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Metro Last Light Complete Edition Chapters List

In “Metro: Last Light Complete Edition,” the game is divided into multiple chapters that guide the player through the storyline and progression of the game. Each chapter represents a different stage of the game’s narrative and introduces new challenges, environments, and objectives.

Prologue: Sparta – This chapter serves as an introduction to the game’s world and mechanics. It sets the stage for the player’s journey as they assume the role of Artyom, the protagonist.

In the Prologue, players assume the role of Artyom, the protagonist of the game. It begins with a cinematic sequence that showcases the post-apocalyptic setting and the ongoing struggle for survival in the Metro tunnels beneath Moscow.

As the Prologue unfolds, players are introduced to key gameplay mechanics and controls. They learn how to interact with the environment, navigate through the Metro tunnels, and engage in combat with hostile creatures and human enemies.

The Prologue chapter also introduces important characters and establishes the main conflict of the game. Players encounter allies and foes, gaining insights into the factions and dynamics within the Metro. They get a glimpse of the oppressive regime of the Reich and the mysterious threat posed by the Dark Ones.

Throughout the Prologue, players will face various challenges and obstacles, setting the tone for the intense and atmospheric gameplay that awaits them in the rest of the game. The chapter serves as a tutorial of sorts, familiarizing players with the game’s mechanics and narrative while immersing them in the dark and gritty world of “Metro: Last Light Complete Edition.”

Ashes – In this chapter, Artyom embarks on a mission to find a survivor named Pavel and uncover crucial information about the Dark Ones.

The “Ashes” chapter takes place within the post-apocalyptic Moscow Metro, where the player, as the protagonist Artyom, continues their perilous journey through the tunnels. This chapter is characterized by a dark and desolate atmosphere, with remnants of the devastated cityscape and signs of destruction everywhere. Throughout the “Ashes” chapter, players encounter various challenges and obstacles, both in terms of environmental hazards and enemy encounters. The Metro tunnels are fraught with danger, and players must navigate carefully to avoid deadly traps and confrontations with hostile creatures and factions.

The chapter’s narrative often focuses on themes of loss, despair, and the struggle for survival. Players may witness the consequences of the war-ravaged world and the devastating impact it has had on both the environment and the remaining inhabitants of the Metro. As players progress through the “Ashes” chapter, they uncover more about the overarching story and the fate of Artyom’s journey. It provides a crucial turning point or a significant plot development that propels the player further into the game’s immersive narrative.

Overall, the “Ashes” chapter in “Metro: Last Light Complete Edition” contributes to the game’s atmospheric and narrative-driven experience, offering players a deeper understanding of the post-apocalyptic world and the challenges that await them.

Pavel – Artyom joins forces with Pavel, a fellow survivor, as they navigate dangerous areas and encounter hostile factions.

Pavel is a former member of the Red Line faction, which is one of the factions within the Moscow Metro system. Initially, he is encountered as an enemy, but circumstances lead to him becoming an important companion and friend to Artyom.

Throughout the game, Pavel accompanies Artyom on various missions and assists him in navigating the treacherous post-apocalyptic world. He provides valuable information, helps with combat encounters, and aids in overcoming obstacles. Pavel’s character arc involves personal growth and a shift in his loyalty and beliefs. Through his interactions with Artyom, he starts questioning the motives and actions of the Red Line faction, eventually leading him to assist in the greater cause of saving the Metro from further chaos.

Pavel’s dynamic and complex personality adds depth to the game’s narrative. His development and interactions with Artyom highlight themes of friendship, loyalty, and the moral dilemmas faced in a harsh and unforgiving world. Overall, Pavel’s presence in “Metro: Last Light Complete Edition” contributes to the game’s immersive storytelling, providing players with a memorable companion who undergoes significant character growth and plays an integral part in Artyom’s journey.

Reich – Artyom finds himself in the Reich territory, a faction known for their strict ideologies. He must navigate the political landscape and confront the challenges posed by this faction. The Reich is characterized by its strict adherence to fascist ideologies, aiming for dominance and control over the Metro’s resources and territories. They are known for their heavily armed soldiers, advanced weaponry, and disciplined ranks. Their uniforms and propaganda evoke a strong Nazi influence.

As players progress through the game, they come into conflict with the Reich as an obstacle in their quest. Players will face intense battles against Reich soldiers, navigating through their fortified strongholds and heavily guarded areas. The Reich presents a formidable challenge, requiring strategic thinking and combat skills to overcome. The presence of the Reich faction adds depth to the game’s post-apocalyptic world, showcasing the different factions that have emerged in the Metro and their conflicting ideologies. It highlights the struggle for power and control in a society trying to survive amidst the ruins of a devastated world.

Interactions with the Reich faction also provide players with opportunities to learn more about the lore and backstory of the Metro, uncovering the history and motivations behind each faction’s actions. Overall, the inclusion of the Reich faction in “Metro: Last Light Complete Edition” adds tension and a sense of danger to the gameplay, as players navigate the treacherous landscape and encounter the formidable forces of this antagonistic faction.

