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Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Event Rewards (Tons of Red Nucleus)

The Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update has finally arrived and players of the open-world anime RPG can earn Aida Cafe Rewards that we are discussing soon from the limited-time events. This update is going to be live for 2 weeks only. 

New Simulacrum Character Claudia is also introduced in the game and has her one-handed swords and high mobility to the table. There is a boss raid fight against the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, that has the chance to earn special Fortress Weaponry rewards by teaming up with 7 players to take it down altogether. Let’s move into Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Rewards.

We all can earn daily log-in bonuses and take part in the limited-time events and challenges with the help of Aida Cafe. By building custom means for their customers, you can earn rewards including the red nucleus, special vouchers, an SSR relic shard box, a champion shopkeeper frame, and more. Cook top-class food and earn Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Rewards.

Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Rewards



50 Points

Red Nucleus

Matrix Data Pack III x5

100 Points

Weapon Augmentation Box I x10

Gold x 20,000

200 Points

Red Nucleus

Matrix Data Pack III x5

300 Points

Joint Supply Chip I x3

Crystal Chunk x50

400 Points

Champion Shopkeeper frame

Red Nucleus

500 Points

Special Voucher

Weapon Augmentation Box II x5

600 Points

Champion Shopkeeper Avatar Frame

Weapon Battery III x5

700 Points

SSR Relic Shard Box x10

Matrix Data Pack III x5

800 Points

Red Nucleus x2

Joint Supply Chip I x3

900 Points

Crystal Chunk x50

Matrix Data Pack III x5

1,000 Points

Champion Shopkeeper Matrix

Gold x20,000

1,100 Points

Elemental Ore Shard Box x20

Weapon Battery III x5

1,200 Points

Surprise Gift Box IIIx3

Crystal x100

1,350 Points

Surprise Gift Box IIx5

Matrix Data Pack III x5

1,500 Points

Surprise Gift Box IIx5

Matrix Data Pack III x5

How to Score Max Points in Aida Cafe?

Each meal served has five items – the main course, a side dish, a soup, a dessert, and a drink. Every food item of each category will be scored between 5-10 points and combining them allows for a minimum score of 25 and a max of 25. Higher scores mean more revenue per meal. Each of the simulacrum has its preferred dish that will be scoring full points in every category.

Every dish can be obtained by defeating the World Bosses or by gathering their ingredients to make the dish without Cooking Pot. You can get Red Nucleus has these ultra-rare currencies that can be spent on the banners to unlock the Claudia. That’s it for the valuable rewards that can be expected in the Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Event

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