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Project JoJo Wiki Tier List / Stands March 2023

The Project Jojo Stand Tier List ranks every Stand from the Project Jojo Roblox game into five different tiers (S to D). The game is based on the famous anime and manga, which is known as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. Let’s move to the Jojo Stand Tier List March 2023.

Hirohiko Araki’s masterpiece, brought to life as a fighting game! Battle with 50 colorful characters, wielding Stands, Hamon, and more!

Game Information
Title – Project JoJo
Publisher – Shueisha
Genre – Role Playing Game
File Size – 6 GB
Android: 97.9 MB
iOS: 272 MB
Download –
Android: Play Store
iOS: App Store

The Top Stands of the Project Jojo Tier List

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
•Ultimate Life Form
•Golden Experience Requiem
•Tusk Act 4
•Cream Over Heaven
•Made in heaven
•Star Platinum (Prime)
•Tusk Act 3
•King Crimson Over Heaven
•Magician’s Red
•Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or D4C
•C Moon
•Fun Fun Fun
•Killer Queen
•Gold Experience
•Sticky Fingers
•Symphony of Destruction
•The World: Alternate Universe
•Weather Report
•White Wedding

•The World Over Heaven
•King Crimson
•Boy 2 Man
•White Snake Over Heaven
•Hierophant green
•Ball Breaker
•Caesar Hamon
•Chocolate Disco
•Killer Queen (Alternate Universe)
•Purple Haze
•Six Pistols
•Silver Chariot Requeim
•Soft And Wet
•Star Platinum: Over •Heaven
•The World
•The Hand
•Highway Star
•Hey Ya
•Boku No Rythm Wo Kiitekure
•Black Sabbath
•Cream Starter
•Crazy Diamond
•Echoes Act 3
•Joseph Hamon
•Silver Chariot
•Scary monster
•Spice Girls
•Star Platinum
•Star-Spangled Banner
•Rolling stones
•The emperor
•Mr. President
•Atom Heart Feather
•Echoes Act 1
•Echoes act 2
•Heaven’s door
•Hermit Purple
•Pillar Man
•Tusk Act 1
•Tusk Act 2
•White Album
•White Snake


StandSpecial Attack + KeySpecial Atk. DescriptionOther Moves
C MoonSuper Gravity Manipulation (F)Increases gravity and damage of the userPunishing Impact Gravity Manipulation Gravity Impact Surface Inversion Barrage Remote Stand Fly Toggle Stand View Stand Jump
Fun Fun FunSnake (R)Releases a snake that chases and bites the targetLimb control Manual Marking Self Harm Slippery Trap
Killer Queen“Killer Queen Has Already Touched That!” (Hold R)Hold R to place a bomb on the target and release R to detonate it or hold C instead of R to place the bomb on an item or location.Bite the Dust (Active) Coin Bomb Throw Sheer Heart Attack Bubble Bomb Weak Punch Barrage Stray Cat Bubble Bomb
Gold ExperienceA New Life (C)   Nature’s Wrath (C + F)Turns an object into a snake that chases and attacks the nearest enemy. 30% more damage if used on a damaged object. Turns an object into vines instead of a snake. Deals AOE damage which is more than the snake’s dmg. 30% more dmg when used on a damaged or broken object.Chains of fate, Lifted! Refreshing Gift Kind Gift Heavy Muda Punch Fluctuating Life Muda Barrage Brutal Barrage Sensory Overload
Sticky FingersDismembering Zipper Punch (Y)Cuts off enemies’ limbs and immobilizes them. Enemies can not attack after being decapitatedDecapitating Zipper Punch Ari Barrage Vacuum Zipper Backdoor Zipper Zipper Glide Extended Rush Low Kick
Symphony of DestructionAtomic Bomb (F)The user flies in the air and shoots a giant nuke causing immense damage and erasing any object within the area. Take 5 to 7 seconds to load the nuke.Nuclear Warhead Nuclear Claymore Radioactive Tremor Fission Grab Psycho Barrage Stand Jump
The World: Alternate UniverseTime Stop (F)Time Stops for the area up to 90 studs from the user.  The cooldown time is 60 seconds.Gasoline Throw Revolver Shot Knife Throw Leg Slash Flanking WRY Punch Precision Muda Barrage
Weather ReportDioxygen Zone (Y)   Heavy Weather (F)Creates a poisonous mist that causes AoT to enemies in the mist. Lasts for 30 seconds. Projects clouds and rainbows, and rains snails onto the enemies. The Snails deal moderate poisonous damage that can stack. Lasts for about 1 minute.Weather Control Wind Suit Wind Projection Lighting Thrust Weather Reload Windforce Push
White WeddingIonic Bond (R)All enemies will be pulled to the spot you shoot this at.Quantum Entanglement Ora Barrage Photon Cannon Hydrogen Armor Atom Breaker Ora Chop


