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Prophetic Meaning of Numbers in the Bible Chart 1-1000: Good or Bad?

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Numbers in the Bible are not mere means of quantitative measurement. It plays a more significant role in the Bible. Numbers have more meaning to them than one thinks. For, God has described his message, his words through numbers which are represented in the Bible. The meaning of numbers in the Bible Chart is crucial in understanding God’s words and significance. 

What do numbers mean in the Bible Chart? You will notice the significance of individual numbers as per their meanings. You can notice the symbolic and literal meaning.

Those who give themselves to the realm of divination believe that numbers are pretty crucial through which one can even foresee the future and gain vital information. Numbers in the Bible can also be considered as a Remez. A Remez, as per the Hebrew Old Testament, means a hint, a hint that provides deeper meanings or messages unknown to individuals. Numbers are also a Remez.

 “If God has given all things their significance, and defined their bounds according to time, space, power, and number, and if He has appointed certain measurements to regulate things and times, biblical numbers must be symbolical and be worthy of our study; and if a fit subject for study, the laws by which this symbolism of numbers is controlled, require to be ascertained.”  — Patrick Fairbairn, Scottish minister and theologian, 1805-1874

The significance of numbers is noticeable; even the Jewish Christians and the Jews of the testaments (both new and old) thought about its value. Not only them, but the Catholic Church Fathers Pope St. Gregory I (the Great), St. Augustine, and St. Jerome agreed with God’s plan regarding the numbers and their meanings. The meaning of numbers in the Bible chart possesses excellent values.

Biblical Meaning of Numbers 1-1000

Each number represents a different meaning and pattern in the Bible; their patterns throughout the Bible represent their pattern. God has attached a specific symbolism to each number. There is a sign for the use of each of the numbers, and we shall be discussing the  Biblical meaning of the numbers 1-1000 here, and you will gain the basic knowledge of God’s handiwork of the meaning of numbers in the Bible chart.

The list below contains the meaning of numbers in the Bible chart, which you can read to attain worldly knowledge.

Prophetic Meaning of Numbers (1-1000)

In prophetic meaning of numbers, numbers have a more profound meaning than you might assume. In such periods, whenever you continuously see a specific number several times a day, there might be some meaning behind it.

There may be times when you see number 1, for example, consistently throughout the day, such as in a board, license plate, or anywhere. It might be conveying some sign that God would be trying to get through you. You can try chanting some prayers to receive the answer as to what the meaning might be. Here is what numbers may mean from prophetic views.


Numbers can act as confirmation of God, and it has been accepted by our prophets as well. For example, according to our late prophet Jones, the meaning of number 341 is that it shows one the right path– the path of God. It means that we are on the same path as God, and he is with us. It tells the presence of God.

Combination of hebrew meaning of numbers 1 100

Not only does a single number convey meanings, but God also created number combinations. Each combination is specific to certain individuals. For example, in the number combination 541, each number means that jointing conveys a more precise meaning. Here, 542 means that God wants to bring five people together, and the reason is one. To read it separately–‘5’ for ‘five people,’ ‘4’ for ‘for’ and ‘1’ for one purpose.

What do Numbers Mean Biblically? (The Positive Omen)

God also conveys direction through numbers. He will lead one to the correct path through numbers. If you pay enough attention to the numbers when making a decision, you can believe the lord based on the numbers you see. It is believed even from the prophetic viewpoint. For, our the prophetic meaning of numbers were sure that God gives direction through some numbers that we ought to follow for a bright future.


Finally, it is to believe that there is a deeper meaning to the numbers that our lord has given us. He tries to convey his words and his direction through the numbers. Different numbers have different means, even in terms of prophetic views. Above, we have discussed the meaning of numbers in the Bible chart.

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