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Poseidon (Arctic Abyss) Wiki Guide – Aether Gazer: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Frozen Depths

Poseidon (Arctic Abyss) is a boss in the mobile game Aether Gazer. He is a powerful enemy who can deal a lot of damage. Poseidon is a water-element boss, so characters who are strong against water are recommended.

Poseidon’s Attacks

  • Water Cannon: Poseidon fires a powerful water cannon that deals damage to all enemies in its path.
  • Water Orbs: Poseidon summons a group of water orbs that float around the arena. The orbs will explode after a few seconds, dealing damage to all enemies in their radius.
  • Water Wave: Poseidon creates a large wave of water that travels across the arena. The wave will deal damage to all enemies in its path.
  • Water Prison: Poseidon creates a prison of water around a single enemy. The enemy will be trapped in the prison for a few seconds and will take damage over time.

Tips for Defeating Poseidon

  • Use characters who are strong against water: Poseidon is a water-element boss, so characters who are strong against water are recommended. Some good options include:
    • Verthandi: Verthandi is a fire-element character who can deal a lot of damage to water-element enemies.
    • Shu: Shu is an ice-element character who can freeze water-element enemies, making them easier to hit.
    • Nanami: Nanami is a lightning-element character who can stun water-element enemies, making them vulnerable to attacks.
  • Stay away from the water: Poseidon’s attacks are all water-based, so it is important to stay away from the water. If you get hit by water, you will take damage and be slowed down.
  • Use your skills wisely: Poseidon is a powerful boss, so it is important to use your skills wisely. Save your strongest skills for when he is about to use his most powerful attacks.
  • Be patient: Poseidon is a tough boss, so it may take a few tries to defeat him. Be patient and keep trying, and you will eventually be victorious.


Defeat Poseidon and you will be rewarded with:

  • Character Shards: You will earn character shards for Poseidon, which can be used to unlock or upgrade him.
  • Equipment: You will also earn equipment that can be used to improve your characters.
  • Materials: You will also earn materials that can be used to upgrade your characters and equipment.


Poseidon is a tough boss, but he is not impossible to defeat. With the right strategy and team composition, you can defeat him and earn valuable rewards.

Poseidon (Arctic Abyss): Voice Actors

  • Voice Actor (EN): Joseph May
  • Voice Actor (CN): 桑毓泽
  • Voice Actor (JP): Shunsuke Takeuch

Engaging in this epic encounter requires unwavering determination and strategic acumen. Poseidon, master of the seas, summons fierce tempests and icy torrents, testing the limits of mortal endurance. The Aether Gazer, its piercing gaze imbued with otherworldly power, serves as a guardian, launching ethereal assaults upon the intrepid adventurers.

Tier List Rank: S

Element: Ice

Resource: Energy

Gen-zone: Olympus

Poseidon (Arctic Abyss)is an excellent AOE DPS but suffers from Energy issues when fighting bosses because they have CC resistance.

Poseidon (Arctic Abyss): Skills

Basic – Subzero Crystal

Skill 1 – Zero Mansard 9s CD 20 Energy

Skill 2 – Matter Frozen 12s CD 18 Energy

Skill 3 – Echoing Snow 25s CD

Dodge Skill – Whirlwind Snow : Dodge effect: Enters Zero Time for 3 seconds.

Ultimate – Frosty Starfall 20s CD

To triumph over this god-like entity, heroes must harness their skills and synergies, exploiting vulnerabilities and countering the devastating attacks. The utilization of arcane techniques, such as frost enchantments and elemental resistances, becomes crucial to withstand the elemental onslaught.

Strategic positioning is paramount in this battle of titanic proportions. Maneuvering your heroes to optimize their capabilities and unleash devastating combos is key to overcoming Poseidon and the Aether Gazer. Adaptability and quick thinking are required as the battle unfolds, as the powers of the Arctic Abyss can shift and change with unpredictable fury.

Embrace the challenge that Poseidon (Arctic Abyss) presents, for within the frozen depths lie unparalleled rewards and the opportunity to etch your name in the annals of legendary adventurers. That’s all for the Poseidon (Arctic Abyss) Wiki Guide.

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