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The Witch Symbol Tattoos and Meanings

Witches have been around for centuries, and their symbols and meanings continue to be controversial. Some people believe that the witch symbol is a personification of magic, while others believe that it is associated with witchcraft as such. By the way, a lot of the guys at Ink-Match like to do such tattoos for their clients. 

Let’s find out the meaning of tattoos with witch symbols, or if they are worth getting.

History of the witch tattoo

Society was traditionally based on male supremacy, which gave rise to irrational thinking about female independence among its members. Some healers and individuals who resolutely refused to obey male-dominated religious precepts were burned at the stake because medieval Europeans considered wise females to be witches. Many bright, beautiful red-haired women had terrible reputations. 

They also had their own “witch” symbols, namely the Moon and the Stars. 

The moon was a feminine symbol that represented light and natural fertility. It was not the same as the moon taken literally, but rather an abstract representation of its aspects. This is why it is considered a symbol of witchcraft.

It is impossible to pinpoint exactly when the symbol came into existence. Its earliest appearance is dated to 1483 in Germany, where it was initially used as a sign of liberty, eventually becoming a symbol of freedom and independence. 

In the United States, it was used by African American women to signify their struggle for equality. It was first used with the words “she” and “her,” as in the phrase “A woman is still the master of her destiny”. 

The meaning of the witch tattoo

Nowadays, the symbol has become much more popular and accepted than ever before. The iconology of the new millennium shows a strong fascination with it. It is considered a symbol that represents power, strength, and independence. The witch tattoo is found to be the character of empowerment, strength, and independence. 

In addition to this, various symbols already have several meanings, depending on the direction. But staying with the magical theme, it is possible to identify several signs of witchcraft and define their meaning in this vein:

  • Witch

Tattoos of witches, which are becoming increasingly popular, have great value. In some cases, such a tattoo has the meaning of guile and mystical power, but for the most part, it is interpreted as a symbol of wisdom and wealth of knowledge. At the same time, some witch images have overtones of sexuality. A half-naked witch or another beautiful image of her can show this.

  • Spider and web

The spider itself denotes the wisdom and diligence of the wearer, or in some cases, secrecy and quietness. The hexagonal web represents a person’s desire to learn and receive information.

  • Bat

The bat tattoo shows those around you your inner heart and soul. It is also believed that the animal symbolizes the mystery and mysteriousness of the wearer.

  • Cauldron

The cauldron represents the inner source of tattoo enthusiasts. Empty expresses the absence of important objects of life in the present.  The inverted position means that the bearer of the tattoo loses control over his life. The cauldron of fire symbolizes progress, while the inverted vessel shows how painful life is.

  • Broomstick 

The broomstick witch tattoo is a great example of use associated with the home and people. It can also symbolize a wish for ongoing personal changes and achieving serenity. 

  • Hat

Such a symbol shows inner strength and wisdom. It can also signify the importance and need for inner protection. Thus, the image of a hat on the body protects from ill-wishers.

  • Skull

A skull or skeleton tattoo is about having experiences that can be used to achieve success. It is also believed that the skull deters death from the bearer of such a tattoo.

  • Candle

Candlelight has as much meaning as the outward expression of oneself and the presence of fire within the tattoo owner. The desire to grow and improve new knowledge is their motive. Also, such a tattoo is interpreted as a life path that dispels the darkness.

  • Tarot Card

It shows the mystique in the first place. Moreover, the meaning may depend on the picture depicted on the card. The Tarot represents the inextricable relationship between a person’s inner world, his experiences, emotions, and beliefs, and the external circumstances of his life, accomplishments, and boons. 

These are far from all the symbols that can be attributed to the witch, but all of them are often found with her on the same tattoo. 

If you want to get a tattoo in this theme, we think it will look cool if it is in the classic style and realism, or already as an abstract drawing. By the way, throwing out techniques for drawing tattoos can also be part of the characteristics of the ace and your style.

What kind of tattoo with a witch do?

Many different types of body art include occult symbols. Some people choose to get such tattoos to express their beliefs or to show their support for existing magic. Many women choose to get designs with specific symbols related to their craft, such as the witch mark. This sign is usually used as a form of identification and can be used in magical ceremonies or healing rituals. 

You can choose a specific witch symbol to be associated with you depending on its classic meaning, or you can come up with the meaning of the future tattoo yourself. 

Here are some cool ideas you can use for your sketch.

The Witch’s face

The Witch on a Broomstick

Tarot card with Moon

The Witch’s Cauldron

Spider with a web


Knowing the meanings of witch tattoos in different eras gives you an idea of how people’s perceptions of witches and their attitudes toward designs with magical symbols have changed. 

By getting body art with witch symbols, you can better protect yourself from any malicious intentions that may be heading your way. And if you want to characterize yourself through a tattoo, just do it, and you will have the meaning of such a design. What kind of symbol would you like to get for yourself?

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