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Pizza Tower: All Funny Pumpkin Locations

In our quest to unveil the hidden treasures within the delectable world of Pizza Tower, we embark on a whimsical journey to uncover every Funny Pumpkin meticulously scattered throughout the main levels of this quirky and delightful game. As we navigate the pizza-themed landscapes, these mischievous pumpkins are our ultimate prize, and we’re here to guide you to their often hidden and amusing locations.

John Gutter

Our pumpkin-hunting odyssey commences with a rendezvous with John Gutter. In the world of Pizza Tower, it’s as if this pumpkin can’t resist a grand entrance. You’ll find it practically in plain sight – keep an eye out for Peppino, and you’re sure to spot this Funny Pumpkin.


Venturing further, we come to the enigmatic Pizzascape. As you traverse the landscape brimming with pitfalls, don’t forget to explore your left. There, you’ll discover our next prize – the Funny Pumpkin playfully concealed along the wall.

Ancient Cheese

In this odyssey, we encounter the ancient cheese – and no, it’s not just an ingredient for your pizza! As you spy John, climb the wall on your right to reveal another whimsical Funny Pumpkin hidden amidst the cheesy goodness.

Bloodsauce Dungeon

The Bloodsauce Dungeon beckons us with its peculiar name, and just like John Gutter, this pumpkin loves to be where the action is. You’ll find it as you gallantly play, much like John himself.

Oregano Desert

In the sprawling Oregano Desert, when you find yourself taking an unexpected tumble from some rather foolish cows, fear not. Just muster the strength to climb back up, and you’ll stumble upon this amusing Funny Pumpkin.


As you journey through the Wasteyard, an interesting secret involving a ghost may pique your curiosity. Continue along the way, and you’ll encounter yet another Funny Pumpkin – it’s a bit of a challenge, but well worth the effort.

Fun Farm

Our quest leads us to the Fun Farm, where amidst an escape, red guys, and giant roots, you’ll find a Funny Pumpkin nestled on the ceiling. Take advantage of the giant root to assist in locating this hidden gem.

Fast Food Saloon

At the Fast Food Saloon, prepare to engage in horsey races. You might not win, but that won’t matter as much when you spot the Funny Pumpkin. Grab it and make a hasty exit from the level.

Crust Cove

As the water tosses you around after narrowly avoiding the green guy’s nefarious schemes, you’ll encounter another Funny Pumpkin. Don’t let it slip through your fingers – just climb back up and claim your prize.

Gnome Forest

In the tranquil yet mysterious Gnome Forest, the Funny Pumpkin makes an appearance on the normal path. You won’t need any extraordinary feats here – simply continue playing normally, and you’ll stumble upon it.


Within the confines of the Golf course, you’ll notice the Funny Pumpkin adorning one of the walls. You needn’t stray from your normal gameplay – it’s waiting for you as you progress through the course.

Deep Dish 9

A culinary space adventure brings us to Deep Dish 9. In the very first room after your rocket trip to space, a Funny Pumpkin awaits. Just slow down a tad, and it’ll become readily apparent.

Pig City

Changing gears, we delve into Pig City, where our next treasure is hidden. After switching to Gustavo and Brick, you’ll encounter the Funny Pumpkin almost effortlessly in the very first room.

Peppibot Factory

A unique twist on the pizza-making process leads us to the Peppibot Factory. In the room where you undergo the transformation into a pizza box, take your time, and you’ll unearth this Funny Pumpkin with ease.

Oh ♥♥♥♥!

In the world of Pizza Tower, things can take a rather dramatic turn, as indicated by the name of this level. Right after you give John a sound smacking, start climbing up – all while avoiding cheese balls – to find yet another Funny Pumpkin.


Heating things up in your quest for Funny Pumpkins, we venture to the room where you activate the heater. As you play, you’ll hear the unmistakable cue, guiding you to this hidden treasure.


The second room holds a charming surprise in the form of a Funny Pumpkin. All you need to do is a simple jump over a ramp, and you can secure this pumpkin in a matter of seconds.

Don’t Make a Sound

As you approach the room right before a potentially unsettling encounter with pizza monsters, remember that the Sausage Monster holds the key to reaching the Funny Pumpkin. Break the sockets, and this little beauty is yours. Entering the next room and heading back can make the Sausage Monster a non-issue.


Next to Gerome, this Funny Pumpkin will practically introduce itself to you. You’ll find it with remarkable ease.

Crumbling Tower of Pizza

In our final leg of the Funny Pumpkin expedition, as we traverse the Crumbling Tower of Pizza, the path leads you directly to this treasure. You’ll spot it without a fuss.

With our journey through Pizza Tower now complete, you’ve mastered the art of finding every Funny Pumpkin in the main levels of this delightful game. Happy pumpkin-hunting, and may your pizza-filled adventures be as fun and exciting as this guide!

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