StandSpecial Attack + KeySpecial Atk. DescriptionOther Moves
Ball BreakerSuper Spin Tornado (Y) Infinite Rotation Blast (F)Creates tornado dealing immense damage Shoots an energy ball damaging the targetGolden Spin Barrage Left Super Spin Ball Right Super Spin Ball Super Block
Caesar HamonHamon Breathing Technique (Hold C) Take it from me (C + F) Dazzling Kiss (Y)Increases damage dealt by 278% A sacrificial healing blood bomb that heals all your allies when you die Gives an enchanting kiss to the target, turning them into your puppetHamon Jump Bubble Beam The Bubble Launcher Bubble Cutter Gliding Bloody Bubble Launcher
Chocolate DiscoOrganism Dislocation (C + Y)Teleports target to wherever you want on an area of the GridProjectile Dislocation Revolver Shot Nail Rain Acid Bottle Activate Grid
Killer Queen (Alternate Universe)Mini Heart Attack (R) Atomic Heart Attack (F) Sheer Vein Attack (Y)Multiple small exploding attacks An enormous heart attack that deals incredible damage Insert SHA inside the targets body exploding 5 timesPrecision punching Barrage Home Explosive Bubble Explosive Bubble Mine Field
KissKiss Stamp ( R + C)Kisses the targets and marks them. Press C to deal insane damage to your target after marking them.Regular Punch Barrage Punch Extra Arms
MandomTime rewind (E)Turns back time for 12 secondsRevolver Shot Punch Grenade Toss Analysis Quick Draw
Purple HazeBulb Shot (T)Shoots virus bulbs that release poisonous virus upon breaking damaging the targetRampage Rush Bulb Shatter Viral ChokeHold
RumbleHyper Guard (F+ Hold)Nullifies any attackHyper Quake Boulder Throw Ground Pound Ground Slam Seismic Pulse
Six PistolsProne ShotFires three instant bullets at the enemyMulti-Shot Redirection Barrage Stand Barrage Finisher Reload Single Shot
Silver Chariot RequeimShadow Bind (F)Stabs a target with an arrow that stays inside the target until they die or you press FWandering Chariot Shadow Disposition Sleeping Shadows Soul Swap Soul Rip Punching Barrage
Soft And WetPlunder Bubble (T) Underground Bubble Bombs (F) Bubble Trap (Y Hold)Shoots a bubble that can either damage the player or store the object on which it is shooted Sits down and releases exploding bubbles Shoots a bubble that traps the target inside itselfSkin Bubble Barrage Ora Kick Debris Smash Bubble Barrier
Star Platinum: Over HeavenTime Stop (Y)Self-explanatorySelf-Healing Barrage Healing Barrage Reality Warping Ora Punch Reality Warping Barrage Star Blast Timestop movement
The WorldIt is Road Roller! (H)A road roller is smashed down on the desired location by the player as he flies up.Time Stop Blood Suck Kick Barrage Knife Throw Muda Barrage Strong Punch

C Tier – C-Moon | JoJo’s Bizarre Wiki


StandSpecial Attack + KeySpecial Atk. DescriptionOther Moves
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath Summon (Q) Lighter Stalk (R) User Projection (Y)Attacks nearby enemy as soon as it is summoned Uses a lighter to attack enemy Flies and attacks the closest enemyCamera Revolver Shot Stand Jump Banana Consumption Arrow Load
CreamPeek (f)You can look out of the cream’s mouth in Void mode.Void delete Process of Elimination Remote Void Decapitation Chop The Void
Cream StarterSpray Flesh (LMB Hold)Sprays cream-like flesh dealing considerate damage.Flesh Shot Flesh Heal Normal Punch
Crazy DiamondTracking Missile (H)Shoots a missile that deals moderate damageStand Jump Healing Mode Rage Mode Metal Bearing Shot Rock Wall Dora Barrage Heavy Punch Breaker Punch
Echos Act 3Three Freeze! (Hold E)Punches opponent and decreases their Attack force and speed 5-Meter 3 Freeze Remove Freeze Switch Act
Joseph HamonYour Next Line is… ( C+ G) Aja Blast or Super Aja Beam (C + F) Secret Joestar Technique (Z) Hamon Breathing Technique ( C + Hold)Increases target’s damage intake by five times Fires a beam dealing immense damage Increases user’s speed All attacks are turned from normal to HamonRipple Beat Clacker Volley Clacker Boomerang Rebuff Overdrive Zoom Punch String Trick Hamon String Trick Grenade Toss Hamon Grenade Toss Super Aja Guard Hamon Tommy Gun Tommy Gun
Silver ChariotMillion Pricks (F)Pricks the enemy with numerous low-damage attacksStand Barrage Stand Barrage Finisher’ Last Shot Cycle Slash
Scary MonsterDinosaur Transformation (T)Converts user into a dinosaurUSHAAA! Fierce Pounce Tail Whip Predatory Speed Fossilization
Spice GirlsElastic Jump (Z)Makes you flyBarrage Shank Kick Elastic Punch Softening
Star PlatinumBring forth The World! (F)Stops the time for others. You can move and attackOra Barrage (Rush) ORA Punch Instant Time Stop (Teleportation) Spear Throw Bearing Shot
Star-Spangled BannerConstitutional Bullet Rain ( T + Hold)Rains bullets that deal high damageAmerican Heavy Punch Independence Barrage 10th Amendment 2nd Amendment

