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Tower Of Fantasy Best Weapons & Characters List August 2022 Classes & Attackers

Welcome to this Guide for the best Weapons and Characters of August 2022 in Tower of Fantasy. Here are some of the best Simulacrum in Tower Of Fantasy for PvP and PvE in TOF. Simulacrum are all playable characters beyond the starting character are downloadable personalities and all the best weapons in the game are manifestations of those characters. That means each character is also a weapon. Let’s dig into the tier list of the best characters and the best weapons in Tower Of Fantasy in August 2022.

tower of fantasy tier list 2022

What is Simulacrum in Tower Of Fantasy?

Simulacrum in TOF is AI personas based upon the characters in the Aida world. These AIs are linked to specific weapons in the world. It can be equipped as a weapon independently of one another. These are cosmetic character skins and personalities to replace your character’s default. Each of them also has passive effects that can begin to unlock once you hit level 18.

Tower Of Fantasy Character Tier List 2022

  • Top tier: Samir, Cocoritter, King, Nemesis
  • A tier: Crow, Huma, Shiro, Tsubasa
  • B tier: Zero, Meryl, Ene, Echo
  • C tier: Bai Ling, Hilda, Pepper

Samir: Very high damage and mobility, PvP staple weapon.

King: Great at breaking shields, High damage at low Advancement, and Wide attack range

Shiro: Deals decent damage and can boost team damage, Can increase team shield breaking efficiency, and Utility and damage scales heavily with Advancement.

Nemesis: Top notch survivability at Low Advancement, Discharge cleanses debuffs and slows enemies and is Extremely useful in group content.

Crow: Very high damage cap but only through Advancement and Very high mobility with backstabbing focus.

Tsubasa: Grants damage buffs that can stack, The ultimate attack has a large AoE and Short skill cool-down duration

Huma:  Can switch between offense and defense, High balanced shatter and charge rating, Short skill cooldown duration and Discharge provokes enemies.

Cocoritter: Current highest healing output, Can freeze enemies for her and allies to attack, Skills prioritize lowest HP in group content.

Meryl:  Heals from shattering shields, Tied for highest Shatter rating with King, Discharge can lock down enemies.

Zero: Can reduce enemy healing and Can grant damage immunity

Pepper: With few support weapons available at launch Pepper has potentially the highest value among SR weapons.

Hilda: Normal attacks become empowered overtime and Discharge lowers enemy resistance

Ene: Taunts enemies and grants damage immunity for a short time.

Bai Ling: Can restore dodge charges by being aggressive.

Echo: Decent in early game but is outclassed by any single SSR Weapon

Tower Of Fantasy Weapon Tier List 2022

  • Top tier: Dual EM Stars, Absolute Zero, Scythe Of The Crow, Venus
  • A tier: Thunderblades, Molten Shield V2, Chakram Of The Seas, Icewind Arrow
  • B tier: Negating Cube, Rosy Edge, Pummeler, Thunderous Halberd
  • C tier: Nightingale’s Feather, The Terminator, Staff Of Scars

What is the Best Simulacrum in Tower Of Fantasy?

Samir is overall the best Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy as she is in the best position for overall DPS. Her Volt-affinity Dual EM stars pistols give her a great amount of ranged damage potential that is used to increase the length to go without a hit. One of their best traits is she can grant you stacks of damage-increasing Concentration for every 4 seconds spent without receiving damage. She can grow to insane levels all while staying at range and in relative safety.

And, in PvP, the best Simulacrum in the game is Meryl who is dominating the PvP meta that generates a Frost Barrier that can lock enemies in place to spend the next 5 seconds dealing massive amounts of damage to them for free. That’s it for the Tower of Fantasy tier list ranking the TOF best weapon/characters of all classes; healers, tanks, attackers, etc. That’s all for the Tower of Fantasy tier list guide 2022.

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