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Conquering Compression 10: A Masterful Mountaineer Build Guide for (the) Gnorp Apologue

Reaching the pinnacle of (the) Gnorp Apologue is an odyssey fraught with peril, culminating in the monumental challenge of Compression 10. Fear not, intrepid Gnorp herders, for this definitive guide unveils a potent Mountaineer-centric build guaranteed to propel your Gnorps across the finish line!

Talent Prowess: The Bedrock of Success

Our ascent begins with a strategic allocation of 17 talent points. Prioritize Row 1’s Hiking Buddy and Extra Housing for a population boom, followed by Row 2’s Popcorn and Superhot to amplify shard production. Gatling Balloon and Bigger Pile join the fray in Row 2, bolstering shard collection and Mountaineer strength.

Ascend to Row 3 and unleash the might of Explosive Exposition and The Higher The Pile, further amplifying shard acquisition. Row 4 empowers your Mountaineers with Future to the Back and Rocket Gatler, while Infinite Reverberation lays waste to pesky Rock Moles.

Descend to Row 5 and secure lucrative deals with Descent of the King, then unleash the destructive potential of Deals. Row 6 welcomes Agitated Zybe and the legendary Gnorpcalibur: Unleashed, decimating Rock Moles with ease.

Finally, Row 7 polishes your build with Vulnerability Empowerment and Modern Warfare, maximizing Mountaineer damage and shard collection. Remember, this talent configuration revolves around Mountaineers, your key to conquering Compression 10!

Building a Bastion of Shards

With your talents honed, it’s time to construct a network of buildings that will fuel your Gnorpish horde. The Express serves as the backbone, outfitted with 20 Runners and attuned to Mountaineers. Max out Speed and the G.E.E.T Protocol, and strategically utilize the Breaktime and Delivery Rush! upgrades.

The House of Shards is your economic engine. Prioritize all upgrades except for Robotics, unless your playstyle necessitates it. Remember, Auto-Housing can be toggled based on your preference for manual shard allocation.

Advanced Alchemy: Unearthing Hidden Potential

The Rock Analysis Lab unlocks the secrets of shard refinement. Maximize all upgrades except Reclamation Nullification to squeeze every last shard from your rocky adversaries.

The Archery Range deserves a nuanced approach. While both Fire Arrows and Ice Arrows are tempting, prioritize Fire Arrows for their immediate damage. However, acquiring the Ice Arrows upgrade, despite its apparent redundancy, unlocks a hidden bonus: more Gnorps!

The Cocoa Café fuels your Mountaineering might. Staff it with 25 Mountaineers attuned to the Hulk. Max out Improved Digging and Digging Width, then claim the King of the Pile upgrade for a glorious shard avalanche.

Combat Symphony: Orchestrating Gnorpish Onslaught

The Gnorp Propulsion Lab unleashes a swarm of 30 Bombers with pinpoint accuracy. Tune them to Weakspots for maximum Rock Mole obliteration.

The Gun V. Rock channels your inner Gatlegnorp maestro. Set it to Modern Warfare, courtesy of your talents, and equip 4 Gatlegnorps. Unleash the destructive potential of the Gatlegnorp: Ammo, Grenade Launcher, and Sticky, Floral Residue upgrades.

The Academy adapts to the ebb and flow of battle. Attune it to either Runners or Mountaineers depending on your real-time shard collection needs. Secure 3 Zygnorps and the Mountaineer Attunement unlock for enhanced adaptability.

The YX1-AB is your robotic rocket rainmaker. Keep it enabled and focus on acquiring as many rockets as possible. Don’t forget the Vulnerability upgrade for that extra punch.

The Garden is a vibrant tapestry of floral fury. Activate all three colors, but keep an eye on Red’s shard collection and disable it if necessary. The Flower Power, Amplified Observation, Enriched Puke, and Singular Shockwave upgrades paint a picture of devastating botanical dominance.

Finally, the Shrine stands as a monument to your Gnorpish prowess. Acquire all upgrades as they become available and bask in the radiant glory of victory!

With this meticulously crafted build, your Gnorpish legion will conquer Compression 10 with grace

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