B- Tier

StandSpecial Attack + KeySpecial Atk. DescriptionOther Moves
Atom Heart FeatherArrow Throw (F)Gives Stand to a Stand-less playerPhotographic Prison Arrow Stab Requiem Arrow Throw Knife Throw Photograph
Echos Act 1Knocking Door Punch (T)Disturbs target’s screen and decreases their defense by 10%Siren Punch Crowd Punch Love Punch Switch Acts
Echos Act 2 Sizzle! (Hold R)They Throws words that burn the enemies.Boing! Act Switch Whoosh!
Heaven’s DoorRip Out Pages (F)Deals Heavy DamageSafety Lock Heavy Punch Go Flying Back Set On Fire Manuscript Book Transmutation Open Book
Hermit PurpleInfused Launch (T)Releases Hermit with Hamon dealing good damageHermit Pull Divination Vine Grapple OverDrive Hamon Breathing
OsirisSoul Explosion (F) Dice Bomb (Y)Explodes a chip dealing heavy damage. ( 1 chip required) Gamble to double your chips. If you lose, you receive damage.Card Throw Soul Clap The Soul Barrage Soul Chips
Pillar ManMeat Invade (Y)Throws a meatball at the enemy, draining their lifeVampiric Barrage Absorption Rib Stab Storage Sun Vulnerability
Tusk Act 1No Special AttackNoneFingernail Shot Fingernail Glide Sharp Punch
Tusk Act 2No Special AttackNoneThe Fingernail Shot Fingernail Glide Fingernail Shotgun
White AlbumGently Weeps ( F HOLD)Creates a large Blizzard dealing very heavy damageIce Skates Impact Freeze Skate Kick Icy Wind Punch Summon
White SnakeStand Disc (F)Steals enemies’ Stand disc 1/3 of the time.Stand Control Disc Throw Gun Shot Acid Spit Illusion Strike Barrage

S Tier – Project JoJo Tier List

The S Tier contains the best and Strongest Awakenings in this Stands Awakening Tier List. All these Awakenings are extremely rare and require a lot of hard work.

StandAttainability Status
Clown CrimsonAvailable through trading or giveaway only.
Bootleg Purple GuyAvailable through trading or giveaway only.
Dio’s the World (DTW)Attainable
Whitesnake: Alternate UniverseAttainable
Solar One More TimeAttainable through trading only
Dio’s the World OVA (DTWOVA)Attainable
Jotaro’s Star Platinum OVA (JSPOVA) OR Jotaro’s Star Platinum (JSP)Attainable

A Tier

The A Tier of this Project Jojo Stand Awakening Tier list contains strong and rare Awakening that has a lot of potential. 

Cosmic LuigiUnattainable
Made on Hallows Eveattainable
Shadow the World (STW)attainable
Hallow’s Worldunattainable
Sans Crimson: Alternate Universeattainable
Star Platinum: The Worldattainable
1M Pot Platinumunattainable
King Crimson: Alternate Universeattainable
EVA C-Moonattainable
Ultimate Life Formattainable
Ender Crimson: Alternate Universeattainable
Gold Experience: Golden Windattainable
King Crimson: Requiemattainable
The World OVA OHattainable
San’s Crimsonattainable
Luigi’s Worldunattainable
Sticky Fingersattainable

B Tier – Project JoJo Tier List

The World Greatest HighUnattainable
Neo The World: Alternate Universeattainable
Volcanic Golden Experience Requiemattainable
Ender Crimsonattainable
Mario Platinumunattainable
Star Platinum Over Heaven OVAattainable
Creeper Queenattainable
Purple Hazeattainable
Steve Platinumattainable
Pink King Crimsonunattainable
The World Over Heavenattainable
Bootleg Pot Platinumunattainable
King Crimsonattainable
Soft and Wetattainable

C Tier

C Tier Stand Awakenings is the below-average ones.

Edgy Star Platinumunattainable
True Star PlatinumUnattainable
The World OVAattainable
Shiny Swordattainable
Toxic Golden Experience Requiemunattainable
Gold Soft And Wetattainable
Star Platinum OVAattainable
Volcanic King Crimsonattainable
Star Platinum: Over Heavenattainable
Made in Heavenattainable
Vampiric The Worldattainable

D Tier

The D Tier of Stand Awakening Tier List holds the record for having the worst Awakenings of them all. 

Gold Experience Requiemattainable
Star Platinumattainable
Pillarman or Santanaunattainable
Volcanic Doppiounattainable
Volcanic Two Arm Doppiounattainable
The Worldattainable
Hierophant Greenattainable
White Snakeattainable
The World: Alternate Universeattainable
Gold Experienceattainable
Oreo King Crimsonattainable
Manga King Crimsonattainable
Killer Queenattainable
One More Timeattainable
Star Platinum: Stone Oceanattainable

This is the Project JoJo Tier List. Here are the best stands available from strongest to weakest in 2023.

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