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Ultimate Guide to Reaching the Tower of Penance Beacon in Lords of the Fallen

In the world of Soulslike games, the journey is often as significant as the destination. Lords of the Fallen, with its multiple endings and complex pathways, is no exception. If you’re aiming for the Radiance ending in Mournstead and wondering how to reach the Tower of Penance beacon, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide that will ensure you make it to your destination and claim the beacon.

Starting Your Journey

Your adventure begins at the Vestige of Brother Jeremiah in the Leprosarium. This is your primary checkpoint on your way to the Tower of Penance. To proceed, you’ll need to obtain a key from a guard in the courtyard opposite the Vestige. Use this key to unlock the nearby door, granting access to the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.

Confronting Challenges

Before you reach the Tower of Penance, you’ll face a formidable foe – Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho. Dealing with this boss can be challenging, and your approach will depend on your character build. Once you defeat Sanisho, an Umbral Flowerbed will appear. Save your Vestige Seed for a more convenient location further ahead.

The Path Upward

To reach the Tower of Penance beacon, you’ll need to take two elevators. Start by locating the exterior elevator behind the tower where you defeated Sanisho. This elevator will take you up, and you’ll find a second Umbral Flowerbed where you can plant your Vestige Seed. Doing this now will save you a tedious elevator ride back to the top when you eventually descend into the tower.

Descending the Tower

The Tower of Penance is a daunting structure, filled with rickety wooden walkways and platforms spiraling down to the bottom. Falling from a height can be fatal, so tread carefully and use ladders whenever possible. Although you can drop some distance to skip sections at the cost of your health, it’s best not to do so unless you’ve cleared the area, as valuable items are often hidden along the way.

Beware of Enemies

As you descend, you’ll encounter various enemies, including ranged attackers and Ardent Penitents. While these enemies are dangerous in themselves, the real peril lies in being knocked off the ledge or making a misstep and falling. Always prioritize maintaining a secure position. Look for cells dug into the walls on different levels; they can serve as safe fallback positions.

Triggering Umbral Switches

To descend the tower, you’ll need to activate Umbral switches. These can only be triggered while in Umbra, meaning you’ll have to make the dangerous descent without the safety of Axiom. This is one of the main reasons why reaching the Tower of Penance beacon is such a challenge in Lords of the Fallen.

Drop Through the Middle

You’ll come across spots where you can drop through holes in the center of the floor to reach the level below. It’s a reliable way to descend quickly, but be cautious, as it can put you in a vulnerable position. Falling can easily result in a misstep that ends in disaster.

Ground Floor Exploration

Upon reaching the ground floor, you’ll find a door leading to the courtyard where you fought Sanisho. You can plant a Vestige Seed here to save yourself the descent if you die, but it’s usually not the best option unless you have an abundance of seeds. There’s another Umbral Flowerbed in a more critical location below, so it’s wiser to plant there. Don’t forget to search the ground floor for hidden treasures.

The Shrine Beckons

At the bottom of the Tower of Penance, you’ll discover a shrine, bringing you one step closer to the beacon and the conclusion of your journey. Just before the shrine, on the left, you’ll find an Umbral Flowerbed, offering your last chance to plant a Vestige Seed before the upcoming boss fight.

Confronting the Boss

Standing between you and the Tower of Penance beacon is a challenging two-part boss fight involving Tancred, Master of Castigations, and Reinhold the Immured. This battle is no walk in the park, especially on your first attempt. Utilize ranged attacks and remove the parasite from Tancred before engaging him.

Return to the Elevator

After defeating Tancred and Reinhold, you’ll receive a key that opens the door to the elevator. Take the elevator down, and then return to the ground floor of the Tower of Penance using the up lever. Be prepared for any enemies that may have respawned.

Ascend to the Beacon

The elevator has an additional surprise – it can take you even further up. Use the up lever once more, and it will transport you to the top of the Tower of Penance. This is where you’ll find the beacon you’ve been seeking. If you’re pursuing the Radiance ending, approach the beacon and cleanse it of Adyr’s malign influence. Don’t forget to collect the items scattered around the room before you leave.

Now, you’re one step closer to the end of your Lords of the Fallen journey, and the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters awaits. Brace yourself for the even greater challenges that lie ahead.

In summary, reaching the Tower of Penance beacon in Lords of the Fallen is no easy feat, but with this detailed guide, you have the knowledge and strategy needed to navigate this treacherous path. Remember to adapt your approach to your character build, stay vigilant against enemies and hazards, and make good use of your resources along the way. Your journey is one step closer to its radiant conclusion.

A[Start at Vestige of Brother Jeremiah] –> B[Unlock door with key]
B –> C[Manse of the Hallowed Brothers]
C –> D[Defeat Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho]
D –> E[Locate exterior elevator]
E –> F[Plant Vestige Seed]
F –> G[Ride exterior elevator up]
G –> H[Find second Umbral Flowerbed]
H –> I[Plant Vestige Seed]
I –> J[Descend into the Tower]
J –> K[Watch out for enemies]
K –> L[Activate Umbral switches]
L –> M[Drop through the middle]
M –> N[Explore the ground floor]
N –> O[Plant Vestige Seed or continue]
O –> P[Discover the shrine]
P –> Q[Plant Vestige Seed]
Q –> R[Confront Tancred and Reinhold]
R –> S[Receive key]
S –> T[Unlock elevator door]
T –> U[Return to the ground floor]
U –> V[Ascend to the beacon]
V –> W[Cleanse the beacon]

In Lords of the Fallen, the journey to the Tower of Penance beacon is as crucial as the destination itself. With this guide in hand, you are well-equipped to overcome the challenges and reach your goal. So, brace yourself for the next stage of your adventure, and may you achieve the Radiance ending in Mournstead.

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