3 Tips for Living in Multiple States and Homes With a Pet

Did you know that second homes accounted for 5.5% of the total housing stock in 2018? People choose to own second homes for many different reasons, including the desire to travel to a warmer climate for part of the year, ownership of an older family home in another state, and work that requires you to travel frequently. 

If you are someone who moves between homes, you may have thought that pet ownership wasn’t an option for you, but that is not entirely true. It’s possible to juggle a multi-state living arrangement with a pet in tow when you prepare for potential obstacles. BlogoGuide provides some advice regarding how to handle these transitions in the simplest way possible while also keeping your pet’s mental health and stress levels in mind.

Consider Your Options

Perhaps you don’t have a second home or a pet yet. Now is a great time to look at your options and make plans. Owning a vacation home can be a great investment for your finances and your mental wellbeing. Buying a second home is a lot like buying a primary residence, but it’s important that your debt to income ratio is within your lender’s limits. You can also look into purchasing a vacation home with friends to reduce the financial burden. And you can rent it out when you aren’t using it.

You might wonder how people can afford to live in multiple states. One answer is entrepreneurship. If your business isn’t tied to a physical location, like an office or retail establishment, you can travel and work at the same time. If you’re ready to start your own business, look for the best formation service for your needs. Each offers different benefits, but they all get your business paperwork completed, so look for the best option for your situation.

3 Tips for Making Frequent Moving Easier on You and Your Pet

According to the American Kennel Club, for routine-loving animals like dogs, changing the home environment can be incredibly stressful. Consider the following tips for making the transitions easier for you both.

1. Establish a Pre-Travel Routine

You can’t tell your pet that tomorrow is the day you get on an airplane to another state for two months, so convey your meaning with routine instead. For example, set your suitcase out a few days before you travel. Offer special treats that your pet enjoys the morning of the adventure. When you arrive at your other home, offer a meal and spend some time relaxing with your pet to establish a feeling of safety.

2. Create a Safe Space in Each Home for Your Pet

Your pet will fare better in the early days of each relocation if you provide a safe space with familiar items. Bring along your pet’s favorite chews, toys, or catnip products. It’s also a good idea to purchase a GPS collar in case your pet gets lost or escapes. Look for a collar that features location history and has real-time mapping. 

3. Redirect Your Pet’s Destructive Behaviors

A puppy may destroy a new pair of shoes when left alone in a new home, while a cat might urinate to mark its territory in the corner of your closet. While behaviors such as these can be incredibly frustrating for a pet owner who is dealing with his or her own stress concerning the relocation, it may be helpful to look at these actions through your pet’s eyes.

Your animal friend can’t vocalize what it feels like to be left alone in a new location. Chewing, howling, scratching, and marking territory can be ways of establishing a feeling of control. Channel these behaviors into productive outlets instead: bring along old toys, line pet beds with clothing that contains your scent, and reassure your pet every time you leave that you will return.

Ideas for Saving Money When Traveling With Your Pet

It can be expensive to own multiple homes and travel with a pet. Consider the following tips to stay within your budget and save money:

  • If you split your time between two states (for example, California and New York), register any automobiles you own in one state, not two, to take advantage of the lowest-cost policy. 
  • Choose the state with the cheaper health insurance policy and pet insurance policy as well. When looking for pet insurance, read reviews to compare costs, deductible amounts, and coverage.
  • Ditch your cable subscriptions for multiple homes and sign up for streaming accounts instead. This will allow you to log onto a single account in multiple locations.
  • Stock your pantries with canned goods, jarred items, and other nonperishables that you can save for your next stay.

Make Your Own Lifestyle

Pets can be surprisingly resilient. Don’t put off your life plans of multi-state residencies or pet ownership because you worry that a pet will not be able to handle a new routine. With planning and preparation, your pet may even learn to love traveling with you! Start by considering your lifestyle needs and if a second home is a realistic option for you. Then, prepare your pet and establish your business in such ways that travel becomes a realistic option. In the end, you’ll be glad you chose an alternative living arrangement for you and your pet.

Do you want to know if a pet and a vacation home are in your future? Visit BlogoGuide to learn more about what’s in your cards. 

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