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Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Event Guide, Tips Rewards

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Reet Kaur

Tower of Fantasy has just announced an exciting game event named Aida Coffee. This Aida Cafe Event was announced on the Tower of Fantasy on their Twitter account. This blog post is all about the detailing of the Aida Cafe Event Timeline and activities along with the rewards.

Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Event Overview

Make sure to pay attention to the mysterious customer and live up to customer satisfaction. The period of the event starts on September 14th, 1.00 to September 28th, 23.00, 2022. (All times are in UTC-4). Players of level 17 or higher can participate in the event.

Aida Cafe Tower of Fantasy Event: Rewards

A variety of rewards is announced including the Red Core, Special Coupon, SSR Relic Box, Champion Shopkeeper Frame, and many more. There are so many events that are lined up with many other exciting updates coming to the Tower of Fantasy.

  • SSR Relic Shard Box
  • Champion
  • Red Nucleus
  • Shopkeeper Frame and Title
  • Special Vouchers.

The new version 1.5 update is going to be characterized by artificial islands and other content with the release of Simulacrum of Claudia coming up on September 15th, 2022. Get ready for some incredible events coming up in the Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe. Another interesting fact is this new and short-time Aida Cafe Event is going to be replacing the current existing road strife event in the game. You can become the store manager of your cafe and serve the customer’s needs. The maximum of entrees can be restricted to 3 mystery customers alone.

Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Event Details

Prepare some delicious entrees and earn great income to win the game. We can serve 3 customer orders maximum in a day that can be taken with a grand total of 5 entrees to be prepared. Make sure you are at level 17 in the game to prepare all these entrees for the mystery customers.

One important thing is you need to make sure you got Frigg as she is the newest Simulacrum as she has a 50% higher chance of being obtained through the Red Nuclei Special Order – Angel’s Path. 

That’s all about the Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Event Guide. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment below.

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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