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All Tower Of Fantasy Cooking Recipes & Ingredient Locations Unlocked

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Guide for all Tower of Fantasy Cooking Recipes and Ingredient Locations is here!

Cooking is a necessity in the Tower of Fantasy game, multiple dishes can be created from a cooking machine and you can gain benefits like Health regeneration, damage boosting, and satiety replenishment. This is a hunger bar that is used for passive health regeneration.

Cooking in Tower of Fantasy

Cookers is important for cooking, obviously, right? And, you can find them all around the world and you can see them in the mini-map whenever you are around them. You can cook 13 different means and there are 85 more after unlocking. Let’s move further for Tower of Fantasy Cooking Recipes and their ingredient locations.

How to Get Tower of Fantasy Cooking Recipes?

There are multiple ways actually to how to find the Cooking recipes in Tower Of Fantasy the first one is to purchase them by using gold and the second one is by creating them. Don’t go to purchase recipes with extra gold if you are a new player because there are better places to invest your gold in. Don’t forget to redeem all of the Tower of Fantasy Code as there is a chance you can get free recipes, ingredients, gold, and other valuable items.

Tower of Fantasy Cooking Dish Recipe List

There are 98 different recipes and 4 different tiers for them. Now, you are wondering which is the best recipe and which is the worst. Let me tell you, purple is the best and white is the worst.

