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How to Farm and Best Use Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal?

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Guide for How to use Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal Farming and use Dark Crystal in ToF.

Dark Crystal is an in-game currencies that can be used to get other in-game currencies or items. Click on the shop button in the upper-right corner and then head to the HOT tab on the left.

  • Red Nucleus
  • Gold Nucleus
  • Identity Upgrade Card
  • Gold
  • Proof of Purchase
  • Special Voucher
  • Proof of Purchase Box
  • Vitality Solution

Red Nucleus

It is a currency to exchange dark crystals and it will be costing you 150 dark crystals for one red nucleus. Tap menu in top-right -> special orders -> rebirth of clemency.

Gold Nucleus

It is a Gacha currency and it will cost you 150 dark crystals for one gold nucleus.

Identity Upgrade Card

This identity upgrade card is used to change your name in Tower of Fantasy and it costs 300 dark crystals to get an x1 identity upgrade card. Move to the shop -> hot -> spend dark crystals.


It costs 100 dark crystals for 10k Gold.

Proof of Purchase Box

One box contains X10 Proof of Purchase, and you can get it for 1080 Dark Crystals; max limit of X3 times/week.

Special Voucher

Costs 150 dark crystals for one special voucher.

Proof of Purchase

1 Proof of purchase costs 150 dark crystals and better buy the box as it contains 10 of these and costs 1080 dark crystals.

Vitality Solution

It will cost 50 dark crystals. 2nd vitality solution costs 100 dark crystals. 3rd/4th Vitality solution costs 200 dark crystals. 

How To Farm Dark Crystal? Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal Farming Guide

The Dark Crystal Farming Guide has all the methods to obtain. Upper-right menu -> terminal -> story. At 10%, 50%, 80%, and 100% progression, you will receive dark crystals.

You can get Dark Crystals by leveling the Battle Pass and the free version of the Battle Pass will give fewer Dark Crystals compared to the paid version.

Ways To Farm Dark Crystals In Tower of Fantasy:

  • World Exploration
  • Complete the Quests/Missions [menu -> terminal -> missions]
  • Complete the Achievements [menu -> terminal -> achievements]
  • Sign-in Reward [gift icon in the top-right -> rewards -> sign-in]
  • Level Pack Reward [gift icon in the top-right -> rewards -> Level Pack]
  • Battle Pass Reward [gift icon in the top-right -> rewards -> Pass]
  • Exchange Tower of Fantasy Codes

You can get Dark crystals without paying the actual money regardless the Blue Crystals. This is all about the Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal Farming Guide, let us know in the comment section if you need any information. 

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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