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Mastering the Arts of War: A Comprehensive Guide to Skills in Warm Snow

Warriors venturing into the harsh world of Warm Snow must master various skills to overcome the deadly challenges that lie ahead. This guide delves deep into the intricate world of skills, dissecting their effects, acquisition methods, and strategic applications. By understanding these abilities, players can forge their own path to victory and cleanse the land of its icy curse.

General Concepts for Skills in Warm Snow


  • Statues: At the game’s start, players choose a statue, granting their first two skills.
  • Tome Remnant: These remnants offer three random skills, either from the chosen sect or common skills. Players can reroll once with the “Study” upgrade.
  • Locations:
    • Skill rooms
    • Defeated bosses
    • Elite enemies (chance drop)
    • Shop
    • Prepared upgrade (game start)
    • Spooky rooms

Skill Categories:

  • Common Skills: General-purpose abilities applicable to all character builds.
  • Sect Skills: Unique skills specific to chosen sects (Seven-Sword Shura, Infinite Arhat, Carousing Acalantha, Thunderfury Vajra).
  • Starting Skills: Sect-specific skills granted at the game’s start.

Lists of Skills in Warm Snow

The following sections provide detailed descriptions of each skill, categorized by their type and sect. Each description includes the skill’s effect, benefits, and strategic considerations.

Common Skills:

  • Apothecary: Increases Herbal Gourd healing power and duration.
  • Battle Hardened: Increases damage dealt for each enemy nearby.
  • Berserk: Stacks damage bonus with each attack, encouraging aggressive play.
  • Composure: Boosts flying sword damage when no enemies are nearby, rewarding strategic positioning.
  • Concentration: Stacks defense bonus with each attack, incentivizing sustained combat.
  • Damnation: Trades defense for massive attack power, requiring careful risk assessment.
  • Defense Boost: Straightforward defense increase for tankier builds.
  • Defensive Stance: Rewards players for avoiding damage with a temporary defense buff.
  • Dragon Slash: Unleashes a powerful melee attack after a short delay, ideal for burst damage.
  • Erratic: Encourages movement-focused playstyle with bonus damage and speed.
  • Escalation: Stacks damage bonus against the same target, rewarding focused attacks.
  • Evasion: Offers a chance to completely evade attacks, adding a layer of randomness.
  • Fearless Warrior: All-around stat boost for a balanced playstyle.
  • Feral Wind: Increases attack speed and movement speed for aggressive melee builds.
  • Flame Boost: Enhances flame damage for characters utilizing fire-based attacks.
  • Flicker Boost: Slightly increases flicker distance, improving mobility.
  • Flying Sword Boost: Enhances flying sword damage for builds focused on ranged combat.
  • Frost Boost: Enhances frost damage for characters utilizing ice-based attacks.
  • Full Boost: Provides a small boost to all stats for a balanced approach.
  • Haste Boost: Increases melee attack speed for attack-focused builds.
  • Healing Boost: Enhances healing effects for characters relying on self-sustain.
  • Health Boost: Increases max HP for tankier builds.
  • Hurricane: Provides a substantial attack and movement speed boost at the cost of defense, offering a high-risk, high-reward playstyle.
  • Indomitable: Grants significant HP, attack, and defense boosts but removes the ability to flicker, requiring careful positioning and resource management.
  • Insight: Extends flicker invulnerability duration for safer exploration.
  • King Hit: Deals massive damage to enemies with full HP, rewarding strategic timing.
  • Leech Fang: Heals a small amount of HP with each attack, promoting sustained combat.
  • Left and Right: Cycles damage buffs between melee and flying sword attacks.
  • Many Souls: Rewards players for collecting blue souls with increased damage.
  • Melee Boost: Increases melee attack damage for melee-focused builds.
  • Movement Boost: Increases movement speed for mobility-focused builds.
  • Peerless: Grants massive attack power at full HP, encouraging careful HP management.
  • Predator: Offers HP recovery on kill, rewarding aggressive play.
  • Qi Focus: Increases rage generation for builds utilizing rage mechanics.
  • Rampage: Deals bonus damage to enemies below 50% HP, encouraging quick finishing blows.
  • Sheath Mastery: Reduces sheath cooldown for characters utilizing the sheathing mechanic.
  • Shield Boost: Enhances shield strength for builds relying on defensive strategies.
  • Steady: Increases damage while not using Excalibur, rewarding diverse weapon usage.
  • Sunder Armor: Grants armor penetration for characters

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