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RoboCop: Rogue City – All Side Missions Guide

In Robocop: Rogue City, the choices you make throughout the game can significantly impact the ending you experience. This article will delve into the intricacies of the three possible endings: the “Spare The Old Man” ending, the “Leave The Old Man To Die” ending, and the “Kill The Old Man” ending. Each choice you make in the game’s climactic moments determines the fate of Detroit’s future of law enforcement and the characters you’ve interacted with. So, let’s break down these endings in detail.

RoboCop Rogue City Side Missions Guide

Spare The Old Man Ending

Choosing to spare the Old Man in Robocop: Rogue City leads to the “good” ending, shedding light on the enduring humanity within Officer Murphy. As you decide to help the Old Man out from the rubble, a short cutscene plays out, illustrating the Old Man reciprocating your assistance by saving your life, symbolizing the essence of empathy even within mechanized beings.

While some may perceive this ending as somewhat underwhelming, it aligns with the game’s overarching theme of the enduring human spirit in both machines like the Old Man and Robocop. After the cutscene, you’ll witness Murphy’s escape from the collapsing building, followed by a news report montage, offering glimpses into the fates of various NPCs.

Each NPC’s fate is intricately tied to the choices and interactions you’ve had with them. Depending on your decisions, their endings can range from joyful resolutions to tragic outcomes. For example, this ending portrays Dr. Olivia Blanche embroiled in a parking dispute with a hostile ED-209 unit and authoring a book about her experiences in deescalating the situation.

There are some commonalities across all endings, such as OCP’s ongoing construction of Delta City and their cooperation with the Kanemitsu corporation on future projects.

Leave The Old Man To Die Ending

Opting to leave the Old Man to die takes Robocop on a different path, reflecting his transformation into a cold and unfeeling law enforcer. In this ending, you turn your back on the Old Man as the ruins of the building collapse on top of the robot, effectively ending its existence. While this action isn’t malicious, it signifies the stark transformation of Robocop, leading to one of the two “bad” endings in Robocop: Rogue City.

The subsequent cutscene is similar to the previous ending, with Robocop emerging from the destruction of the OCP building just in the nick of time. However, the characters’ fates are far less hopeful in the Media Report that follows. The re-elected Mayor Kuzak consistently remains tight-lipped about Robocop’s rights in this path.

Some characters’ endings remain unchanged from the “Spare The Old Man” ending, but others undergo significant alterations. For instance, Dr. Olivia Blanche fails to convince the malfunctioning ED unit to stop, resulting in the unit killing a civilian. This event causes her to spread fear and distrust about robots like Robocop patrolling the streets, painting a much darker picture.

Kill The Old Man Ending

The “Kill The Old Man” ending in Robocop: Rogue City portrays a brutal and unrelenting Robocop, reminiscent of a relentless law enforcement machine. In this ending, you do not help or spare the Old Man; instead, Murphy chooses to brutally rip out the wires the machine needs to function in a gruesome cutscene. This ending unequivocally establishes Robocop as an unwavering enforcer of the law.

Characters like Anne Lewis and reporter Samantha Ortiz do not witness Robocop’s actions at the end of the story, leading to no significant changes in their fates. However, the overall tone of the Media Report in this ending suggests that the characters you’ve formed relationships with tend to face more unfavorable outcomes than positive ones.

Which Ending Should You Choose?

In conclusion, the “Spare The Old Man” ending in Robocop: Rogue City is the optimal choice, as it symbolizes hope not only for Officer Murphy but also for the individuals whose lives he’s touched as the iconic Robocop. The concluding segments of the Media Report in the game reflect a range of opinions about Robocop, spanning from gratitude and reliance to heartfelt yet eccentric affirmations.

Regardless of the ending you experience, the game’s final scene features Robocop returning to the police department alongside Anne Lewis, who intends to resume her duty despite her injury. While the game’s events conclude, one thing remains certain – crime will persist on the streets. Even if you unlock all three endings in Robocop: Rogue City, there will always be another story featuring OCP’s premier law enforcer combatting corruption in one form or another.

RoboCop: Rogue City provides players with a dynamic choice-based narrative, where your decisions ultimately determine the fate of Detroit and its futuristic law enforcement. Whether you choose to spare, abandon, or terminate the Old Man, the game’s rich storytelling ensures an engaging experience, with each ending offering a unique perspective on the enduring essence of humanity and justice within a mechanized world.

If you would like to visualize the decision tree of these endings, here’s a Markdown Mermaid diagram for your reference:

graph TD A[Spare The Old Man Ending] --> B[Positive Outcomes] A --> C[Negative Outcomes] B --> D[Robocop helps Old Man] C --> E[Old Man dies] E --> F[Mayor Kuzak has no comment] D --> G[Robocop & Anne Lewis together] G --> H[Crime continues]

This diagram provides a clear visual representation of the narrative choices and their consequences in Robocop: Rogue City.

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