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In the vast and enigmatic world of the Freljord, a young boy named Nunu embarks on a captivating quest, accompanied by his loyal yeti companion, Willump. This is the enchanting narrative woven into the upcoming single-player adventure game, “Song of Nunu.” Developed by Tequila Works and published by Riot Forge, this game promises to take players on an extraordinary journey through a land both beautiful and perilous.

Unveiling the Tale

In the heart of the Freljord, Nunu sets forth to find his long-lost mother, Layka. Wandering through the ferocious blizzard, he stumbles upon his beloved yeti, Willump, buried beneath the snow. As Nunu tries to aid his friend, a chilling figure emerges from the icy abyss – none other than the formidable ice witch, Lissandra. Nunu’s adventure unfolds from here, guided by half-forgotten dreams and a desire to reunite with his mother.

The enigmatic artifact known as the “Heart of the Blue” becomes the focal point of Nunu and Willump’s journey. Rumored to be hidden within the Winged Mountain, this artifact is said to hold the key to Layka’s whereabouts. As they search for this artifact, players are drawn deeper into the lore and mystique of the Freljord, unraveling its carefully guarded secrets along the way.

Champions of the Story

While “Song of Nunu” primarily features the adventures of Nunu and Willump, it also introduces several other champions from the League of Legends universe who play pivotal roles in the story.

Playable Champions

The game allows players to control Nunu as the main protagonist. Nunu’s abilities and interactions with the Freljordian world make for a unique gaming experience.

Major Champions

Numerous champions from League of Legends appear as major story characters, enriching the narrative with their unique personalities and abilities.

Minor Champions

In addition to the major characters, several other champions make cameo appearances throughout the game, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline.

Game Features

“Song of Nunu” offers a multitude of features designed to immerse players in the rich world of the Freljord:

Explore an Extraordinary World

Dive into the breathtaking wonders and dangers of the Freljord. Traverse the frozen tundra, uncovering its magical and unexplored facets, and experience a world like no other.

Uncover an Emotional Story

The game presents a heartwarming and emotional narrative, revolving around themes of hope, loss, and the unbreakable bond of friendship formed in the frosty expanse of the Freljord. As you guide Nunu and Willump on their quest, you’ll uncover the truth behind the Freljord’s most closely guarded secrets.

Discover a New Legend

The universe of League of Legends opens its doors for exploration. Both newcomers and seasoned players can engage with the world of the Freljord as they’ve never done before, forging an unforgettable connection with the game’s lore.

Media and Trailers

To whet your appetite for the “Song of Nunu” adventure, you can watch official trailers and showcases, including the Nintendo Switch announcement and developer insights. These videos provide a glimpse into the captivating world and characters that await you in this unique single-player experience.


“Song of Nunu” promises to be a standout addition to the League of Legends universe, offering players an immersive journey through the icy and mysterious Freljord. With its enchanting narrative, a cast of beloved champions, and a world teeming with wonders and secrets, this game is set to be a must-play for both League of Legends enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Remember, the journey begins with Nunu and Willump, but the story that unfolds in the Freljord is nothing short of extraordinary. Stay tuned for the release of “Song of Nunu” and prepare to embark on an adventure like no other.

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