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Rogue Genesia Beginner Guide Wiki – Weapons, Cards & Artifacts

Hello everyone, I got you a new game that is better than Vampire Survivors (in some aspects) named Rogue Genesia. It has 10/10 ratings and is released on Sep 19, 2022. It is developed by Huard Ouadi. Let’s move to the Rogue Genesia Beginner Guide Wiki – Weapons, Cards, Artifacts. Make your build from more than 30+ passive upgrades and 13 weapons.

Kill, grow stronger, and kill some more!

Walk upon a new world and slay foes endangering it. Rogue : Genesia Guide Wiki is an action rogue-lite game, where you fight relentless hordes consisting of hundreds and thousands of monsters, carve your path through their ranks, defeat the boss and save one of the many worlds.

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System Requirements for Rogue Genesia Guide:


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel i5-7200U @ 2.50GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 670 / Radeon 7950 HD
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 11 compatible GPU is required


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel I5 9500 / AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1070/RTX 3050
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

Rogue Genesia Artifact

Rogue Genesia Beginner Guide Wiki – Artifact Name / Description

Adamantite Rod/ Increase stage requirement by 35%
Adventurer’s Licence / “Shop contains more items Cards in shops are of better quality”
Beef Statue / Food heals an additional 20% of your max health
Bhikkhu Pearl / “Increase monster amount by 20% Reduce monster health by 20%”
Carved Dice / Gives one free reroll every time you select cards
Champion’s Bracer / Allows you to draw 2 Soul-Cards at the end of an elite stage
Chicken Statue /”Food increases max health by 1.5% up to 1840 foods (multiplicative)
Diminishing / returns after 33 foods.”
Chronos’ Lace / Returns you to the first stage with all your equipment intact
Collection Book / Each Soulcard increases your damage by 2%
Corrupted Core / “Soul-cards at max level can overcap anytime but are 90% less likely to appear.”
Coward’s Saphir / Removes kill requirement from normal stages
Cursed Belt “Regen 1.5% of your health per second
– 50% Max health”
Duplication chest Gain 10% of your gold each stage
Fighter’s Ruby Removes time requirement from normal stages
Gilgamesh’s Crown Heroic Soulcards are 200% more likely to appear
Gilgamesh’s Ring Tainted and normal rarity Soulcards are 75% less likely to appear
Gilgamesh’s Seal Tainted rarity Soulcards are 99.9% less likely to appear
Glass Sword “Doubles your Damage
– 60% Max health”
Hand of the Cheater You can now pick between 4 Soulcards
Helm of Control All projectiles follow your aim
Hermes’ Hood Movement speed also increases attack speed
Holy Cross “+ 25% Damage
25% MoveSpeed
25% Health
25% Pick-up range”
Lightning boots “Removes Cooldown between dashes
2 Dash charge”
Magnifying Crystal Increase Soul gem experience by 50%
Martyr’s Cloak “Taking damage increases your damage by 50% for 6 seconds
(12 seconds cooldown)”
Mythril Compass Reduce stage requirement by 35%
Old Coin “Increase experience gain by 100%
Reduce gold gain by 50%”
Ouroboros Necklace “On death, return to the previous stage
(Single Use)”
Phoenix totem “Resurrect you back to full life and kill
all enemies. (Single Use)”
Pork Statue “Food increases damage by 1% up to 2920 foods (multiplicative)
Diminishing returns after 50 foods.”
Portal Shard Projectile loop back at the other side of the screen
Pouch of Greed Draw 3 Soulcards
Sacred Sword Reduces bosses and elites health by 30%
Sage’s Leaf “Shields you from all harm for 4 seconds after taking damage
(12 seconds cooldown)”
Saint’s Shinbone Fully heal you on level up
Shop-Keeper’s Plate Shop prices are reduced by 50%
Soul Gauntlet Automatically absorb 50% of all soul gems at the end of each stage
Sword of Midas Each enemy kill grants 1 Gold
Training weight “Reduce Experience Gain by 33%
new Soulcards start at level 2”
Troll Blood “+100% Health Regen
Health regen can regen up to 200% of your max health”
Void Statue Food also attracts all soul-gems
Wind’s ring “Taking damage increases your movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds
(12 seconds cooldown)”

