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Soulstone Survivors Best Build Characters and their Skills

Hello everyone, I got a new topic on this super exciting game i.e., Soulstone Survivors Best Build. I’ve played this game for a short period and I must say that this is addicting I’ll tell you about the core mechanics of the same. This post is going to be all about the Soulstone Survivors Best Build.

Soulstone Survivors Skill Tree

By upgrading the expertise in Soulstone Survivors we’ll need a Skill tree and here is every ability that branches off to help unlock and upgrade that individual ability set. Offence expertise are colored pink, Defence are Blue whereas Mobility is experienced.

This game is 3D and adds up a lot of difference just by adding some extra dimension. Each character has its fundamental attributes and characteristics. There are minerals and gems along with soul stones gathered by the gamers in the map guideline that are important. To get some powerful strategies, you will get numerous upgrades and bonuses during your playthrough.

Soulstone Survivors Heroes Tier List (2022)

  • S-Tier: Pyromancer, Elementalist, Assassin.
  • A-Tier: Barbarian, Paladin, Arcane Weaver.
  • B-Tier: Hound Master, Spellblade, Necromancer, Legionnaire.
  • C-Tier: Death Knight, Beastmaster, Sentinel.
  • D-Tier: Chaoswalker.

What are the Best Builds in the Soulstone Survivors?

It is a fantastic RPG game that allows participating in exciting matches to control a small character that attacks your opponents automatically with the chosen direction for your strikes.

There are a large number of multiple strategies that you can follow in the game. Whenever you earn a level in this game, you get an XP point that can be chosen for a few skills. There are some basic strategies that are needed, and we are going to discuss them now.

Offence (Red) Defence (Blue) Mobility (Green)
Increase Damage Multiplier by 0.25x Increase Maximum Health by 50 Increase Movement Speed Multiplier by 0.15x
Recover 2 Health Points Every Time There is a Level Up Increase All Health From Health Crystals by 10 Increase Attack Speed Multiplier by 0.10x
Increase No. of Dashes by 1 Any Fatal Attack Restores Health by 50% Instead, Once Increase Pick Up Range Multiplier by 2.00x
Increase Area Multiplier by 0.04% Increase Armour Power by 12 Increase No. of Minor Soulstones Earned by 10%
Allows Player to Banish Power Up. Blocks Power Up from Appearing in Match Once. Increase Block Power by 2 Increase Experience Multiplier by 0.05x
Increases Critical Damage Chance of all Attacks by 2% Reduce All Damage Taken by 1 Gives Chance to Get New Skills When Levelled Up. 1 Per Match.
Increases Critical Damage Multiplier by 0.05%

Powerful Berseker Build

This is based upon physical attacks, bleeding, and cast skills. You can give this character the Bloodgod’s Legacy Weapon. You must get all the possible attack speed buffs and passives that allow you to cast instant skills multiple times.

Summoner Build

This build is good for the characters that already look like they have summons like the Hound Master with his dogs. You will need to choose all the possible summons to make it stronger.

Magic Bolt Build

It allows you to become a mage that shows with the numerous amounts of multiple magic bolts. This game has a few different skills of this kind and is divided by their type of damage. This is fun to play but not the strongest build.

So, that’s it for the Soulstone Prologue Survivors Best Builds.  See, other gaming guides as well.

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