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PlateUp Beginner Guide Wiki & Walkthrough: All Appliances & Their Uses

Howdy! Welcome to the PlateUp Beginner Guide Wiki & PlateUp Walkthrough. It is a top-down restaurant simulator game that can be played solo or with friends. This allows the players to customize and design their kitchen the way they please with various basic items or more advanced equipment in the game.

These equipment are known as Appliances that gives the players the required freedom to craft the most effective functioning restaurant. In total, there are 75 appliances in the game, and few of them offer advanced mechanics to partially or fully automate the kitchen.

Cooking Appliances PlateUp Beginner Guide Wiki:

Counter: A multi-purpose platform for performing tasks like chopping veggies and space for keeping plates.

Prep Station: A counter dedicated to storing multiple ingredients.

Hob: Also known as a Stove. This is where you cook your raw meals. Initially, you get the Starter Hob that you can upgrade to a Hob, Safety Hob, or Danger Hob.

Gas Limiter: A gauge for slowing down cooking speed by 25% to prevent it from burning.

Gas Override: This can increase the pace of your service by cooking 100% faster. However, you may burn your meals if you are not quick enough.

Oven: Used to bake meals. You can upgrade it to a Microwave if required.

Microwave: Helps with cooking way faster but is also prone to causing a fire hazard.

Rolling Pin: Dedicated appliance used to cook dough batter.

Freezer: Used to store and preserve cooked meals for later.

Sharp Knife: You can use this to get a chopping speed boost.

Cleaning Appliances:

Mops: Used to clean floors. This tool can be upgraded for faster cleaning and even automated with a Robot Mop.

Bin: Used to dispose of unwanted items or trash. This item can be upgraded to increase storage.

Dish Rack: A rack for your dirty dishes.

Floor Buffer: This tool is used to polish the floor for increased movement speed. It also has an automated Robot Buffer upgrade.

Scrubbing Brush: A multipurpose faster cleaning tool for both the floor and your dirty dishes.

Kitchen Floor Protector: Used to prevent dirty floors that decrease movement speed.

Sink: These are used to clean your dirty plates. Initially, you only get a Starter Sink that you can upgrade to a Sink, Soaking Sink, Power Sink, and Wash Basin. Each upgrade increases speed and efficiency.

Service Appliances PlateUp Beginner Guide Wiki:

Plates: Most meals need to be served on a plate. You are provided a stack of 8 plates initially.

Tray Stand: Used to carry two plates together.

Coffee Table: A temporary table where customers can sit while waiting for a table to clear up.

Dining Table: This is where you serve your guests. Some upgrades can pay more Coins for meals.

Breadsticks: Having these on the side table increases the patience levels of the guests.

Napkins: Using these causes less filth on the floor from customers.

Sharp Cutlery: Using these allow customers to finish their meals quicker.

Specials Menu: Make customers change their orders at your convenience.

Ordering Terminal: Provides you with all customer orders at once.

Specials Terminal: Make an entire table and change their order at your convenience.

Automation Appliances:

Conveyor: This is a conveyor belt that helps you transport items.

Grabber: A conveyor belt with the capability to pick up items from workstations. You can upgrade this to a Smart Grabber for added customizations.

Portioner: This helps you slice pieces or portions in meals that require it.

Auto Plater: Used to put meals on a plate without player interaction.

Combiner: It Lets you automatically combine different ingredients required for an order.

Mixer: Used to cut and blend ingredients without player interaction.

Aesthetic and Miscellaneous Appliances in PlateUp:

Display Stand: Increases order probability for any meal you want.

Flower Pot: You can use these to trigger different reactions from customers. There are different colored flowers that you can use once per day.

Plant: Boosts overall patience level of customers nearby.

Candle Box: Used to boost the patience level of customers on a table by 20%

Trainers: Increases movement speed.

Wellies: You can walk over dirty floors without any slow effect while wearing them.

Booking Desk: You can place this in the design phase to attract more guests and farm bonus coins.

Fire Extinguisher: An essential tool in case of a fire hazard.

Blueprint Appliances:

Blueprint Cabinet: Used to store and work on your upgrade blueprints.

Blueprint Desk: Provides you with one free blueprint each day.

Research Desk: Allows you to upgrade the blueprints in the cabinet next to it.

Discount Desk: Allows you to purchase a blueprint at a marked-down price.

Copying Desk: This allows you to replicate any blueprint from the cabinet next to it.

How much are the meals in PlateUp?

1. Steak – 5 coins.

2. Salad – 5 coins.

3. Pizza – 10 coins.

4. Pies – 8 coins.

5. Burger – 3 coins.

How much are the desserts?

1. Cheese plate – 3 coins. The peculiarity of this plate is that you can feed three visitors at once.

2. Ice cream – 2 coins. There are three flavors (colors) in the ice cream dessert. And customers can order all or one by one.

PlateUp Interior styles.

°1. Tie – we have completely opened this view.

Stage 1: 0/3 visitors leave less dirt.

Stage 2: 3/6 visitors increase their patience when they receive food.

Stage 3: 6/9 Tables do not leave dirt.

°2. The house – we have completely opened this view.

Stage 1: 0/3 Patience of customers increases. (Bell)

Stage 2: 3/6 Patience of customers decreases more slowly when the player is near the table.

Stage 3: 6/9 Customers will be seated at tables before they are cleared.

°3. Brilliant – we have completely opened this species.

Stage 1: 0/3 Increased queue patience.

Stage 2: 3/6 Additional coins for the delivered goods.

Stage 3: 6/9 Queues stop the decrease in patience at the table.

°4. Burger – we have not fully opened this type.

Stage 1: 0/3 reduced food intake and time to think about what dish to order.

Stage 2: 3/6 I didn’t understand the translation. Table consumables can be reused.

Stage 3: 6/9

PlateUp Item improvement.

Items are upgraded through the “Research Table”.

1. Stove —> Dangerous Stove.

2. Oven —> Microwave. (Microwave).

3. Sink —> Soaking Sink(Auto Wash 1 Dishes) or Kitchen Sink(Contains 4 Dishes at Once).

Kitchen sink —> Dishwasher (Auto. sink with space for 4 dishes).

4. Kitchen table —> Freezer (Leaves the finished dish for the next day).

5. Oddly enough, the research table can also be improved —> Copy machine or blueprint table.

6. Conveyor —> Invader (Captures objects around him).

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