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Tier List of Best Characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke {Guide}

Check out this guide for a Tier List of best characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke.

Goddess Of Victory Nikke is a third-person shooter game taking place in a post-apocalyptic environment. The Planet is being attacked by some extraterrestrial creatures known as Raptures. The game also has a Gaccha System through which you can unlock multiple Nikke and use their abilities to gain an upper hand in the fight. However, how can one know about the best or worst Nikke to unlock? Though you recruit a Nikke by lottery method, you should still know if it is a good roll or not. 

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is now available globally, and here we have this list of a ranking tier list that you can reroll for in the game. Here is the nikke the goddess of victory tier list. GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE will be available as a free-to-play title on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. eep in mind that some of the NIKKE’s mentioned in this tier list might not be available at the time of global launch. In Goddess of Victory Nikke, characters are available in three grades: SSR, SR, and R. SSR characters are super super rare

NIKKE Tier List Guide: Chainsaw Man Collab

Makima – Tier 1

Power – Tier 2

Himeno – Tier 3


The following Goddess of Victory NIKKE tier list ranks the characters in these tiers; 

Tier 0: OP

Tier 1: Best

Tier 2: Good

Tier 3: Decent

Tier 4: Average

Tier 5: Bad

N/A: Yet to be ranked, new character

Change Log February 22nd, 2023: Updated Chainsaw Man Characters’ Tier Ratings

Change Log February 16th, 2023: Added Makima SSR, Power SSR, Himeno [Tier N/A]

Change Log February 6th, 2023; Updated Cocoa tier ratings(tier 2 -> tier 3*), Soda(-> Tier 1*), and more.

Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List – Best Character

Burst 1 Nikke

EXLiterSMGSupporterThe only one that can restore Cover’s HP and can lower the Burst skill cooldown for All allies
SPepperShotgunSupporterCan increase buff stack by 1 and provide healing for all allies
 RapunzelRocket LauncherSupporterCan constantly heal all allies and the ability to revive 1 teammate
 NoiseRocket LauncherSupporterTaunts and can reduce damage taken while increasing max HP. Currently bugged
 LudmillaSMGDefenderCan taunt EVERY enemy while also debuffing them
 N102Rocket LauncherSupporterSolid team buffer for Crit Damage and Attack
AEmmaMinigunSupporterHer entire kit is all about healing and keeping your team alive
 ExiaSniper RifleSupporterSolid AoE Def debuffer
 MilkSniper RifleAttackerBuffs Crit Damage permanently and provides lifesteal for team
 MirandaSMGSupporterIncrease team’s hit rate and solid buffer focusing on one DPS
 Rupee Winter ShopperAssault RifleDefenderHas the ability to re-enter Burst 1 upon her Burst and increase reload speed
BMaryShotgunSupporterCan heal all allies but her Burst Skill has a long cooldown
 VolumeSMGAttackerCan lower Burst skill cooldown but her self buff requires her to kill the enemy
 YanRocket LauncherSupporterThe buffs she provides only benefits teams filled with Full Charge capabilities
 JackalRocket LauncherDefenderBoth her first skill and second skill synergies with one another. Unfortunately however, she is team dependent as only NIKKE that benefit from being damaged and single target nukers work well with her.
 CocoaSniper RifleSupporterWhen compared to Liter, she is vastly inferior and unfortunately she lacks a taunt to fully make use of her tanking skills. Her cleanse however, is very valuable and would tier higher for late game bosses.
CFrimaSniper RifleSupporterHer Max HP buff and Def debuff value are lower compared to others above her
 NeonShotgunSupporterSolid Crit Buffer and she would rank higher when placed in a Shotgun team
 EtherShotgunDefenderCan provide shield and tank for allies but otherwise lacking offensive
 MicaRocket LauncherSupporterCan increase self defense but lacks taunt to fully utilize it