Food Ingredients Satiety Effect Rarity
Awful Stew Any failed combo +2 N/A N/A
Charcoal Grilled Sand Onion 2x Sand Onion +2 N/A X
Crispy Grilled Fish 1x Silver Bass +10 N/A X
Sizzling Meat 2x Game Meat +10 N/A X
Wholegrain Bread 2x Homi Grain +10 N/A X
Breakfast Cereal 2x Homi Grain, 1x Milk +14 N/A N
Egg Fried Rice 2x Rice, 1x Poultry Egg +14 N/A N
Fries 1x Potato, 1x Salad Dressing +14 N/A N
Meat And Potato Stew 1x Potato, 1x Game Meat +14 N/A N
Meat Bun 2x Homi Grain, 1x Game Meat +14 N/A N
Stir-Fried Broccoli 2x Broccoli +14 N/A N
Red Wheat Bread 2x Brown Rice +16 N/A N
Cactus Special 2x Ball Cactus +5 Restore (10% + 1,500) HP X
Fried Egg 2x Poultry Egg +5 Restore (10% + 1,500) HP X
Fried Mushrooms 2x Mushroom +5 Restore (10% + 1,500) HP X
Lettuce Salad 2x Lettuce, 1x Salad Dressing +5 Restore (10% + 1,500) HP X
Beet Soup 2x Beetroot +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Crispy Chicken Burger 1x Homi Grain, 1x Poultry Meat, 1x Lettuce +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Dandelion Mushroom Soup 1x Dandelion Seed, 2x Mushroom +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Fried Chicken 2x Poultry Meat, 1x Homi Grain +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Golden Egg And Tomato 2x Thornmato, 2x Poultry Egg +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Grilled Lizard Tail 2x Fleshy Tail +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Mushroom Soup 2x Mushroom, 2x Lettuce +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Seaweed And Egg Soup 2x Laver, 1x Poultry Egg +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Sliced Fish With Mushroom 2x Mushroom, 1x Silver Bass +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Steamed Conch 2x Conch, 1x Lettuce +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Vegetable Salad 1x Fallen Fruit, 1x Thornmato, 1x Lettuce, 1x Salad Dressing +7 Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Black Moss Soup 2x Black Moss, 2x Lettuce +8 Restore (13% + 10,000) HP N
Surf and Turf 1x Darby’s Sturgeon, 2x Poultry Egg +8 Restore (13% + 10,000) HP N
Boiled Scallops 2x Scallop, 3x Lettuce +10 Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R
Fruit Cake 2x Strawberry, 1x Homi Grain, 1x Fallen Fruit, 1x Poultry Egg +10 Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R
Steamed Crab 2x Portunid, 2x Lettuce +10 Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R
Steamed Egg With Sea Urchin 2x Sea Urchin, 2x Poultry Egg +10 Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R
Balloon Fruit Salad 2x Balloon Fruit, 2x Thornmato, 1x Salad Dressing +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R
Barnacle Seafood Pizza 1x Barnacle, 2x Brown Rice, 1x Onion +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R
Caviar Sushi 1x Caviar, 2x Rice, 2x Laver +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R
Chocolate Bread 2x Cocoa Beans, 2x Brown Rice +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R
Fiddlehead Pie 2x Fiddlehead, 2x Brown Rice +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R
Fiddlehead Soup 2x Fiddlehead, 4x Lettuce +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R
Pine Cocoa 1x Pinecone, 1x Cocoa Beans, 2x Milk +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R
Caterpillar Fungus Noodles 1x Caterpillar Fungus, 3x Brown Rice +20 Restore (20% + 60,000) HP SR
Nut Tea 1x Hazelnut, 2x Pinecone, 2x Honey +20 Restore (20% + 60,000) HP SR
Honeyed Fruit Juice 2x Fallen Fruit, 1x Honey, 1x Carbonated Water N/A Restore 300 Stamina, Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Iced Orchid Surprise 2x Ghost Mushroom, 1x Milk, 1x Carbonated Water N/A Restore 300 Stamina, Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N
Firecap Mushroom Soup 2x Firecap, 2x Lettuce N/A Restore 400 Stamina, Restore (13% + 10,000) HP N
Roast Rump 2x Rear Hock N/A Restore 500 Stamina, Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R
Sweet Pomegranate Juice 2x Phosphogranate, 2x Honey, 1x Carbonated Water N/A Restore 600 Stamina, Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R
Snow Lotus Soup 1x Snow Lotus, 2x Honey N/A Restore 800 Stamina, Restore (20% + 60,000) HP SR
Tomato And Fried Egg Pasta 3x Brown Rice +10 Gain (+1% + 45) Fire damage (900 sec) R
Seafood Soup 3x Conch, 2x Scallop, 1x Lettuce +10 Gain (+1% + 45) Ice damage (900 sec) R
Spicy Burger 3x Homi Grain, 2x Rear Hock, 1x Lettuce +10 Gain (+1% + 45) Physical damage (900 sec) R
Jam On Toast 1x Small Blueberry Jar, 1x Strawberry, 3x Homi Grain +10 Gain (+1% + 45) Volt damage (900 sec) R
Firedragon Fruit Tea 2x Firedragon Fruit, 2x Honey +10 Gain (+1% + 80) Fire damage (900 sec) R
Snow Azalea Tea 1x Snow Azalea, 1x Milk, 2x Honey +10 Gain (+1% + 80) Ice damage (900 sec) R
Caviar Potato Balls 1x Caviar, 2x Potato +10 Gain (+1% + 80) Physical damage (900 sec) R
Eel And Mushroom Soup 1x Electric Eel, 2x Firecap +10 Gain (+1% + 80) Volt damage (900 sec) R
Iced Strawberry Soda 2x Strawberry, 2x Honey, 1x Carbonated Water +10 Gain (+10% + 170) Fire resistance (900 sec) R
Sea Crab Soup 2x Hermit Crab, 4x Mushroom +10 Gain (+10% + 170) Fire resistance (900 sec) R
Simple Power Salad 1x Broccoli, 1x Thornmato, 1x Lettuce, 1x Poultry Egg, 1x Salad Dressing +10 Gain (+10% + 170) Physical resistance (900 sec) R
Thundercloud Blueberry Soda 1x Small Blueberry Jar, 2x Honey, 1x Carbonated Water +10 Gain (+10% + 170) Volt resistance (900 sec) R
Cocoa Milk 2x Cocoa Beans, 2x Honey, 1x Milk +10 Gain (+10% + 290) Ice resistance (900 sec) R
Barnacle Stew 2x Barnacle, 4x Lettuce +10 Gain (+10% + 290) Physical resistance (900 sec) R
Spicy Eel 1x Electric Eel +10 Gain (+10% + 290) Volt resistance (900 sec) R
Juicy BLT 1x Fatty Cut, 2x Brown Rice, 2x Poultry Egg +20 Gain (+15% + 675) Fire resistance (1200 sec) SR
Braised Meat 1x Fatty Cut +20 Gain (+15% + 675) Ice resistance (1200 sec) SR
Snail Baked Rice 1x Carrion Snail, 2x Rice +20 Gain (+15% + 675) Physical resistance (1200 sec) SR
Grilled Steak 1x Prime Cut +20 Gain (+15% + 675) Volt resistance (1200 sec) SR
Steak With Sauce 1x Prime Cut, 3x Firecap +20 Gain (+2% + 150) Fire damage (1200 sec) SR
Salmon Sashimi 1x Lake Bass +20 Gain (+2% + 150) Ice damage (1200 sec) SR
Truffle Fried Rice 1x Black Truffle, 1x Onion, 2x Rice +20 Gain (+2% + 150) Physical damage (1200 sec) SR
Purple Yam Pie 1x Purple Yam +20 Gain (+2% + 150) Volt damage (1200 sec) SR

