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Tower of Fantasy Vera Expansion: How-to Guide

The Tower of Fantasy Vera Expansion has a lot of new locations, characters, and enemies in its first global expansion. The publisher has recently announced the sneak peek of the Vera Global Expansion coming to the game. Since December 2021, this has been playable in China and will be launched globally soon. It will be a free update for all the players. Currently, TOF is celebrating crossing 10 million downloads. It has so many better things than Genshin Impact that we’ll be discussing in our next post.

Tower Of Fantasy Vera Expansion Brings Characters, Enemies, & Locations

Tower of Fantasy is on the planet Aida with a big open world to explore and make it to their home. It will be released this fall and is going to be available for free for all the players. The Vera expansion is going to be a cyberpunk-themed area that we all are going to transverse through. The main area of this will be made up of a dessert called Gobby laying at the heart of the dessert.

There is going to be so many new environments, weapons, mounts, monsters, rewards, mission, events, and many more. A new playable character will be coming to Tower of Fantasy soon and the new Simulacrum is named Frigg and is coming on 1st September and makes use of ice-based attacks. She can do quick work of her enemies with the Katana-like sword as she slices through them using a succession of quick slashing attacks. Frigg is known to be a quiet and decisive soldier who gets done everything quickly. We all have waited a long time for this and Tower of Fantasy’s vera expansion is going to be the first step toward this.

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