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The Outlast Trials – Item Ranked Guide Walkthrough

In the dark and treacherous world of Outlast Trials, survival is not just about staying hidden and evading threats. Equally important is the effective utilization of various items scattered throughout the game. This comprehensive item guide aims to provide you with detailed insights into the items you will encounter in Outlast Trials, and how to best utilize them to enhance your chances of survival. From essential supplies to hidden treasures, understanding the unique properties and strategic applications of each item is key to surviving the horrors that await you.

Essential Items for Survival: In your quest to survive the trials that await, certain items are vital for your well-being and longevity. These items include health packs, batteries, bandages, and sanity boosters. Health packs restore your character’s vitality, batteries power crucial equipment such as night vision goggles, bandages help stop bleeding and prevent further damage, while sanity boosters provide temporary relief from the psychological stress your character faces.

Small → Common item.
Large → Uncommon item.

Big Items in The Outlast Trials

Gasoline: Used for refueling the generators.
Mission item.

Bleach: Used for cooking the food for the children in the “Orphanage” map.
Mission item.

Mannequin Children: Mother Gooseberry’s children, they are mannequins and in the trial they are shredded in the farm house in the “Fun Park” map.
Mission item.

Boxes: Boxes of documents that contain your public and private information in the tutorial. You have to destroy them in the shredder.
Mission item.

That can be directly interacted with. These items provide immediate benefits or serve as essential tools in specific situations. Whether it’s a medical syringe to replenish your health or a lockpick to access hidden areas, these items can make a significant difference in your survival.

How To Unlock Rigs In The Outlast Trials?

Rigs are specialized equipment that can grant you unique abilities and advantages. To unlock different rigs in The Outlast Trials, you must complete specific objectives or find hidden items in the game world. Each rig offers distinct gameplay enhancements, allowing you to tailor your playstyle to your preferences.

The Outlast Trials Gameplay: The gameplay in The Outlast Trials focuses on stealth, exploration, and resource management. As you progress through the game, you will encounter various challenges and threats that require careful navigation and strategic thinking. It’s important to utilize your items effectively, manage your resources wisely, and rely on your wits to survive.

Stun Rig: Shock Foes Into Submission: One of the available rigs in The Outlast Trials is the Stun Rig. This rig allows you to incapacitate enemies temporarily, giving you an opportunity to escape or regroup. By delivering a powerful electrical shock, you can stun foes into submission and gain the upper hand in dangerous encounters.

Key Items for Progression: To progress through the game and unravel its mysteries, you will encounter key items that unlock new areas or provide valuable information. Access cards grant you entry to locked doors and restricted areas, tools allow you to interact with machinery or unlock hidden compartments, and documents reveal critical story details or provide clues for solving puzzles.

Defensive Items for Protection: In the face of relentless danger, having defensive items at your disposal can mean the difference between life and death. Flares provide temporary illumination and can also be used as distractions, stealth items like bottles or rocks can divert enemies’ attention, and defensive weapons such as pipes or blunt objects offer a means of self-defense when cornered by hostile forces.

Resource Items for Resource Management: Resource management is crucial in Outlast Trials, and certain items help you maintain your supplies and equipment. Ammunition is essential for firearms and provides a means to defend yourself against hostile forces, crafting materials allow you to create essential items or upgrade existing ones, and batteries for electronic devices keep them functioning, ensuring access to vital information or communication.

Unique Items with Special Functions: Throughout your journey, you will come across unique items that possess special functions or abilities. Cameras allow you to capture evidence or document events, night vision goggles enable you to see in the dark and uncover hidden secrets, and keycards open specific doors or grant you access to restricted areas.

Collectible Items for Exploration: Exploration is a key aspect of Outlast Trials, and collecting various items adds depth to the game world. Notes and journals provide additional story details and insights into the game’s lore, audio tapes offer audio recordings that unveil hidden narratives, and photographs capture significant moments or offer clues for solving puzzles.

Hidden Items and Secrets: Outlast Trials is filled with hidden items and secrets waiting to be discovered. Easter eggs provide delightful surprises or references to other games or pop culture, secret rooms hold valuable resources or unlockable content, and uncovering these hidden treasures adds an extra layer of excitement to your exploration.

Item Locations and Strategies: Knowing where to find items and how to strategically manage them is essential for survival. Common item locations include supply rooms, storage areas, or carried by defeated enemies. To maximize your item usage, prioritize their importance, and consider environmental resources that can supplement your supplies. Effective inventory management is crucial to ensure you always have the necessary items at hand.

Multiplayer Item Dynamics: Outlast Trials offers a cooperative multiplayer experience, and understanding how items function in a group setting is vital for successful collaboration. Sharing items among team members, trading resources, and coordinating item usage can greatly enhance your chances of survival and strengthen your teamwork.

Item Upgrades and Enhancements: As you progress through the game, you may have opportunities to upgrade and enhance certain items. Upgrading health packs can improve their effectiveness, modifying weapons can enhance their damage or utility, and improving equipment durability ensures that your essential tools last longer.

Tips for Item Conservation: In a challenging environment where resources are scarce, conserving items becomes a necessary skill. Prioritize item usage based on immediate threats or needs, utilize environmental resources whenever possible to save your supplies, and adopt efficient inventory management strategies to make the most of limited resources.

Advanced Item Tactics: As you become more proficient in the game, you can explore advanced item tactics to gain an edge over your adversaries. Baiting enemies with items, creating distractions to manipulate enemy movements, and using items strategically for stealth can help you overcome challenging situations and outwit your foes.

Item Guide for Different Difficulty Levels: Outlast Trials offers different difficulty levels, each with varying item availability and scarcity. Easy mode provides more abundant item resources, normal mode strikes a balance between availability and scarcity, while hardcore mode presents a true test of survival skills with limited item availability. Understanding the item dynamics for each difficulty level can help you tailor your gameplay experience to your desired level of challenge.

Conclusion: Mastering the intricacies of items in Outlast Trials is crucial for your survival in this harrowing experience. From essential supplies to hidden treasures, each item serves a purpose and can be a lifeline in the face of unimaginable horrors. By utilizing items strategically, managing resources efficiently, and exploring the depths of the game’s world, you can enhance your chances of success and immerse yourself fully in the gripping narrative and gameplay. Embrace the challenge, be resourceful, and let the items guide you through the darkness.

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