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{VillageRhapsody} Planting strategy + NPC strategy process

I just arrived at the village on the first day and followed the village chief to walk the route. When you get home, the village chief will give you all the tools. You can weed some grass next to you to get fluffy grass (mission props). You can dig seven pieces of land first, go to the village chief’s house to pick up the task, ask for 20 orchid seeds, and sell four at the store. Orchid seeds, and the remaining money is exactly three potato seeds.

After the crops are processed, you can go to the Buddhist temple to pick up the task of digging ginseng. Then you find that the bridge on the top of the channel is broken and you need to find a carpenter to repair it. The carpenter tells that 200 wood repairs are needed. Go to the butcher again. The butcher wants you to dig a terrazzo. It happens that the mine has already got one. You can directly turn in the task and get an axe (logging speed +20%).

I don’t have a lot of physical strength now, so go home and rest directly. Be careful not to rest until tomorrow, and rest until evening to recover your strength. Then go to chop wood, 200 wood needs to cut 20 trees, anyway, it can’t be finished on the first day. After pouring the water, I went to cut trees. I could get 200 pieces of wood after I rested until the evening. Then I went to the carpenter to repair the bridge.

The bridge was repaired the next day (the carpenter doesn’t sleep at night), so go directly across the bridge to the dense forest to collect ginseng, go down and take the cable car down, and find the monk to get the prayer beads of concentration (10% reduction in physical energy consumption). Front props.
Then there is no task to pick up, you can remove the weeds first, you can get fluff grass and pasture (subsequent strategy items), if you want to make some money and buy more seeds, you can go to mine.

On the fourth day, the orchid was ripe, cut it off with a sickle and gave it to Aunt Mei to get a sachet. We found the village head and asked us to go up to deliver sachets to Hongying, but we saw her messing around. Give them a porn comic continuation after getting caught! The comic sequel is sold in grocery stores (price 200).

After you buy it, give it to her and add it to 2. Then, go to Widow Zhao’s house to pick up the task and find a carpenter to make a chicken coop. The carpenter told you that you need 50 wood to talk to Hongying. Finished, watch the CG and then you can take the initiative to find her Sesser,
In the morning, sell the potatoes, buy mustard seeds (Aunt Mei’s front-end props), and then go to Brother Donkey’s house to trigger the plot, let you find the lost wife (donkey), in the upper left corner of the mine.

Get a special cigarette, and then ask Widow Zhao to take the task. You need 30 wheat to raise chickens. If you have no money, you can go to mine. After the task is completed, Widow Zhao will make soup for you and splash it on your face. At the beginning of the CG plot, Widow Zhao completed the line and went
directly to the old man’s house above the town to trigger the Feiying task. Ten pieces of land need to be reclaimed, and 20 corns need to be given to the old man after the reclamation is completed.

At night, you can go to the house of Sister-in-law Shugen in the town to trigger an H scene. The next day, I asked Mrs. Tree Root to trigger the plot, and I needed 40 forage. After the previous operation, I already had 40 forage, so I handed in the task directly. She wants you to come back to Mrs. Shugen’s house tomorrow and you will see her stuck in the stool. This is a CG plot, Mrs. Shugen’s line is full, and the strategy is complete.

Then go to the children to take over the task of milking the cows. You need to use special cigarettes. For three consecutive days, you need chili and Canadian hemp. 120 gold coins are made at the donkey brother. Put it aside for now, don’t forget to go fishing when you have time, there will be two videotapes for fishing, you can watch them secretly in your room. Give the corn you planted to Bo Shi, and Bo Shi will give you the land at his gate. If you have extra money, you can buy animal traps, put them in the dense forest to catch wild boars, you can use them for the follow-up puppy mission, go home and rest, go to the small town to find Feiying for the last mission, you need three kinds of chrysanthemums, ten of each, Requires 600 gold coins.

After Feiying’s favorability is full, the village chief will come to your door and ask you to go to the dense forest to pick up bamboo leaves, and open the village chief’s wife line, but don’t go to the dense forest first to go to Aunt Mei to trigger the task of Aunt Mei’s favorability. It needs 30 mustard greens, and the heart will be filled directly after the task is completed. But this old man really knows how to play. The next day, he can go to the door of Baolong’s house to trigger the fox plot, and at night, he can see the whole village silver party. At this time, the animal will turn into a human form and go to the fox with you to find the antidote.

The next day, the animal is still in human form and can directly do animal tasks. The Fox Line requires 13 Psychedelic Grass. By the way, you can do the milking task, milk +30 stamina, you have used wild boar in the trap before, go directly to the grocery store owner to talk, and take the boar boar and use cigarettes to give the puppy the next day, and you can achieve it directly.

You can watch the plot of the village head directly until the evening, and report to the village head’s wife the next day to check the village head’s private money, click on the flashing place to get it. Then you have to wait until the next day to continue, go home and rest directly. After waking up, you can go directly to the village head’s wife to complete the lady line.

After the lady line is completed, start the green snake line directly. You need to use cigarettes, go to the green snake first, and then go to the heifer, so that you don’t need to use more cigarettes, and the heifer line is also completed directly.

The Green Snake Line needs 5 miscellaneous fish. I caught a lot of them when I was fishing for videotapes, so I will give them directly. After the conversation, I need to go to the dense forest to pick up earthworms and fish. After the dialogue, the green snake line is completed.

Next, you can find the owner of the grocery store to accept the Mid-Autumn Festival task. You need fluffy grass 20, wood 50, miscellaneous fish 10, you have finished the preparations before and just complete the dialogue, rest until the evening to trigger the Mid-Autumn Festival event, complete the final achievement of the sisters flying line, and become the village head.

Added the task of Bao Longge looking for a donkey again. This time the location is in the middle of the mine. Go straight up from the left road and you can see that after the dialogue, you know that Bao Longge is playing a lot of flowers. The next step is to plant a carrot for the little female donkey. After finishing it, I felt that it was too dark and needed street lights, so I built two high-end street lights for her. The loss is not bad for money and materials. Ordinary street lamps should also add French blacksmith Feifei, who needs 50 iron ores. If you see sharp stones in the mine, you can directly tap them for iron ore. After handing over, you need another 50 coals. The flat ore on the top is a coal mine. Don’t misunderstand the copper mine. After you hand in the copper mine, you can upgrade your tools here. Then enter the tent and click on the book to enter the CG screen. Feifei’s strategy is complete. . The advanced sprinkler can fill 49 grids, except that the sprinkler itself occupies a grid, and can water 48 crops at a time. The price of gold ore obtained by mining is 1000. If you are short of money, you can go to mine!

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