Burst 2 Nikke

EXCentiRocket LauncherDefenderHer shield creation is an active skill unlike every other Nikke which creates shields on Burst. She can also passively reduce the cooldown of that skill, allowing for massive Shield spamming
SDollaSniper RifleSupporterConsistent buffs team’s Attacks and reduce cooldown for Burst Skills for easier rotation
 RupeeAssault RifleAttackerSolid self Attack buff and when paired with full Iron team, can increase all allies’ existing buff stack by 1
 AdmiSniper RifleSupporterCan reduce the damage taken by team’s main DPS and upon burst, buff entire team’s reload speed and crit damage
 NoahRocket LauncherDefenderTeam wide Invincibility upon Burst
 PoliShotgunDefenderPretty good tanker that can share the damage taken between allies while providing solid attack buffs
AAriaMinigunAttackerHas a team wide Crit Damage and Crit Rate buff
 NovelSMGDefenderCan increase the damage taken by 1 enemy upon Burst which works well on Boss stages
 YuniRocket LauncherDefenderWorks really well with teams that utilize Full Charge mechanics but outside that, she can also provide decent lifesteal for the team
 DieselMinigunDefenderCan act as a secondary tanker during Full Burst with her taunt and self healing
 Anne: Miracle FairyRocket LauncherSupporterSuperb Supporter for those going for a more offensive playstyle thanks to her First Skill and Massive Attack Buff from her Burst
BAnisRocket LauncherDefenderSolid Def buffer and can tank the damage for team’s DPS while also provide def debuffs to enemies
 FolkwangAssault RifleDefenderCan provide team wide shield and can taunt for the team but they all come with a long cooldown
 SignalSMGAttackerCan provide solid attack and def debuff but only after landing 60 hits, which could be after you emptied your magazine
 ViperShotgunAttackerHer skill is way too gimmicky and really just works on the target enemy. Even then it works on a short duration
CBelortaRocket LauncherAttackerCan increase the explosion radius of her attacks but her charging speed buffs are very miniscule
 EunhwaSniper RifleAttackerCan increase her Charging Damage and Speed but it only lasts for 2 shots for every activation
 DeltaSniper RifleDefenderCould potentially act as secondary tanker with her taunt and decoy, otherwise she does not offer much team wide

Burst 3 Nikke

EXHarranSniper RifleAttackerAttacks can Penetrate, deal DoT and her Burst at max level has a 1000% multiplier, on ALL ENEMIES
 ScarletAssault RifleAttackerHigh risk, High reward NIKKE that buffs own attacks to high heaven at the cost of HP and a permanent Crit Damage buff when low HP
 ModerniaMinigunAttackerThe highest damage output NIKKE especially when it late game stages where there are just waves of enemies that she can mow down with her Burst. Her auto aim on Burst also makes it all the more easier to take down those pesky attacks from bosses
SAliceSniper RifleAttackerAttacks can Pierce when above 80% HP while it can self heal when below 80%. Superb Charging Speed buff to help mitigate Sniper’s charge time
 DrakeShotgunAttackerHas Team wide Hit rate and Attack Buff. Burst could potentially rival Harran’s if you could cover the Shotgun range problem
 PrivatyAssault RifleAttackerBurst can stun all enemies and Full Burst reduce allies Max Ammo that synergies with last bullet reliant Nikkes
 Snow WhiteAssault RifleAttackerPure on DPS and her Burst gives her 1 round of ammo that can not only penetrate but also massive multiplier
 EpinelSMGAttackerAttack buffs that can stack continuously and has crit rate and damage buff on the side
 HelmSniper RifleAttackerDespite being an Attacker, she is more towards a Supporter through her Kit. Massive lifesteal for the team and a solid activation for Crti rate buff
 LaplaceRocket LauncherAttackerCan rapidly increase the range of her explosions and when in boss stages that don’t move around too much, her Burst makes her EX tier
 SugarShotgunAttackerSolid self buff that can help with Shotgun’s problems and works really well in a shotgun team
ABridAssault RifleAttackerHer kit is entirely about dishing damages to enemies with a self attack buff on the side
 MaxwellSniper RifleAttackerBurst works very much like Snow White but albeit lower value
 VestiRocket LauncherAttackerTailored for longer fights since she needs a full 3 rotation of Full Burst to reach full potential, once that happens, she melts everything
 YulhaSniper RifleAttackerHas a massive team wide attack buff which is only hindered through its long cooldown
 NeveShotgunAttackerSolid self buff on Crit rate and Hit rate. Attacks can also Pierce. All this on an SR Nikke
BGuillotineMinigunAttackerPlays off much like Scarlet but has lesser offensive buffs to payoff her low HP playstyle
 IsabelShotgunAttackerAlso tailored for longer fights but unlike Vesti, she has nothing going for her while getting to full potential
 JuliaAssault RifleAttackerA decent Crit rate and damage buffer but her Burst deals little damage unless her Crescendo buff is fully stacked
 MaidenShotgunAttackerTaunts help with the activation of her first skill but you’ll also need to time it with her Burst for the Burst to do any damage
 RapiAssault RifleAttackerSolid self attack buff but her Taunt makes her die faster since she has nothing to help her tank the damage
CCrowSMGDefenderA good attack debuffer but she lacks any sorts of taunt to make use of her tankiness
 SolineSMGAttackerUnless you got a decent taunt to take the damage away from her, she won’t be doing much since her kit needs her at full HP
 MiharaAssault RifleAttackerDecent self buffer but her reduction to Full Burst duration hurts any NIKKE that relies on Full Burst

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