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Skadi S-Rank Aether Gazer Characteristics

Skadi is a S-rank Ice Element character in Aether Gazer. She is a highly mobile character who can switch between her greatsword and motorcycle forms to deal massive damage. Skadi is a great choice for players who are looking for a powerful damage dealer who can also be used to control the battlefield.

Skadi is a powerful character who can be a valuable asset to any team. She is a great choice for players who are looking for a damage dealer who can also control the battlefield.

Ultimate Skillchain for Skadi S-Rank

Deal 1200% + (30.77% x S Skadi’s Ultimate Skill level) Ice DMG, 500% + (12.82% x A Leviathan’s Ultimate Skill level) Ice DMG; On hit, inflict “Freeze” status to all enemies, lasts 5s, and team’s Charged attack DMG is increased by 45%, lasts 18s.

What are the Basic Skills for Skadi in Aether Gazer?

Skadi swings the Shipslicer Sword carried onboard the Wavecutter in tandem with her equipment, dealing 498% (Max: 872.8%) Ice DMG. Execute Charged attack by holding the Basic attack key after any Basic attack, dealing 250% (Max: 437.5%) Ice DMG, and this is considered a Skill. Casting Basic attack while in Cruising Mode will automatically lock-on and fire 2 “Sharpblade-type” guided missiles, every missile dealing 80% (Max: 160%) Ice DMG, and will fire 2 additional missiles when the locked-on target is under the Freeze status.

Passive: Due to Wavecutter’s presence, Skadi will not be sent flying by attacks.
Divine Grace: When not in Cruising Mode, obtain Divine Grace when hitting Basic attacks and Charged attacks.

Dodge Skill

Tapping Dodge while moving: Quickly dodge, dealing 100% (Max: 200%) Ice DMG to enemies along the path. Extremity Dodge will trigger Dodge effect, obtaining 1 Icebreaker Mark. Holding Dodge while not moving: Consume Dodge Meter to activate a barrier, decreasing self DMG taken by 60%. While the barrier is active, the 1st instance of DMG taken can be blocked by consuming additional Dodge Meter. If in possession of Icebreaker Marks, a successful block will dispel the barrier, and consume 1 Icebreaker Mark to instantly cast Charged attack, during which self will be invincible.

While in Cruising Mode, Skadi will dive under the ice with Wavecutter to dodge attacks. Extremity Dodge will trigger Dodge effect, obtaining 1 Icebreaker Mark.

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