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Ookuninushi – Best Build and Team Comp | Aether Gazer

In the popular game “Aether Gazer,” Ookuninushi is a powerful character known for his versatile skill set and high damage potential. Ookuninushi is an SS-ranked hero in Aether Gazer. She is a versatile support character who can provide her team with increased energy, critical rate, and HP regeneration. She also has a powerful ultimate ability that can deal massive damage to enemies. Here’s a recommended build and team composition to maximize Ookuninushi’s effectiveness:

Best Build for Ookuninushi:

Weapon: Naginata – The Naginata provides a balanced mix of attack power and critical rate, which synergizes well with Ookuninushi’s abilities. This set will provide Ookuninushi with a large amount of energy gain, which will allow her to use her ultimate ability more often. The critical rate bonus will also help her to deal more damage. Let’s read about Ookuninushi Best Build and Team Comp.

Artifact Set: The recommended artifact set for Ookuninushi is the “Shiranui” set. This set enhances his damage output and provides additional bonuses based on his HP, allowing him to sustain longer in battles.

Main Stats Priority:

  • Sands: ATK% or HP% (Focus on ATK% if you have sufficient HP substats)
  • Goblet: ATK%
  • Circlet: Crit DMG%

Substats Priority:

  • Crit Rate
  • Crit Damage
  • ATK%
  • HP%
  • Energy Recharge

Team Composition:

  1. Ookuninushi (Main DPS): As the primary damage dealer, Ookuninushi should be equipped with the build mentioned above. He excels in dealing single-target damage and benefits from a supportive team.
  2. Qilin (Support): Qilin is an excellent support character who can boost Ookuninushi’s damage output. Her Elemental Skill provides an ATK bonus, and her Elemental Burst can create a field that increases all party members’ Normal Attack damage.
  3. Yumi (Sub-DPS): Yumi is a versatile character who can provide crowd control and elemental reactions. Her Elemental Skill can freeze enemies, allowing Ookuninushi to deal additional damage, and her Elemental Burst can trigger Swirl reactions, amplifying the overall team damage.
  4. Hoshi (Healer): Hoshi is a dedicated healer who can keep the team sustained during battles. Her Elemental Burst restores HP for the entire party and also provides a damage reduction effect, ensuring the team’s survivability.

Ookuninushi can be used in a variety of team compositions. She is a good support character for any team, but she is especially effective with teams that have high damage output. Some good team compositions for Ookuninushi include:

Ookuninushi, Asura, and Ablaze Tyr
Ookuninushi, Kuni, and Ryugiri
Ookuninushi, Arctic Poseidon, and Ablaze Tyr

In these team compositions, Ookuninushi will provide her team with increased energy, critical rate, and HP regeneration. This will allow her teammates to deal more damage and survive longer.

Tips for Ookuninushi

  • You can use Ookuninushi’s ultimate ability to deal massive damage to enemies.
  • Use Ookuninushi’s energy gain skills to keep your team’s energy up.
  • Use Ookuninushi’s critical rate skills to help your teammates deal more damage.

This team composition focuses on maximizing Ookuninushi’s damage potential while providing essential support and healing. Qilin and Yumi complement Ookuninushi’s elemental interactions, while Hoshi ensures the team’s longevity. Remember to adjust your team’s composition and strategy based on the enemy’s elemental affinity and specific encounter requirements.

It’s important to note that team compositions and builds can vary based on individual playstyles and available characters. Experiment with different combinations to find the setup that suits your playstyle and provides the best synergy for your team.

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