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Star Ocean: The Second Story R – How To Recruit All Characters?

In Star Ocean: The Second Story R, assembling the perfect party can be a challenging endeavor. With a total of 13 unique characters at your disposal and a party size limit of eight, you’ll face the dilemma of choosing the right members to accompany you on your journey. Each character brings their own set of strengths and weaknesses, making the decision even more complex. However, fear not! There are two distinct routes to the game – one centered around Claude and another around Rena. This means that, with just two playthroughs, you can experience every possible party member, ensuring you won’t miss out on any of the action.

How To Recruit All Characters?

Most of the characters in the game are relatively easy to recruit, and the game will guide you towards them as the story unfolds. However, some characters have specific conditions for recruitment, making it essential to understand these prerequisites. Below is a detailed list of every character in the game, along with the context and requirements for recruiting each one:

Claude – A Mainstay

Claude is a main character in the game and will be a part of your party regardless of your chosen main character. His inclusion is automatic, ensuring you always have a reliable option by your side.

Rena – The Unwavering Heroine

Rena is another main character who is always available to join your party, regardless of your main character choice. She’s a dependable addition to your team, offering a wide array of abilities and support.

Celine – The Early Guest

Celine will join your party as a guest during the early quest to investigate Krosse Cave. After completing the events in the cave and exiting, Celine will offer to join your party permanently. It’s important to note that refusing Celine at Krosse Cave does not significantly alter the events in Marze later in the game.

Ashton – Exclusive Choice

Ashton is available only to players who have not recruited Opera. If Opera is part of your party, Ashton won’t be accessible. To recruit Ashton, you must first progress the story until you hear rumors of dragons in the Salva Mines. Head back to the Salva Mines and explore the end of the area to find Ashton. Following the events here, Ashton will extend an invitation to join your party, adding a unique dynamic to your group.

Opera – A Melodic Tale

Opera is an alternative to Ashton and is exclusive to players who have not recruited him. To recruit Opera, you’ll need to witness a short event involving a three-eyed man in Krosse. Continue progressing the story until you reach Hilton and talk to Opera in the bar when the event is active. She will join as a guest for a quest to Krosse Mountain Palace. Advance through the Mountain Palace, and then agree to help Opera find Ernest to have her officially join your party.

Ernest – An Unavoidable Bond

Ernest can only be recruited if you’ve previously recruited Opera. Discover Ernest’s lab in the Krosse Mountain Palace and witness a cutscene in Arlia forest afterward to recruit him. After the events in the Hoffman Ruins with Leon, you’ll encounter Ernest upon leaving the area. As long as you have Opera with you, she’ll be able to calm him down, and he will offer to join your party. Keep in mind that if you complete the side quest entirely (discovering the lab and witnessing the forest cutscene), it will be impossible to avoid Ernest asking to join you. However, if you reject him, Opera will leave your party.

Welch – A Time-Sensitive Addition

To recruit Welch, you’ll need to view a Private Action available after completing the tournament arc in Lacuer. This Private Action is located just outside Lacuer Castle. Keep an eye out for it in the fast travel menu. Welch will offer to join your party during this Private Action. Be aware that this Private Action is time-sensitive and will eventually expire, so seize the opportunity when it arises.

Bowman – A Choice to Make

Bowman is only available to players who have not recruited Precis. If Precis is part of your party, Bowman won’t be accessible. Bowman will offer to join your party during the story events in Linga, provided you don’t have Precis in your party. This opportunity arises after acquiring the herbs that Bowman requests and after the meeting with Keith.

Precis – A Technological Marvel

Precis is an option for those who have not recruited Bowman. If Bowman is in your party, Precis won’t be available. To recruit Precis, enter the town of Linga as part of the natural storyline progression and pursue the chain of Private Actions involving Precis and her father. As part of this chain, Precis will offer to join your party, bringing her technological expertise to your team.

Leon – Exclusive to Claude’s Route

Leon is exclusive to the Claude route, meaning you cannot recruit him if you chose Rena as your main character. Leon initially joins your party as a guest during the events at the Hoffman Ruins but will only offer to join your party permanently after the story events at the Lacuer Front Lines. His unique abilities and background make him a valuable addition to Claude’s journey.

Dias – Exclusive to Rena’s Route

Dias is exclusive to Rena’s route, and if you chose Claude as your main character, you won’t have the option to recruit him. Dias will offer to join your party during the events at the Lacuer Front Lines, but only if you chose Rena as your main character. His skills and abilities can significantly impact the way you approach the game, providing a distinct experience.

Noel – A Late Addition

Noel will offer to join your party as long as you have a space remaining (in other words, you have seven or fewer party members) during your quest to tame a wild Psynard late in the game. His late arrival can bring a fresh perspective to your party dynamics, and his unique skills can prove invaluable.

Chisato – The Mysterious Inclusion

To recruit Chisato, you’ll need to view multiple scenes once you reach Energy Nede. Continuously check the fast travel menu as you explore Energy Nede and view every scene available. While in the Cave of Crimson Crystals, make sure to pick up Chisato’s dropped ID card and return it to her at the Centropolis of Nede. As long as you have space available in your party, she will offer to join, adding an element of mystery and intrigue to your group.

With this comprehensive character recruitment guide, you can make informed decisions and maximize your party’s potential in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. By carefully considering the unique conditions and prerequisites for each character, you’ll ensure that your party is well-rounded and prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead. Good luck on your epic journey through the world of Star Ocean!

For further visual guidance, consider creating a recruitment diagram in Markdown Mermaid syntax that provides a visual representation of the recruitment conditions and character relationships. This diagram can enhance the user experience, making it easier for readers to understand and strategize their party recruitment.

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