Tower of Fantasy Cooking Ingredients Location

  • Ball Cactus – Found in the Tower of Fantasy
  • Balloon Fruit – Found in Astra and north of Navia Bay
  • Barnacle – Found on beach in Warren
  • Beetroot – Found in Vera cave
  • Black Moss – Found on bridges in Crown
  • Black Truffle – Found all over Warren
  • Broccoli – Found in Astra, mainly in the south
  • Brown Rice – Found in Navia grassland
  • Carbonated Water – Purchase from vendors
  • Carrion Snail – Found on north coast of Navia
  • Caterpillar Fungus – Found across Warren Snowfield
  • Caviar – Dropped by Ravagers in Navia
  • Cocoa Beans – Found in Raincaller Island area of Navia
  • Conch – Found on beach west of Mt. Woochu in Banges, and islands west of Navia
  • Dandelion Seed – Found all over Astra
  • Darby’s Sturgeon – Found in Astra river and Southern Naa Fjords in Warren
  • Electric Eel – Found on east coast of Warren
  • Fallen Fruit – Found in Banges and Astra
  • Fatty Cut – Harvest from wildlife of Crown Mines
  • Fiddlehead – Found around Banges Tech and Banges Factories
  • Firecap – Found on coasts in Crown
  • Firedragon Fruit – Found along rivers in Navia and Crown
  • Fleshy Tail – Harvest from creatures in Vera
  • Game Meat – Harvest from rabbits, boars, and other wildlife
  • Ghost Mushroom – Found all over Astra
  • Hazelnut – Found rarely in Navia, mainly east of Navia Bay
  • Hermit Crab – Found on beaches of Banges and Crown
  • Homi Grain – Found in Astra, Navia, and Banges
  • Honey – Harvest from Needlebee Hives
  • Lake Bass – Found in Crown and other lakes
  • Laver – Found on west coast in Banges
  • Lettuce – Found all over Astra
  • Milk – Purchase from vendors
  • Mushroom – Found in Crown, mainly in the northeast
  • Onion – Purchase from vendors
  • Phosphogranate – Found around Navia Bay
  • Pinecone – Found under pine trees in Warren
  • Portunid – Found on coast in Banges and Crown
  • Potato – Found in Warren or above Banges Dock
  • Poultry Egg – Found high up in Astra, Navia, Banges, and Crown
  • Prime Cut – Harvest from rabbits in Astra
  • Purple Yam – Found all over Warren
  • Rear Hock – Harvest from rabbits, boars, and other wildlife
  • Rice – Purchase from vendors
  • Salad Dressing – Purchase from vendors
  • Sand Onion – Found in Vera, near to shrubbery
  • Scallop – Found on beaches in Banges
  • Sea Urchin – Found on beach in Crown and north Banges
  • Silver Bass – Found in Astra river and Warren
  • Small Blueberry Jar – Dropped by Heirs Of Aida
  • Snow Azalea – Found in southeast of Warren Snowfield
  • Snow Lotus – Found all over Warren
  • Strawberry – Found in Navia and Crown
  • Thornmato – Found in Astra and Navia

Where to find Rice in Tower of Fantasy?

Rice is not something you can find but you have to purchase it from a Food vendor. This is Mrs. Taylor in Astra that can be found just outside the Astra Shelter on the riverside. And, Harriett also sells Rice at Banges Dock at 60 Gold and a daily purchase limit of 99. It restores 1 Satiety if consumed Raw and making it not worth using before cooking

That’s all about the Tower of Fantasy Cooking Recipes and their ingredients location. Let us know if you want to ask us any question at

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