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Rogue Genesia Best Ranked Weapons to Endgame

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Rogue Genesia is a pretty much simple RPG game that has various powerful weapons players while progressing and here are the best Rogue Genesia Ranked Weapons. Simple game yet has a lot of fun and interest.

Rogue Genesia is a slayer RPG game that has different modes and levels to stay entertained for a long time. We have to fight in a new world to slay the enemies and creatures to get the upgrades and weapons with time proceedings. To win the game, we need to have weapons that are powerful and effective. Let’s proceed with the Rogue Genesia Best Ranked Weapons List Guide.

Crossbow heroic

There are so many weapons available in the game Rogue: Genesia and there are choices as well. Let me tell you that you need to navigate the game and get specific weapons to unlock the crossbow heroic. This is an important part of the gameplay later on. Crossbow Heroic is required for both defensive measures and attack as well.

Fire Ring Heroic

They have everything i.e., power and accuracy as well. The enemies become more powering and annoying at the same time, heroic weapons are mostly equipped to conquer and upgrade as well. It has fire ring to fit right in here as this weapon unleashes its entire fury and hardly gives the option for the enemies to escape.

Katana Herioc

Getting upgrades is even better here as there are not so many all-rounders in the game. Yet, Katana is effective enough as a recommended weapon for all the players that are going into the endgame. This heroic weapon works accordingly by saving the day right when you needed it the most. Just a step above the epic weapons like all the other heroic weapons.

Artificer’s Katana Evolution

These katanas are important in the Rogue: Genesia Weapon List as you are always going to evolve it. Yes, it is a gradual process to reach the Artificer’s Katana Evolution but the grinding pays off. It is like the light at the end of tunnel as it is going to end the game without any stress.

Silph’s Blade Evolution

If you are someone who is looking to rain down carnage, death, and destruction then Silph’s blade is your way to go. It is overpowered and is one of the easiest weapons to use and does the destruction pretty well. Silph’s blade is often one of the best available and should be mastered to get all that can be offered.

Best Rogue Genesia Weapon to Endgame

Void Wisp Evolution

The Void Wisp Evolution is one of the best weapons of mass power-spanning games and it deserves the best weapon name in Rogue: Genesia. Yes, evolution is going to take time but once Evolutionalized, it is unstoppable. It is going to cover the entire screen with its range. 

Hidden Weapon in Rogue: Genesia

I have been playing this game for a pretty much long time now and let me tell you that there is a weapon named “Shaman Staff”. It is a heat-seeking frost bolt machine gun and it is going to burst fire, depending on the level. It has 20+ energy/frost bolts and auto-target enemies in approximately a 120-degree cone in the direction you are facing.

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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