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Soulstone Survivors Wiki: Prologue Basic Beginners Guide

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Reet Kaur

Before starting the Prologue Basic Guide for Beginners on Soulstone Survivors, let’s understand what is this game actually and what is this all hype about. I have already done a post on the advance guide and now it’s time for the basic guide. You can discover what the game has to offer.

Face the Lords of the Void and their endless minions, collect their Soulstones and become a god! In this Action Roguelite, unveil secret spells, craft mighty weapons, unlock multiple characters, discover game-breaking synergies, and conquer the power of the void.


Here are some small features for some fights.

To take advance in the game, you must kill the creatures.

You can get all the Minor Soulstones and xp crystals by killing the creatures.

Several dangers are often displayed by the large red circles to escape urgently from soulstone survivors wiki basic skills.

With the help of xp crystals, we can open 3 random cards of skills, passive or charge. It could be rare or common etc.

To get chosen, these images may help you with the same.

Soulstone Prologue Basic Maps:

5 maps, 3 available are available and they have different themes and resources, etc.

Soulstone Survivors: Prologue Basic Guide Skills and Cooldown

Name Cooldown Skill Type
Blizzard 7.0 Ice, Ranged, Area
Bloodlust 30.0 Chaos, Instant, Buff
Chain Lightning 7.0 Electric, Ranged, Instant
Chaos Bomb 6.0 Chaos, Ranged, Projectile
Chaos Golem 60.0 Chaos, Instant, Summon
Death Claw 7.0 Chaos, Ranged, Instant
Festering Strike 8.0 Poison, Melee, Instant
Fire Bolt 4.0 Fire, Ranged, Projectile
Fire Wall 12.0 Fire, Ranged, Area
Flame Wave 8.0 Fire, Instant, Area
Frost Bolt 2.0 Ice, Ranged, Projectile
Frozen Warhammer 6.0 Ice, Melee, Instant
Glacier 6.0 Ice, Ranged, Area
Intimidating Shout 20.0 Physical, Instant, Buff
Lightning Bolt 7.0 Electric, Ranged, Projectile
Meteor 7.0 Fire, Ranged, Area
Meteor Shower 10.0 Fire, Ranged, Area
Might 25.0 Holy, Instant, Buff
Piercing Shout 12.0 Physical, Instant, Buff
Poison Bolt 3.5 Poison, Ranged, Projectile
Poison Bomb 5.0 Poison, Ranged, Area
Shadow Bolt 8.0 Shadow, Ranged, Projectile
Shadow Spikes 6.0 Shadow, Melee, Projectile
Shield Wall 30.0 Physical, Instant, Buff
Skeletal Archers 30.0 Shadow, Instant, Summon
Skeletal Mage 20.0 Shadow, Instant, Summon
Skeletal Warriors 20.0 Shadow, Instant, Summon
Smite 10.0 Holy, Ranged, Area
Subdue 3.0 Physical, Melee, Instant
Templar’s Verdict 7.0 Holy, Instant, Area
Thrust 6.0 Physical, Melee, Instant
Thunder Clap 9.0 Electric, Melee, Instant
Thunder Strike 8.0 Electric, Ranged, Instant, Area
Void 10.0 Shadow, Ranged, Area
The Barbarian
Barbaric Cleavers
Whirlwind 1.5 Physical, Melee, Instant
Stomp 7.0 Physical, Melee, Instant
Tribal War Axes
Double Slash 1.4 Physical, Melee, Instant
Throw Axe 5.0 Physical, Ranged, Projectile
The Pyromancer
Pyromancer’s Firestarter
Fire Slash 1.6 Fire, Ranged, Projectile
Fire Walk 12.0 Fire, Instant, Area
Firelord’s Ire
Combustion 8.0 Fire, Channeled, Area
Flamethrower 5.0 Fire, Ranged, Channeled
The Hound Master
Rusted Blaster
Mortar Shot 1.5 Physical, Ranged, Projectile
Bombardment 8.0 Physical, Ranged, Area
Riflemen’s Vengeance
Buckshot 2.0 Physical, Ranged, Instant
Power Blast 6.0 Physical, Ranged, Instant

That’s all about the Soulstone Survivors Prologue Basic Guide. If you have any doubt, please feel free to comment or mail me at

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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