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Tower of Fantasy Free SSR Weapon Box: How to?

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We all earn a free SSR character of our choice, from “permanent options” only if we play the game during its launch window. There are so many ways to “which SSR weapon to choose first” and this guide is going to help you out with the same.

Some sort of progress is required in Tower of Fantasy before unlocking the free SSR but trust me this all is going to be worth it in some way. It is a free gacha game which means no need to spend a dime on this game to play with premium characters. You can easily get 80 Golden Nuclei in a short time.

  • SSR Weapons – 0.75% to 2% Probability of being summoned
  • SR Weapons – 1% to 12% Probability of being summoned
  • R Weapons – 91.4% to 80% Probability of being summoned

How to Get Tower of Fantasy Free SSR Weapon Box?

Tower of Fantasy Free SSR Weapon Box depends upon what you have when the time comes. To have elemental options and specific purposes like Buffs, Shield breaking is also good to consider. For DPS, at least one ranged weapon is nice.

Anyways, the free SSR Weapon is Samir who has a sharp sense of humor. Her Dual EM Stars is a high DPS weapon that is responsible to deal with a heap of damage in a shorter time. 

You can easily claim your free SSR weapon in Tower of Fantasy by taking part in the game’s Newcomer Event, Strapath Navigation once you reach a total of 700 points. Confirm to claim your free SSR weapon once it appears. The main weapons would be King’s Scythe of the Crow, Nemesis’s Venus, and Samir’s Dual EM Stars as they have higher base DMG and greater shield-breaking ability to excel as a single and multi-target DPS weapon.

Tower of Fantasy Tier List – Strongest Heroes and Weapons

Dual EM Stars: It is the best weapon in terms of DPS and accessibility. It is easy to use and requires only little input from the players with her descending AoE attack. And, Venus is useful for both Solo and team play.

King’s Scythe of the Crow: She offers the higher damage and shield breaking, a mechanical necessity to taking down the generating shields. 

  • CS: 272
  • Shatter: 6.00 (B)
  • Charge: 10.70 (S)
  • Attack: 18
  • HP: 1165
  • Crit: 14
  • Type: Volt

That’s all about the Tower of Fantasy Free SSR Weapon Box, check out our Tower of Fantasy Tier List.

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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