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Using Tarot to Interpret Your Dreams

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The images and emotions that come to us in our dreams can give us insight into our lives. Our subconscious minds deliver messages that provide valuable information about what’s going on in our lives.

However, it can be quite challenging to understand the meaning of a dream. There tends to be such a whirlwind of emotions, scenes, and events, many of which are absurd. The illogical nature of dreams is part of their profundity. The key messages being transmitted are hidden behind a wall of abstraction.

Writing Down Dreams

A crucial first step to deciphering messages from the dream world is writing down your dreams. The reason for this is twofold.

For one, writing down your dreams helps you remember them. Typically, you’ll forget a dream within 10 minutes of waking up if you even remember it at all. This is because, by default, your brain discards the information unless you train it otherwise.

When you begin writing your dreams down, your brain starts to recognize them as “important” and will commit them to memory. The recall of your dreams will become much clearer, and you’ll be aware of much greater detail from the dreams. This of course is a vital step in being able to dissect their meanings.

The second reason to write down your dreams is to recognize patterns. Over time, you’ll find recurring elements and themes. This is the real “juice.” Anything can happen in a one-off because of something you saw, heard or felt. But the aspects of your dreams that appear again and again do so because they have a greater significance.

By writing down your dreams, you’ll be set to start interpreting them with Tarot.

Utilizing Tarot

Tarot and dreams both have a lot of power for uncovering spiritual messages.  Both practices used together can bring you some incredible insights. In fact, learning to read Tarot cards and using dreaming techniques are similar. Plus, performing a dream interpretation Tarot reading for someone else is a great thing to do.

Single Card Pull

A straightforward way to connect with a dream you had is through the drawing of a single Tarot card. Tarot cards are tools for introspection and self-exploration. They activate your Intuition and incline you to think in ways you normally wouldn’t.

When you first wake up, write down your dream. Then, shuffle your Tarot deck while meditating on the dream. Pull a card and take a very close look at it. Immerse yourself in the imagery and symbolism. What do you feel it’s communicating to you? What themes of this card do you see in your waking life and in your dreams?

Understand that interpreting dreams requires you to be equally as conscious of your waking life environment and waking life emotions as the dream environment, to understand the dream messages.

Unless you feel the first card clarified everything, draw a second card. Repeat this process. Try to cover different areas of your life. For example, if you are repeatedly drawing pentacles cards, it is likely that the message being delivered to you pertains to career matters. Followed by major arcana cards like the Tower, it can indicate a major turning point in that area of your life.

This single card method is a simple and effective way to explore the general premise of your dream. For more nuance, you can learn more in-depth Dream Interpretation Spreads on Intuitive Souls.

Closing Thoughts

On your journey of self-exploration and self-development, spend some time exploring your dreams. Tarot is a great tool to extract their hidden meanings and discover more about yourself.

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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