Rogue Genesia Achievements

Rogue Genesia Achievement Name / Requirement /Unlocks

This is just the beginning / Die 1 time / Slippery Skin
Reincarnation / Die 5 times / Gilgamesh’s Seal
Revenant / Die 10 times / Gilgamesh’s Crown
Death is a strength in itself! / Die 20 times / Phoenix totem
Some will look up to you / Die 30 times / Martyr
A small step for a soul Start 1 runs Champion’s Bracer
Rookie Start 5 runs Cursed Belt
Another day, another world to save Start 10 runs Training weight
Getting the hang of it Start 20 runs Overloaded
50 attempts, how many deaths? Start 50 runs Perfection
First gains Gain gold coins 10,000 in total Shop-Keeper’s Plate
Gold for a rainy day Possess 10,000 gold coins Old Coin
A rich run Gain 10,000 gold coins in a single run Adventurer’s Licence
How heavy is all that gold? Gain gold coins 100,000 in total Sword of Midas
Company Kill 100 enemies Carved Dice
Brigade Kill 1,000 enemies Hermes’ Hood
Division Kill 10,000 enemies Collection Book
One soul army Kill 100,000 enemies Clumsy
Tactical Soul Kill 1,000,000 enemies
Strategic Soul Kill 10,000,000 enemies
Is it a boss? Kill 1 Elite Martyr’s Cloak
Damage is the only thing I need! Kill 25 Elites Glass Sword
Protection is also important Kill 50 Elites Sage’s Leaf
Movement speed is the way to go Kill 100 Elites Wind’s ring
First Step as a hero Kill 1 Goblin shaman Sacred Sword
He got stronger, right?! Kill 1 E-rank Goblin shaman Overworked
End of the Second Danger Kill 1 Giant worm Patience
Is it beef? Pick up 5 food Beef Statue
Definitely tastes like chicken Pick up 25 food Chicken Statue
Pork aftertaste Pick up 100 food Pork Statue
I don’t think I should mix them up Pick up 10 food and 10 void magnets Void Statue
Large and weak Get Spear up to level 5 Cleaver
I’ll be back Get Pike up to level 5 Swordrang
More firepower Get Wind’s Blade up to level 5 Crossbow
Focus Get Cleaver up to level 5 Pike
Deep wound Get Crossbow up to level 1 Penetration
More projectiles Get Shuriken up to level 5 Kunai
Orbital Get Magic Wand up to level 5 Thunder Staff
Aura Get Thunder Staff up to level 5 Death Aura
Explosion! Get Death Aura up to level 5 Fire Ring
Damage Over time?! Get Fire Ring up to level 5 Fire Spirit
Samurais are cooler Get Kunai up to level 5 Katana
Abusing shops to break limits!! Get Magic Wisp up to level 8 Void Wisp
One too many inventions Get Katana up to level 8 Artificer’s Katana
Wind goddess’ favorite sword Get Wind’s Blade up to level 8 Silph’s Blade
Gather the power of wind! Get Bow up to level 5 Wind’s Blade
Wisp born from the mana Get Thunder Staff up to level 5 Magic wisp
Built-up anger Reach at least 2 Damage God’s Wrath
It keeps getting better Reach at least 4 Damage Recursion
Sacrificing a bit of my damage for speed? Reach at least 10 Damage Light hand
Steel, mightier than iron Reach at least 2 Defence Steel Skin
All in defence Reach at least 6 Defence Turtle
He’s missing a screw Reach at least 20 Defence Lunatic
Firework Reach at least 2 Additional Projectiles Fractal
Vitality Reach at least 150 Max Health Iron Will
Spiky Reach at least 500 Max Health Thorn
Spikiest! Reach at least 2,000 Max Health Thorn Firework
Quick-heal Reach at least 0.60 Health Regen Healing Factor
It doesn’t look natural Reach at least 2.25 Health Regen Troll Blood
Getting lighter Reach at least 6.50 Move Speed Quick
Getting heavier Reach at least 130% Projectile Size Heavy
No range is enough Reach at least 7m Pickup Distance Void Spirit
A friend from the void Reach at least 12m Pickup Distance Magic wisp
One projectile, two kill
Weapon overload Get 3 weapons up to level 1 Sharp Edge
Faster dash Reach at least 2 Dash Charges Dash Cooldown
More dashes at once Reach at least 4 Dash Charges Oil
How am I gonna use all these dashes? Reach at least 7 Dash Charges Evasion
No more delay Reach 1.50s or less Dash Cooldown Lightning boots
Faster arrows Reach at least 160% Projectile Duration Tense String
My hands are getting heavy Reach 90% or less Attack Speed Stone handed
Feeling lighter Increase your soul level up to 20 Light armor
Faster Reach at least 135% Projectile Duration Hypersonic
Can’t we get more critical damage? Get 1 weapon up to level 7 Weak Point
21 soul levels later Get 3 weapons up to level 7 Blood pressure
War dog Get 5 weapons up to level 7 Accumulation
(???) Is it a bug?! Get 1 weapon up to level 9 Corrupted Core
Your accuracy is a bit lacking Reach at least 200% Critical Damage Analysis
This is where it gets crazy! Reach at least 60% Critical Chance Absolute Focus
You may need more health Reach -2 or less Defence Tower
To hell with armour, nothing beats the flesh! Reach -20 or less Defence Flesh
It applies before flat defence? Reach at least 10% Damage Mitigation Impenetrable
Like a fortress Reach at least 25% Damage Mitigation Castle
Running in the 90’s Finish an E World in less than 25:00 Adamantite Rod
Gas Gas Gas Finish an F World in less than 12:00 Mythril Compass
Rogue:Survivors Reach 10:00 in Survival mode Fighter’s Ruby
Skeletons are brutal! Reach 30:01 in Survival mode Coward’s Saphir

Rogue Genesia Beginner Guide Wiki – Weapon Name Rarity

Bow Uncommon
Cleaver Uncommon
Magic Wand Uncommon
Shuriken Uncommon
Spear Uncommon
Kunai Rare
Pike Rare
Thunder Staff Rare
Wind’s Blade Rare
Death Aura Epic
Magic wisp Epic
Swordrang Epic
Thorn Epic
Crossbow Heroic
Fire Ring Heroic
Katana Heroic
Artificer’s Katana Evolution
Silph’s Blade Evolution
Void Wisp Evolution

My experience with the game is incredible so far to play; the art style is good and the whole game keeps me bound for a long time. It is early access right now and we can expect good changes in the future too. The FTL / Slay the Spire style map was a brilliant idea. That’s all for the Rogue Genesia Beginner Guide Wiki – Weapons, Cards, Artifacts. 

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