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Roots of Pacha Horse Totem Guide, Location

To complete the Horse Totem in Roots of Pacha, you will need to find and give the totem an offering of Alfalfa. Alfalfa is a type of grass that can be found in the stables, which are located in the jungle. To get to the stables, you will need to complete a few prophecies. Once you have completed the prophecies, the stables will be unlocked.

Once you are in the stables, look for the Alfalfa plants. They are tall, green plants with yellow flowers. Once you have found some Alfalfa, pick it up and take it to the Horse Totem. The Horse Totem is located in the caves near the stables.

When you give the Horse Totem the Alfalfa, it will be pleased and will open a new exit. This exit will lead you to a new area where you can find and tame horses.

Here are the steps on how to complete the Horse Totem in Roots of Pacha:

  1. Complete a few prophecies to unlock the stables.
  2. Go to the stables and find the Alfalfa plants.
  3. Pick up some Alfalfa and take it to the Horse Totem.
  4. Give the Alfalfa to the Horse Totem.
  5. The Horse Totem will open a new exit.
  6. Go through the new exit to find the horses.

Here are some tips for finding and taming horses:

  • Horses are found in the new area that is unlocked after you give the Horse Totem the Alfalfa.
  • To tame a horse, you will need to use the flute.
  • Play the flute near the horse and it will start to trust you.
  • Once the horse trusts you, you will be able to ride it.

I hope this helps!

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