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[Pool 1] BEST Marvel Snap Deck For Beginners to Reach Infinite Easily

Hello everybody, welcome to our first and one of the best posts on Marvel Snap Deck FOR Beginners to reach infinite in no time. As You already know, hundreds and thousands of decks are available on different websites, blogs and youtube that claim the best deck in the Marvel Snap game. 

In this post, I’ll share each and every aspect of the Best Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck to reach infinite for beginners. You will quickly clear pool 1 and pool 2 with this deck combo in no time. I have done and achieved collection level 500 in a few hours. You may need to change and add some new cards in your deck according to CL and pool. But that would be completely optional. 

NOTE: I’ll classify and explain everything in detail if anything needs to be changed or replaced.

I’ll also show my gameplay footage to your guys so you can understand the core system of the entire deck with a visual demonstration. 

I would love to drop a line of credits as I have got the inspiration to draft this deck idea from a content creator named Jack Li. So, you can call it something like Jack’s Deck or Double Trouble Deck with different variations and complete explanations. 

Let’s start with the early stage of the game. So, I have divided it into three phases or stages all of which are too important to dominate the entire game with almost every card. MoonGirl is going to be the core element of the game along with Iron man, Dino, Chavez or maybe Onslaught, Fury. There are 3 different phases/stages explained below:-

Early Stage:- you’re going to use all of our low-cost cards in the early stages. We will mark and point the early stage up to turn 3. So, for the first 3 turns, you will use all of the low-cost cards to set up the plot for end-game cards. You’re supposed to target a single lane according to the location’s buffs and debuffs. 

You can target any of the lanes. You’re free to pick one according to the location if everything comes under the comfort of your cards.  Antman, Angela and Nightcrawler do not need any explanation at all. They are the best low-cost cards in the game without a doubt. Mantis, Cable and Sentinal filled up the hands with a lot more new cards and set up the entire plan for Moongirl and Dino exclusively. 

Remember to target a single lane with these initial cards so you can maximise the damage output in other locations with other cards. The Punisher and Angela play very importantly to pick some crucial points in the early stage for you that will decide the game in the later stage. 

Trouble Stage:- Now, we are done with the early stage and first lane. Note: You may use other locations in the early stage if forced by the circumstances of the game and location. Anyways, it’s time to roll up the dice for Moongirl (our best card of the entire deck). The concept is too simple you already have lots of cards in your hand and you are going to duplicate your hand with Moongirl to utilize the Dino with max potential in the next or 5th turn. 

You can also double-spam the dino on the 5th and 6th turns to completely dominate the game but it may need a specific setup, draw and location. Otherwise, Moongirl + Dino+ Ironman can easily destroy the opponent in no time. This Combo can carry you way deeper in the game rank with ease if you understand the concept but there is a catch…..  Why do I call it a Trouble Stage? Does it trouble the opponent a lot? Yeaaa. But not only this…

Actually, what will you do if you do not get lots of cards in your hand? 😀 tazzzz crazyyy trouble. 

Well, in that case, go for White Queen our Saviour to rescue us in trouble and carry us forward to the next FINAL stage. Most of the time, it will steal the opponent’s best card to use in the end game. 

Final Stage:  Last but not least, the Final stage consists of different options. You’re supposed to use Dino in your 5th and 6th turn if all goes well in the 4th turn with from moongirl. Believe me, that would be crazy and destroy the opponent in the blink of an eye. But you can also try and execute other variations like Dino, Ironman and America Chavez instead of the double dino. So, here you’re done with the final stage and 6th round game as well. If it goes to 7th round with this deck you can never lose the game. 

So, that’s all about the BEST Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck For Beginners to Infinite. 

Still,  there are some variations available and changes can be made in the deck if you need them. like, you can replace Angela and The Punisher with some other decks with similar or bit better abilities according to your needs. You can add up something like Starlord, Scorpion, Scarlet Witch, or Lizard instead of angela if you want but be honest, somehow Angela performs well in this setup. And for The Punisher, there are plenty of options to get some quick points for your location with other cards like Wolfbane, Mister Fantastic, Ironheart, Groot etc. 

You can try onslaught or Hulk instead of America Chavez but remember Chavez provides security in tense conditions too. Well, I’m with my writing and taz all about my BEST Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck For Beginners to Infinite. Hope you like the content and post if you have any questions or suggestions kindly drop a comment below and subscribe to the channel for more marvel snap video content Cya another day! 

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