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Slice of Sea: Spice Latte Achievement Guide – All Pumpkin Locations

In October 2023, a thrilling game update introduced the elusive “Spice Latte” achievement to the gaming world. To claim this prestigious achievement, you must embark on a quest to uncover 20 hidden “Jack-o” items scattered throughout the game. These collectibles are your key to unlocking the coveted Spice Latte achievement. To guide you on this exciting journey, we present a comprehensive walkthrough with detailed screenshots, ensuring that you don’t miss a single item along the way.

Cliffs and Town Entrance

1. Starting Area

As you venture into the game, your first collectible awaits you to the left of the starting area. Keep a sharp eye out for this hidden gem.

2. Shield Item Location

Intriguingly, the second “Jack-o” item is conveniently located on the same screen as the shield item. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.

3. Lever Puzzle Proximity

Next up is the third collectible, situated close to the lever puzzle. It’s essential for unlocking the Spice Latte achievement.

4. House with Tile Pieces

Inside the house with tile pieces, your fourth collectible can be found. Explore every nook and cranny to secure it.

5. Scroll Puzzle Discovery

Adjacent to the town’s entrance, to the right, lies the fifth collectible. It’s within proximity to the scroll puzzle, ensuring you’re on the right track.

Around the Town

6. Rooftop Adventure

Venture up on the roof next to the inside of the town gate to discover your sixth collectible. The view from above may reveal more secrets.

7. Outside the Town Walls

As you explore around the town, your seventh collectible is hidden outside the town walls. Seek it near the teleporter and the eerie black trees.

8. A Visit to the Shop

Your eighth collectible can be found inside the shop. Take a moment to browse through and claim it while you’re there.

9. Rooftop Shop Exploration

On the rooftop of a nearby shop, your ninth collectible awaits you, nestled beside a fishing pole. This rooftop adventure is a must.

10. Near the Large House

Don’t overlook the vicinity of the large house, as your tenth collectible can be found there. Keep an eye out for its distinctive appearance.

11. Train Carriage Treasure

Inside the train carriage, perched atop a bed, you’ll find the eleventh collectible. Access to this area is granted upon acquiring a special ticket.

12. Green Glass Roof Revelation

The twelfth collectible can be found on top of a building with a distinctive green glass roof. An open window grants access to this hidden treasure.

13. Crane Operator’s Domain

As you approach the entrance to the crane operator room, don’t forget to check under the stairs. Your thirteenth collectible is hidden here.

Exploring the Sea

14. Nautical Discoveries

Navigate to the screen with the boat and plane. To the left of the boat, your fourteenth collectible is tucked away.

15. Coral Cave Exploration

Near the coral cave, close to some green shells, your fifteenth collectible can be found. Dive deep and explore this unique area.

16. Inside the Nautilus

Delve into the depths of the nautilus to uncover your sixteenth collectible. It’s an integral part of your Spice Latte achievement quest.

17. Foggy Challenge

On the same screen as the entrance to the upper deck, although shrouded by fog, your seventeenth collectible can be discovered in the bottom right area.

18. Solar Panel Room Discovery

Inside the room with a solar panel on the upper deck of the ship, your eighteenth collectible is waiting to be claimed.

19. Navigational Pursuit

As you venture outside of the ship navigation room, your nineteenth collectible can be found on the far upper left. This treasure hunt is almost complete.

20. Journey’s End

Your final collectible is situated on the last screen of the game, just before you walk into the sea. Don’t forget to secure it to complete your Spice Latte achievement quest. If our guide has been of assistance in your quest to claim the Spice Latte achievement, please consider supporting and rating it via the Steam Community. Enjoy your game and may your journey be filled with excitement and achievement!

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