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Soulstone Survivors Prologue- Skill Tree Guide: How to Update?

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Reet Kaur

After the Basic Soulstone Wiki Prologue Guide, we are going to cover everything about the Skill Tree. This game is all about action filled where we need to fight against all the endless minions to collect their soulstones to be a god. Skills are needed to complete the game in a given time i.e., 30 minutes.

Soulstone Survivors Skills and Abilities

The best part is we have to unlock or purchase all the skills that are going to be automatically updated in the game. 

This means if you like to play as Pyromancer or the Hound Master, they are going to get benefitted from your skills.

There are three sections available in the Skill Tree: Offence (red), Defence (blue), and Mobility (green). Let’s move towards Skill Tree Guide Soulstone Survivors.

Red Skill Tree Skills Set Guide

  1. They increase the damage multiplier by 0.25x.
  2. Recover 2 health points every time you level up.
  3. Increase the number of dashes that you may perform by 1.
  4. Increase the area multiplied by 0.04x.
  5. You can banish a power-up, by blocking it from appearing during the match. The charges are 1 per match.
  6. It increases the critical damage chance of all the attacks by 2%.
  7. Increases the critical damage multiplier by 0.05px.

You need to upgrade the 2 critical damage skills if you want the raw strength or more offensive powers. 

Blue Skill Tree Skills Set Guide

  1. Maximum health increases by 50.
  2. Increase all the health received from health crystals by 10.
  3. You restore your health to 50% with charges per match 1.
  4. Increase your armor power by 12 and block power by 2.
  5. Reduces all the damage taken by 1.

Green Skill Tree Skills Set Guide

  1. Increase your movement speed multiplier by 0.15px.
  2. Increase attack speed multiplier by 1.01 px and pick-up range multiplier by 2.00px.
  3. Increase the number of Minor soulstones that you earn by 10%.
  4. Increase your experience multiplier by 0.05px.
  5. It gives you a chance to get new skills when you level up.

How To Upgrade Your Skill Tree in Soulsstone Survivors?

And, you can always choose to reset your skills at any time and the soulstones will be refunded including the corrupted and vital soulstones. The best part is it depends upon the type of player you are. It is someone if you prefer to go on the offensive. On the other hand, red skills will be better to deal with more damage.

You should always focus on first mixing out-of-the-blue skills to increase your defensive capabilities and health. The offensive skills are not as useful as you will get better buffs and damage capabilities if you level up after acquiring the active and passive skills. Few of the skills are going to allow to collect more items by collected amount by 50%.

At last, green skills allows farm items like Minor Soulstones. Now, go ahead and invest skills to improve your character. So, that’s all about the Soulstone Survivors Prologue Skill Set Guide. Hope you liked it all.

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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