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Neural Cloud Tier List Wiki– Strongest to Weakest Dolls Ranked

If you’ve been looking for the Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud Tier List, then your search ends here.

Each algorithm has a type that falls into one of three categories limiting where they can be equipped:
Category A – Stability, for Health and Defense chips.
Category B – Offense, for Attack and Armor Pierce chips.
Category C – Special, for Crit Rate and Dodge Rate chips.

Algorithm size varies, with 1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 4×2 chips being seen so far, with bigger chips have larger bonuses. Algorithm stats also scale with rarity; in order from weakest to strongest, they are:
N (Normal) – Blue
R (Rare) – Purple
S (Super Rare) – Orange

Here are the different rarities of Dolls and their rates:
3-Star Dolls – 3.6% probability of being summoned
2-Star Dolls – 18.6% probability of being summoned
1-Star Dolls – 77.8% probability of being summoned

Using a Neural Cloud tier list allows you to choose the best Neural Cloud character for the right role.

Project Neural Cloud Tier List Wiki

The Neural Cloud tier list ranks the best characters for launch.

KuroS TierSniper
CroqueS TierGuard
YannyS TierGuard
ClothoS TierGuard
VeeS TierFighter
AkiS TierFighter
HatsuchiriS TierFighter
SakuyaS TierSpecialist
AngelaS TierSpecialist
HannahS TierSpecialist
HubbleS TierSniper
HazeS TierSniper
ClukayS TierSniper
FlorenceS TierMedic
NanakaS TierMedic
DelaceyS TierMedic
EvelynA TierGuard
MillauA TierGuard
PythonA TierGuard
BettyA TierFighter
NahitaA TierFighter
PhantomA TierFighter
RiseA TierSpecialist
DushevnayaA TierSpecialist
WillowA TierSpecialist
NoraA TierSpecialist
LamA TierSniper
MaxA TierSniper
KuraneA TierSniper
TwigsA TierSniper
PersicaA TierMedic
HelixA TierMedic
GinA TierMedic
JessieA TierMedic
BoneeB TierGuard
ChelseaB TierFighter
BanxyB TierSpecialist
AntoniaB TierSpecialist
SueyoiB TierSpecialist
EarhartB TierSniper
FrenselB TierSniper
ImhotepB TierMedic
SouchunC TierGuard
ZionC TierGuard
FernC TierFighter
CentaureissiC TierFighter
AbigailC TierSpecialist
MaiC TierSpecialist
SockdolagerC TierSniper
OctogenC TierSniper
UranusC TierSniper
ChocoC TierMedic
PanakeiaC TierMedic
SolD TierFighter
KseniaD TierSpecialist
GrooveD TierSpecialist

What are the Neural Cloud System Requirements?

It is recommended that you have at least a Snapdragon 670 / Snapdragon 820 / Kirin 960 / HelioX30 or better processor. The game defaults itself to Medium Quality, Medium Textures, 30 FPS and Anti-Aliasing OFF.

What are the locked buttons on the main screen?
The Factory, which is possibly a place to upgrade or craft algorithms.
The Dormitory
The Digimind Retrieval feature, which is most likely the gacha

Neural Cloud is going to be available as a free-to-play title on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

That’s it for the Tier List of all characters in Neural Cloud ranked from best to worst. Hope you liked it.

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