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VPet Simulator Character Interaction: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our detailed guide for VPet Simulator! If you’re looking to master this intriguing game, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and tips to enhance your VPet experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you’ll find valuable insights to help you succeed in the virtual pet world.

Character Interaction

In VPet Simulator, understanding character interaction is crucial to your pet’s well-being and development. Here are the essential aspects of character interaction:

Mouse Controls

  • The red stroke of the mouse represents the left mouse button, while the blue stroke corresponds to the right mouse button.
  • Right-click on a character to open the menu bar, and to close the menu, press the right mouse button again.
  • You can hold the left mouse button on the character’s head and move it around the screen.
  • Depending on your settings, the character can move to different areas on the screen, and you can adjust the long-press time and permissions accordingly.

Click and Swipe Actions

  • Click on the head for the character’s next reaction.
  • Click on the body to engage in a conversation with the character.
  • You can also swipe over specific areas for the character’s reactions, eliminating the need to click.

Feeding Your Virtual Pet

Proper nutrition is essential to keep your virtual pet healthy and thriving. Follow these steps to ensure your pet is well-fed:

  1. Open the menu bar and select “Store.”
  2. Choose the items you need, whether it’s food, drinks, or medicines.
  3. In the Store window, select a product and click “Buy.”
  4. Feeding your character with the right items will gradually increase their characteristics and improve their well-being.

Earning Money and Advancing

To progress in the game, you’ll need to earn money through various means:


  • Open the menu bar, then select “Actions.”
  • Engage in a job to earn money through activities like copywriting.
  • You can also choose to work live to accumulate funds that you can later spend on necessities.


  • Open the menu bar, then select “Actions.”
  • Studies are a way to increase your character’s experience.
  • The action animations for studying are similar to those for working.

Restoring Stamina with Dreams

Dreams are essential for rejuvenating your character’s stamina:

  • Open the menu bar, then select “Actions.”
  • Dreams are used to restore stamina and ensure your character remains active.

Managing Character States

Monitoring your character’s states is vital for their well-being and success in the game. Here are some critical states to keep an eye on:

  • Money: Use it wisely to purchase food and drinks from the market.
  • Experience: The higher your character’s level, the more rewards you’ll receive for work and studies.
  • Endurance: Interacting with your character consumes stamina, which can affect their mood.
  • Mood: A good mood leads to faster experience gain and a desire to learn.
  • Hunger: Keep an eye on hunger levels; a low level indicates your character is hungry.
  • Thirst: Similar to hunger, thirst levels must be maintained for optimal health.

Health and Cuteness

Health and cuteness are important aspects that affect your character’s overall well-being and experience. Although these features may not be available at the moment, they will likely play a crucial role in your character’s future development.

Game Options

In VPet Simulator, you have the flexibility to customize various game options to suit your preferences:

  • Graphic Arts: Adjust the program’s display behavior, character size, and more.
  • Language: Choose your preferred language settings.
  • System: Configure autosave frequency and backup options.
  • Chat Settings: Customize how your pet communicates with you.
  • Action Interaction Settings: Fine-tune how character data is calculated and displayed.
  • Working Settings: Configure settings for character interaction during work activities.
  • Music Recognition Settings: Set up music recognition parameters.

Links, Diagnostics, and Mods

Explore the options to set up links and hotkeys, provide feedback to the developer through diagnostics, and even enhance your gameplay with mods. There’s a world of possibilities to explore in VPet Simulator.

We hope this comprehensive guide enhances your VPet Simulator experience. Remember, mastering the intricacies of character interaction, managing states, and making strategic choices will lead to success in the virtual pet world. Enjoy your journey in VPet Simulator!

[Diagram of Character Interaction]

mermaidCopy code

graph LR A[Mouse Controls] --> B[Click on Character's Head] A --> C[Click on Character's Body] A --> D[Swipe on Head] A --> E[Swipe on Body] B --> F[Next Reaction] C --> G[Talk to Character] D --> F[Next Reaction] E --> G[Next Reaction]

[Diagram of Game Options]

mermaidCopy code

graph LR A[Graphic Arts] --> B[Display Settings] A --> C[Language Settings] A --> D[System Settings] A --> E[Chat Settings] A --> F[Action Interaction Settings] A --> G[Working Settings] A --> H[Music Recognition Settings]

[Diagram of Managing Character States]

mermaidCopy code

graph LR A[Money] --> B[Buy Food and Drinks] A --> C[Experience] A --> D[Endurance] A --> E[Mood] A --> F[Hunger] A --> G[Thirst] A --> H[Health] A --> I[Cuteness]

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