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The Planet Crafter Beginner Guide Wiki ( 2022) 

Hello readers, welcome to The Planet Crafter Beginner Guide Wiki where you are going to learn about The Planet Crafter Equipment, Meteor Storms & Rockets, Base-Building 101, Late Game Strategies, and Basic Tips. Planet Crafter is a game about terraforming a dead world for future colonization. The Planet Crafter is a complicated indie game, and even the prologue proves to be somewhat confusing. Here are some tips for completing the prologue.

Basic Game Mechanics The Planet Crafter

You literally start out with NOTHING in The Planter Crafter, just a landing pod with a little crafting station. You have to venture out of the pod to collect the minerals to start building the equipment that you may use to develop the planet into something people can live on. Finally, when you found the permanent base to do most of your planning and workshop activities.

The further, you go, the more minerals you’ll find. You’ll focus on increasing four things: heat, oxygen levels, and atmospheric pressure. Those three things will then add to your total T.I. which stands for “terraforming index.” The fifth parameter is going to be Biomass in The Planet Crafter Beginner Guide.

When we are working on the building terraforming equipment, you’ll need to survive the elements. Look out for “food,” “water,” and “oxygen” meters, if any of them drops to zero, you die. To refill your oxygen, you need an O2 packet or simply walk into a SEALED ROOM you have built. Seeds are found primarily in loot chests, or scattered around INSIDE shipwrecks that you’ll find scattered around. And by that, I mean “space ships” not “sailing ships.”

The Planet Crafter Beginner Tips to Help you Win the Game

  1. Seave your points often as there are points on the map to get stuck in a couple of rocks, then only you can run out of air and die.
  2. Save the indoors when you load the game so that you won’t need to worry about your oxygen level dropping. 
  3. The map is ROTATED by 90 degrees which means the East is at the top and not north at the top. North is TO THE LEFT especially after you get the Compass mod for your multi-tool.
  4. If you have your backpack full, you can either put your stuff into a chest to store it safely. 
  5. Carry two water bottles with you always. If you run out, you’ll die.
  6. Water bottles refill the ENTIRE water gauge, so don’t waste it if your water bar is still half full. Carry one or two foods with you as your food gauge drains more slowly than your oxygen and water.
  7. Make sure your Oxygen gauge is full, don’t waste it if your O2 is still half full.
  8. Food is going to restore different amounts of health depending on what you are eating.
  9. FALL DAMAGE IS REAL – AND VERY PAINFUL. So don’t fall down a cliff.
  10. Get your construction and deconstruction tools always equipped.
  11. Regular blue cheats give you ONE IRON and Gold Chests give you ONE ALUMINIUM and ONE SUPER ALLOY when deconstructed.
  12. Meteor storms drop meteorites that can scatter minerals near their impact site which can be collected.
  13. You can swim once the lakes and rivers show up. Try steering up and down when you’re underwater.
  14. Believe me, when I say, Meteorites are very painful if you get hit by them.
  15. Minerals can still be gathered while underwater.
  16. When you are trying to deconstruct the door or a window in a living compartment, you’ll be deconstructing the WHOLE.
  17. Items with LIMITED QUANTITIES (you can’t make them yourself, can’t mine for them, and they don’t re-spawn): Fabric, Zeolite, all the Flower Seeds, all the Veggie Seeds, Effigies, Lirma Seeds.

Ores: They can be extracted with an ore extractor and you and from space, more information in the third chapter called Meteors ore extractor have 3 tiers. Means, Tier 1 only extracts iridium and base stuff tier 2 can extract anything depending on where it is in Tier 3. 

Meteors: They can only appear randomly like they don’t break stuff but gives you ores colors that can be changed depending on the meteor type like this.

Pulzar Quartz: This is super rare but can be crafted at 175.10 gti and used for everything that’s worth.

Let’s kick things off with The Planet Crafter Beginner’s Guide!

There are 3 game modes, so pick them up accordingly.

  1. Standard: You drop some items in a temporary Crate when you die.
  2. Relaxing: Here you don’t drop your items like Oxygen, Health, and Water when you die.
  3. Intense: Items in your inventory are destroyed here when you die. Oxygen, Health, and Water decrease faster.
  4. Hardcore: Your Save file is deleted when you die. Oxygen, Health, and Water decrease even faster.

How to Pause The Planet Crafter?

  1. Opening up your inventory will stop movement (and falling, strangely), but your Health, Water, and Oxygen will continue to deplete.
  2. Pressing Esc and going to the menu completely pauses the game.

How Big is The Planet Crafter Map?

The Planet Crafter Map looks to be around 6 square kilometers (2.3 square miles) in size, at least for the playable area.

Conclusion: Make sure that you are taking things slower with The Planet Crafter to enjoy the game properly.  This game is an open-world survival crafting game that is developed and published by Miju Games and no, the game is not multiplayer. That’s it for this The Planet Crafter Beginner Guide.

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