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Wandering Sword – How to Raise Affinity?

There are a few ways to raise affinity in Wandering Sword:

  • Talk to NPCs. The more you talk to NPCs, the higher your affinity with them will become.
  • Give NPCs gifts. NPCs have different preferences for gifts, so it is important to pay attention to what they like. You can find out what an NPC likes by talking to them or by observing them.
  • Complete quests for NPCs. Completing quests for NPCs is a great way to raise your affinity with them.
  • Spar with NPCs. Sparring with NPCs is another great way to raise your affinity with them. However, be aware that you need to defeat the NPC in order to get an affinity boost.

It is important to note that some NPCs may not be willing to talk to you or accept your gifts until you have raised your affinity with them to a certain level.

Here are some tips for raising affinity:

  • Talk to every NPC that you meet. Even if you don’t have anything important to say to them, talking to them will still raise your affinity with them.
  • Pay attention to what NPCs like. When you are talking to an NPC, pay attention to the topics that they seem to be interested in. These are the topics that you should focus on when talking to them in the future.
  • Don’t be afraid to give NPCs gifts. Gifts are a great way to raise your affinity with NPCs, even if they are not the best gifts. The important thing is that you are giving them something that they like.
  • Complete all of the quests that NPCs give you. Completing quests for NPCs is a great way to raise your affinity with them and to earn rewards.
  • Spar with NPCs regularly. Sparring with NPCs is a great way to raise your affinity with them and to improve your combat skills.

Raising affinity with NPCs is important because it will allow you to recruit them to your team and to learn new abilities from them. So, make sure to talk to NPCs, give them gifts, complete quests for them, and spar with them regularly to raise your affinity with them.

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