Separation – This chapter focuses on Artyom’s separation from Pavel, leading to new adventures and encounters as he continues his quest.

It is the sixth chapter in the game and marks a critical turning point for the protagonist, Artyom. In this chapter, Artyom finds himself separated from his fellow Rangers after a devastating attack on their train. He becomes stranded in a hostile environment and must navigate through dangerous territories filled with mutated creatures, rival factions, and harsh environmental conditions.

As Artyom embarks on his solitary journey, he faces numerous challenges and encounters various characters who provide him with crucial information and aid. The chapter explores themes of isolation, survival, and the indomitable spirit of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Throughout the “Separation” chapter, players must rely on their resourcefulness, stealth, and combat skills to navigate through treacherous areas. They must also solve puzzles, scavenge for supplies, and make strategic decisions to overcome the obstacles in their path.

This chapter serves as a pivotal moment in the game’s narrative, as it sets the stage for Artyom’s personal growth, tests his resilience, and pushes him further into the depths of the post-apocalyptic world. The events and choices made during the “Separation” chapter have far-reaching consequences that impact the overall storyline and the ultimate fate of Artyom and the Metro.

Overall, the “Separation” chapter in “Metro: Last Light Complete Edition” offers intense gameplay, immersive storytelling, and memorable moments as players experience the challenges and triumphs of Artyom’s solo journey in the unforgiving Metro world.

Facility – Artyom infiltrates a facility to retrieve important information vital to the ongoing conflict and the fate of the Metro.

In “Metro: Last Light Complete Edition,” the chapter titled “Facility” is a crucial part of the game’s storyline. It is the eighth chapter and takes place in a top-secret research facility known as D6.

In this chapter, the protagonist, Artyom, infiltrates the D6 facility in search of vital information that could potentially save the survivors of the post-apocalyptic world. The facility is heavily guarded and filled with dangerous enemies, requiring players to exercise caution and utilize their stealth and combat skills to progress.

As Artyom explores the facility, he uncovers dark secrets and encounters remnants of the pre-war era, including advanced technology and military equipment. The chapter showcases the remnants of human civilization and highlights the contrast between the bleakness of the Metro tunnels and the remnants of past glory.

Torchlight – In this chapter, Artyom faces challenges in the dark and treacherous tunnels of the Metro system, requiring careful navigation and resource management.

Echoes: In this chapter, Artyom embarks on a harrowing journey into mysterious and haunted areas of the Metro. He encounters supernatural phenomena and confronts his own fears, making it a suspenseful and psychologically intense segment of the game.

Bolshoi: The Bolshoi Theater becomes the backdrop for an atmospheric and dramatic chapter. Artyom must navigate the ruins of the theater, which are teeming with enemies. The setting adds a unique flair to the gameplay and immerses players in a captivating environment.

Korbut: This chapter centers around a crucial confrontation between Artyom and Korbut, a high-ranking officer of the enemy forces. The encounter is intense and pivotal, with the fate of the Metro potentially hanging in the balance. Players must showcase their skills and tactical prowess to overcome this formidable adversary.

Revolution: As the revolution against oppressive forces gains momentum, Artyom becomes an integral part of the conflict. This chapter highlights the growing resistance movement within the Metro and explores the role Artyom plays in the fight for freedom. It’s a thrilling chapter filled with action and significant story developments.

Undercity: Artyom ventures into the depths of the Metro system, uncovering hidden communities and facing unique challenges. The chapter showcases the vast and intricate underground world of the Metro, offering players a glimpse into its secrets and the struggles of its inhabitants.

Contagion: A deadly contagion threatens the survival of those in the Metro, and Artyom must race against time to find a way to stop its spread. This chapter emphasizes the urgency and danger posed by the outbreak, requiring Artyom to navigate quarantine zones and combat infected creatures in his quest to find a cure.

Quarantine: Artyom’s journey takes him through quarantine zones, where he must battle against infected creatures and navigate hazardous environments. The chapter intensifies the sense of danger and isolation as Artyom strives to protect the remaining survivors and restore safety to the Metro.

War: Focusing on the escalating conflict between different factions, this chapter immerses players in the chaos and turmoil of war. Artyom finds himself caught in the crossfire, forced to navigate through hostile territory and make difficult choices that will shape the outcome of the conflict.

Polis: Artyom reaches Polis, the heart of the Metro and a critical location in the game. This chapter revolves around important decisions and pivotal moments that could determine the fate of the survivors. Players will engage with key characters and face the consequences of their actions as they navigate this pivotal stage of the story.

D6: In the final chapter, Artyom delves deep into the secret underground facility known as D6. Uncovering the truth about the Metro and its history, Artyom faces a climactic confrontation that brings the narrative to a thrilling conclusion. This chapter ties together the overarching storyline and offers a satisfying resolution to the game’s mysteries.

These chapters provide a structured narrative progression and offer a variety of gameplay experiences, including exploration, combat, and storytelling elements, as players navigate the immersive and dangerous world of “Metro: Last Light Complete Edition.”

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