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Verthandi Aether Gazer– Best Build and Team Comp

New Pact Verthandi Wiki Guide – Best Build [Aether Gazer]

Name: Verthandi
Class: Support
Element: Light
Rarity: A
Weapon: Staff

Description: A member of the Overture Squad. She tackles difficulties head on, and thanks to her never-ending optimism, she progressed rapidly through her anti-Visbane training at Aether Gazer. Verthandi is a support character who specializes in healing and buffing her allies. She has a variety of skills that can be used to keep her allies alive and help them deal more damage. Her most notable skills are:

  • Holy Light: A powerful AoE heal that can heal all allies in range.
  • Blessing: A single-target heal that can heal an ally for a large amount of health.
  • Blessing of Light: A buff that increases an ally’s attack power.
  • Verthandi is a valuable asset to any team. She can provide her allies with the healing and support they need to succeed. She is a good choice for players who want to play a support role.

Tips for Building Verthandi in Aether Gazer

Sure, here are some tips for building and using Verthandi in Aether Gazer:

  • Build: Verthandi is a support character, so you’ll want to focus on building her with items that increase her healing power and attack power. You can also consider items that increase her movement speed, as this will allow her to position herself more effectively in battle.
  • Skills: Verthandi’s best skills are her Holy Light and Blessing skills. Holy Light is a powerful AoE heal that can heal all allies in range. Blessing is a single-target heal that can heal an ally for a large amount of health.
  • Team Composition: Verthandi works well with teams that have a lot of damage dealers. For example, she can be paired with Apollo, Shu, or Hera to provide them with healing and support.

Team compositions that work well with Verthandi:

  • Verthandi, Apollo, and Shu: This team has a good mix of damage, healing, and crowd control. Apollo can deal a lot of damage with his ranged attacks, Shu can deal a lot of damage with his close-range attacks, and Verthandi can heal the team and provide crowd control with her skills.
  • Verthandi, Hera, and Vidar: This team has a lot of crowd control and damage. Hera can stun enemies with her skills, while Vidar can deal a lot of damage with his AoE attacks.
  • Verthandi, Osiris, and Zenkibo: This team is very tanky and has a lot of damage. Osiris can absorb damage with his shield, while Zenkibo can deal a lot of damage with his ranged attacks.

Ultimately, the best team composition for Verthandi will depend on your playstyle and the enemies you’re facing. Experiment with different team compositions to find what works best for you.

Here are some specific items that you can use to build Verthandi:

  • Holy Grail: This item increases Verthandi’s healing power.
  • Staff of Life: This item increases Verthandi’s attack power.
  • Robe of Purity: This item increases Verthandi’s movement speed.
  • Necklace of Protection: This item increases Verthandi’s survivability.
  • Ring of Enlightenment: This item increases Verthandi’s overall stats.

Here are some additional tips for playing Verthandi:

  • Use your Holy Light skill to heal your allies and keep them alive.
  • Use your Blessing skill to heal a single ally for a large amount of health.
  • Use your Blessing skill to buff your allies’ attack power.
  • Stay at a distance from enemies and use your ranged attacks to deal damage.
  • Be careful not to get too close to enemies, as they can easily kill you if you are not careful.

I hope these tips help you play Verthandi effectively!

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