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What Are Stained Items? & How To Get Them in Darkest Dungeon 2

Stained items are a type of trinket in Darkest Dungeon 2 that can be used to unlock the potential of Cultist Trinkets. There are nine different Stained items, each with a different effect.

To get Stained items, you can:

  • Find them as loot: Stained items can be found as loot in the Hamlet, in the Curios you interact with on your journey, or as rewards for completing quests.
  • Purchase them from merchants: Some merchants will sell Stained items.
  • Craft them: You can craft Stained items at the Altar of Hope.

Once you have a Stained item, you can equip it to a hero. When you do, any Cultist Trinkets that the hero is also wearing will be activated. Cultist Trinkets offer powerful bonuses, but they also come with a cost. The Stained item will offset this cost, making the Cultist Trinket more powerful.

For example, the Stained Stun Resist trinket gives a hero +25% Stun Resist, but if the hero is stunned, they will miss their turn and take 50% more damage. The Stained Stun Resist trinket offsets this cost by making the hero immune to the Stun Debuff.

Stained items are a powerful tool that can be used to make your heroes even more powerful. However, they should be used with caution, as the costs associated with Cultist Trinkets can be high.

Nine Stained items in Darkest Dungeon 2:

Stained Bleed Resist: Grants +25% Bleed Resist. If Bleeded, hero takes 50% more damage.

Stained Blight Resist: Grants +25% Blight Resist. If Blighted, hero takes 50% more damage.

Stained Burn Resist: Grants +25% Burn Resist. If Burned, hero takes 50% more damage.

Stained Debuff Resist: Grants +25% Debuff Resist. If Debuffed, hero takes 50% more damage.

Stained Disease Resist: Grants +25% Disease Resist. If Diseased, hero takes 50% more damage.

Stained Healing: Grants +25% Healing Received. If hero misses a healing roll, they take 50% more damage.

Stained Move Resist: Grants +25% Move Resist. If hero is moved, they take 50% more damage.

Stained Stress Resist: Grants +25% Stress Resist. If hero is afflicted by a negative quirk, they take 50% more damage.

Stained Stun Resist: Grants +25% Stun Resist. If hero is stunned, they miss their turn and take 50% more damage.

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