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Marvel Snap Plunder Castle Featured Location Guide Explained!

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Here is the new guide for Marvel Snap Plunder Castle Featured Location. Let me clear in the starting, that Plunder Castle is a new location for the Marvel Snap forcing players to rely on Cost-6 cards.

Marvel Snap adds up new cards of all kinds including new locations for players to fight for control over during a match. Each of the locations has its own effects that we players must work to use their advantage to succeed in the game. The most recent one is Plunder Castle which is a part of the Savage Land Season featuring a chance of appearing for 48 hours after the addition of the game.

How Does the Plunder Castle Works?

The Plunder Castle is an interesting location that restricts the players’ ability to use many of the cards in their deck on this location. It only allows the cards with a Cost of 6 to be played on it. Let’s proceed with the Marvel Snap Plunder Castle Featured Location Guide.

What are the 6-Cost Cards that Work Well on Plunder Castle?

The first and best option is to by making the meaning for the players to make the final turn. The only restriction on playing the six-cost cards means that location-altering cards like Scarlet-Witch, Storm, and Magik cannot be used. So, that means the players have to use other strategies to beat the opponents in the Plunder Castle.

One strategy to win is to play a strong cad with no effect like the Hulk or Orca to overpower anything the opponent plays on the location. Use at least some of the following cards to win the Plunder Castle Location:

  • Sunspot (1 Cost, 1 Power)
  • Iron Fist (1 Cost, 2 Power)
  • Goose (2 Cost, 2 Power)
  • Shuri (4 Cost, 2 Power)Wong (4 Cost, 2 Power)
  • White Tiger (5 Cost, 1 Power)
  • Black Panther (5 Cost, 4 Power)
  • Captain Marvel (5 Cost, 6 Power)
  • Vision (5 Cost, 7 Power)
  • Doctor Doom (6 Cost, 5 Power)
  • Arnim Zola (6 Cost, 0 Power)
  • Odin (6 Cost, 8 Power)
  • Infinaut (6 Cost, 20 Power)

However, the Plunder Castle only allows 6-cost cards to be played but that doesn’t mean you cannot use other means to add cards to that location.  The Infinaut could also work for this strategy if players avoid playing anything on turn 5. Agatha Harkness might work here if she decides to play herself on the final turn, and Apocalypse could single-handedly win the location quite effectively if players are running a discard deck and made good use of his effect.

Though, Galactus is a bit risky, yet, effective. Like, if the opponent is winning at other locations and chooses to strengthen their positions instead to play a card on Plunder Castle.  Lady Deathstrike can also be very useful here.

We also suggest trying the highly effective Black Panther and Arnim Zola combo. Try to buff your Black Panther as much as possible and play it in other locations aside from Plunder Castle. Finally, we recommend using the Infinaut and Sunspot Combo to gain +1 power. Use Sunspot with Storm to lock down a location and skip to turn 5 allowing you to play Infinaut into Plunder Castle to turn 6.

At last, using Wave to turn five will change the cost of all the cards to four by making it impossible for any player to play cards at the Plunder Castle directly on turn six. 

Best Plunder decks in Marvel Snap

All of the players will have Plunder Castle in some matches while the Featured Location event to prepare the decks for each pool.

Plunder Castle Series One

The best strategy is the deck of series one cards by using the initial turns to fill up a location. In this way, you can use the White Tiger and Odin Combo to get two tigers in the Third location which probably is Plunder Castle. The strategy can beat up a Hulk played in Plunder Castle in the final turn and it is possible to move the Nightcrawler to Plunder Castle to earn some extra points.

Plunder Castle Series Two

Woohoo! Another deck with a simple strategy. The idea is to discard the synergy to create a powerful turn of six cards with the increased power of Apocalypse. And, in games where the Apocalypse is not available, America Chavez can help even if it’s not the best card to play in the Plunder Castle.

One thing to remember in the Marvel Snap Plunder Castle Featured is to discard as many cards as possible to get the benefit. Keep in mind that the Killmonger can destroy the one-cost cards so it’s possible to add Armor if the need arises in place of the one-cost cards.

Plunder Castle Shuri Vision

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best cards in the Meta, Shuri, to create a card strong enough to beat any opponent’s card in the Plunder Castle. Orka is a good card to play in Plunder Castle when Vision is not available. Squirrel Girl immediately taking Plunder Castle for one Energy can net you early priority and pressure that your opponent must respond to.

What other great cards have you used with Plunder Castle? Let us know in the comments.

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