – Lu Kunhai, Sima Ying, Zhao Changgeng, and Qin Wu. Each Lord presents a unique challenge, demanding mastery of combat and skillful utilization of your acquired abilities. Defeating them grants you their blood, further enriching your arsenal and paving the way to the ultimate confrontation.

The Dragon Emperor and Beyond:

Your journey culminates in a showdown with the mighty Dragon Emperor, Ji Xia. But your path does not end there. Uncover the hidden truths and choose your destiny – will you execute the Emperor, severing the cycle of violence, or embrace the power he offers? The choice is yours, and each path leads to a distinct ending.

Mastering the Frozen Trials:

Beyond the main storyline, Warm Snow offers a series of increasingly difficult challenges. Conquer the Medium Snow, Heavy Snow, and Snow Storm difficulties, testing your skills and pushing your limits. Ultimately, the Blizzard awaits those who truly seek to prove their mastery.

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Snow:

As you explore, uncover the hidden stories woven into the fabric of Warm Snow. From the tale of Qing and Yi to the secrets of the Winter Solstice Fire, each story sheds light on the world’s lore and adds depth to your experience.

Crafting a Legend:

Warm Snow offers an arsenal of Excaliburs, each with unique properties and abilities. To truly excel, unlock and master their diverse strengths, becoming the unparalleled “Master of Excaliburs.”

Become a Reaper of Foes:

Prove your might by vanquishing countless enemies! From the “Centurion” who slays 500 to the unstoppable “Unstoppable” who annihilates 5,000, each milestone marks your progress and cements your reputation as a legendary warrior.

Beyond Death:

Even death serves as a stepping stone in Warm Snow. Achieve the “Of Course” by dying for the first time, then progress to the “People die if they are killed……” by meeting your demise 50 times. Each death is a lesson learned, pushing you closer to mastery.

A Feast for the Senses:

Warm Snow is a world brimming with hidden treasures. Seek out and smash destructible objects to uncover valuable secrets and unlock the “Smash Master” achievement. And be warned, some objects may hold surprises, potentially leading to unexpected encounters.

The True Test of Skill:

Finally, challenge yourself to complete the game without using the Herbal Gourd, earning the “Never Drink” achievement. This ultimate test of skill and resourcefulness will truly solidify your place among the legends of Warm Snow.


This guide merely scratches the surface of what Warm Snow has to offer. Explore, experiment, and discover the secrets hidden within the frozen land. Above all, enjoy the journey and relish the satisfaction of conquering the challenges that await. For in the heart of winter, a true warrior finds their strength.

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