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RoboCop: Rogue City 100% Achievement Guide

Welcome to a detailed guide on how to unlock all the achievements in the action-packed game you’ve been enjoying. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your adventure, this guide will help you conquer every challenge the game throws at you.

Main Quest 1: Breaking News


Unlock this achievement by eliminating an enemy with a throwable object. It’s as simple as picking up a throwable object, which can even be another enemy, and hurling it at your target. This can be achieved in any mission.

Zip This Up

For this achievement, all you need to do is shoot an enemy in a sensitive spot. Aim for the testicles; the enemy doesn’t even have to die from the shot. This, too, can be done in any mission.

Main Quest 2: Isolated Incident


To score 150 points at the shooting range, you’ll need to prove your sharpshooting skills. During this quest, you’ll gain access to the shooting range. Your goal is to achieve 150 points using your pistol, which will unlock three achievements in total. The challenge here is to shoot the targets before they reach the end of the line. Keep in mind that the targets get faster in each round, and headshots earn you more points.

Uphold the Law

Issuing a ticket is another achievement, and you’ll find opportunities to do so throughout the missions. One of the first chances arises as you roam around the city.

Hard Boiled

During your post-main quest exploration, you’ll come across an opportunity to help officers Kurtz and O’Neal solve a murder case. It can be found in the top left of your map and will also be marked on your objective compass.

Main Quest 3: The Search for Soot

No Stone Unturned

While on a mission to locate Soot, you’ll visit the Arcade. Head to the basement to find the Arcade owner, and behind bars in the room just before reaching the owner, you’ll discover a secret area with a big Nuke sign. After dealing with the owner, scan the desk and press the button for the achievement.

I’d Buy that for a dollar!

Finding an OCP skill disk is another objective. Although these can be found throughout the game, a relatively easy one to grab is in the hidden room.

Officer of the Month

Achieving an “A” rank on any evaluation is your goal here. This can be attained in any mission. To reach an “A” rank, complete the primary and secondary objectives. Investigation work and police work can also provide bonus XP.

Main Quest 4: Soot’s Final Encore


For this achievement, eliminate three enemies with a single explosive. You can do this by grabbing a gas canister and throwing it into a group of three or more enemies. There are multiple opportunities to achieve this, including Mission Four and Mission One.

All Adds Up

Equipping Auto-9’s PCB with any chip is a story-related achievement. You can’t miss it.

Main Quest 6: Street Vulture’s Turf

Live by the Bike…

Shoot the gas tank of a moving motorcycle during this mission. When ambushed, the bikes will drive around and shoot at you. To unlock this achievement, shoot their gas tank to blow them up.

Good Eyes, Murphy!

This achievement is found in the second half of the mission after investigating the warehouse office. To get it, ensure you have at least 3 skill points in the Engineering Skill tree. Alternatively, you can scan the Train Operator’s Handbook in a closet outside the entrance to the “Unwanted Goods” side mission in the same area. Follow the train’s path, climb the ladder, and unlock the chest to find the PCB.

Main Quest 15: Shady Meeting

There Can Only Be One

Achieving this requires neutralizing all Old Factory hostiles in under 10 minutes, which occurs in Main Quest 15. UED bots will attack you after a cutscene. To make it easier, kill them with gas canisters in groups at the beginning of the rounds.

Practice Makes Perfect

Fully develop a skill to earn this achievement. You can unlock it much earlier in the story, but by this point, you should have enough points to invest in one stat. Higher mission evaluations and collecting crime evidence provide additional XP.

Main Quest 20: Cyber Trail

A Real Hero

During this quest, you’ll need to save a cat from the Burning Hotel. When escaping from the burning hotel, you’ll reach a dead end, where you can hear a cat meowing. Open the door to the apartment, and the cat will escape, granting you the achievement. Alternatively, you can return to help the cat at the end of the hotel escape section by going back up the stairs and through the door on the right.

May Be Used Against You

To hack an enemy turret, you’ll need the Engineering skill at level 6. In Mission 20, after you go down in the sewers, you’ll come across a turret. The second turret is easier to hack, as the computer is close to you and behind cover. Alternatively, you can deactivate it by reaching the turret and hitting the button.

Congratulations on your journey to mastering the achievements in the game. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking every accomplishment and conquering the virtual world. Good luck, and may your gaming skills continue to shine!

graph LR A[Main Quest 1] --> B[Breaking News] A[Main Quest 2] --> C[Isolated Incident] A[Main Quest 3] --> D[The Search for Soot] A[Main Quest 4] --> E[Soot's Final Encore] A[Main Quest 6] --> F[Street Vulture's Turf] A[Main Quest 15] --> G[Shady Meeting] A[Main Quest 20] --> H[Cyber Trail] B --> B1[Strikeout!] B --> B2[Zip This Up] C --> C1[Dead-On] C --> C2[Uphold the Law] C --> C3[Hard Boiled] D --> D1[No Stone Unturned] D --> D2[I'd Buy that for a dollar!] D --> D3[Officer of the month] E --> E1[Nukem!] E --> E2[All Adds Up] F --> F1[Live by the bike...] F --> F2[Good Eyes, Murphy!] G --> G1[There Can Only Be One] G --> G2[Practice Makes Perfect] H --> H1[A Real Hero] H --> H2[May Be Used Against You]

By following these steps, you’ll become a true master of the game, earning every achievement and leaving no challenge unmet. Enjoy your gaming adventure and the satisfaction of unlocking all the game has to offer!

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